Monday, December 15, 2008

Revenge – Evo Style.

I will leave aside for a moment the evaluation I am making over the proposal for new constitution and elaborate a little over what has happened in Bolivia in the past week; which does have a lot to do on deciding to vote in favor or not of the constitution proposal even if it doesn’t have much to do with its text.

It turns out the key elements of the maSSist regime, mainly hard core ministers of Evo Morales, are finally being put against the wall for their despicable acts of corruption; being the main discovers of the true the free press of Bolivia, something that happens commonly when regimens don’t have full control over the so called 4th power. The acts of corruption splatters all over Evo Morales, who isn’t any Mother Teresa , even if his acolytes pretend he is. And this is making him behave as he naturally does under pressure, revengeful.

The amount of information the free press of Bolivia is being capable to obtain has open new eyes over the murderous facts that recently happened in Pando, and the data is starting to show that the attacks over the democratically elected Governor of Pando, which caused the death of local people defending their homeland as well as the decease of some zealots of the regime alongside some Venezuelan agents; horrendous acts that continued with the kidnapping and holding of the Governor of Pando as a political prisoner, had a lot to do with the Morales administration trying to masquerade their making large amounts of money trough contraband alongside the Pando border.

The opening of the maSSist box and the fact the people in Bolivia is starting to see the realities of the regime are driving Evo Morales out of is deranged mind, a fact demonstrated in his last pathetic episode where taking advantage of a press conference, his henchmen informed him that a journalist from La Prensa, a free press journal that exposed his regime, was present. Little cared Evo Morales that this poor guy never wrote any of the articles he was so upset about, all he wanted was revenge and the best way for him to obtain it was to humiliate the poor guy in, in live television, without letting him any chance to defend himself.

So Evo Morales called this hero of the free press by his name, Raphale Ramirez, and other female journalist. When Morales noticed non of the journalist wanted to pass forward, he lied, saying that not passing in front meant they recognize are culprits of writing lies trough the newspaper they work since he “only” wanted to give the journalist some letters to take to his bosses in the office.

Raphael Ramirez passed forward, received the letters and thanked the tyrant, who was already savoring the bitterness of coca chewing over the revenge he was going to have. He ordered Raphael to stay to the side and started reading from the documents explaining according to him, why they were a lie, as is the poor guy was the one who wrote them; than at the end, he send him back with the order for Raphael to prove the writings the newspaper he labors for are true. Nerveless to say that the cheering we all heard on TV come by the paid goons that attend all the public appearances of the autocrat of Bolivia and not from the other journalist that were shaken their heads thinking on what the future while depart to the free press of the country if Evo Morales is given more time to destroy democracy.

An that is why this incident is relevant to the new proposal of constitution vote next January 2009; since if it passes it will give Evo Morales the opportunity to continue in power, for many more years that under the current constitution. An Evo has proven that constitutions and humans rights are only good if it serves his despicable purposes; there is nothing that can show Bolivians that he is going to respect a new constitution and new laws, but we have a lot of evidence that he has make himself through the violation of the human rights of those that do not believe he is the sun of the sun, like probably now Raphael Ramirez, and through the open breakage of current the law and the constitution.

Those, these is, in my books, another point to vote against the new proposal of constitution in Bolivia.

Friday, November 28, 2008

New Bolivian Constitution, To Be (1) or Not To Be (2)

Today we will continue with the evaluation for the proposal of new constitution, as I did in a revious post, I will separate the Pros and Cons and propose a score for it, this time I go from article 20 to article 30.

TO BE (1)
Article 25. IV. Says that information that comes from the violation of personal mail or communication in any way cannot be used against its owner in a legal way; Very nice but article 25. I. actually say that the government can do this under judicial permit. As is written it seams that o matter what, this information that violates the privacy of persons can only be used to get them when they are doing something in fragrant, and not to get them because of it, but is not so clear.


Article 23.III began all right requesting for justice to produce a written document to private someone from his or her freedom but in the next paragraph, IV. Gives authority to anybody to private someone’s freedom if he or she considers a person is committing a crime, any crime. This will only give grounds for the legalization of paralele civilian entities, like the Ponchos Rojos, several maSSist groups already established around the country and even the fascist UJC which opposes the regime.

Article 26. II. 3. mentions that communal democracy might not be under equal opportunity of free, secret, direct, free and obligatory vote. Pardon me, but you cannot call that “democracy”. I seen several of this communal designations of authorities, and is very close to what Europeans suffered in the middle ages, small kingdoms run by a few influential (rich) families in the community.

Chapter 4 is really loaded with racism and intents to give “certain” people more rights or power over the land to “other” people. It starts with article 30.I. where it says that the original indigenous peasant nations and towns are those that existed before the Spanish colony and share culture, language, historic tradition, “institutions”, territory and cosmovision. What do they mean by institution, the cocalero peasants invading the Yuki nation in El Chapare?

Article 30.II.3. says that these selected group of original indigenous nations and towns can identify him or herself in their ID or/and passport; or any other identification document. Why? This will give obvious advantages and preferences to those that have this secondary name tags in their ID; not having it would be like walking in Nazy Germany with a David Star in the arm. The only good thing I see about this is that article 21. actually said that all Bolivians have the right to auto identify themselves culturally. So even the Bolivian “Jews” will be able to say they are actually quechuas and have it writen in their ID to avoid discrimination. Interesting will be for most of Bolivians, like me, that could say they belong to at least a couple of the nations, which want I should choose? Which one is more convenient? Since being simply a Bolivian will be, stupid.

Incongruence’s continue with the last paragraph of Chapter 4 where it says that afro Bolivians, which come, after the Spanish Colony, are going to be given the some rights than those given to the, sic, original indigenous nations and towns. Why should afro Bolivians, or any Bolivian, will really need special rights over the rest of the people, this is actually insulting to them, is like an invitation to become a racist.

This last chapter was difficult to swallow, any red blooded Bolivian would be ashamed to have it in the constitution and will be the reason of continuos fighting in the country do to racial issues. I will continue evaluating this proposal for new constitution, by I will need to find something very positive to counter weight Chapter 4. If elections will be held tomorrow, at the present time I will vote NO.

Monday, November 17, 2008

No one knows for whom it’s working!!!!!!

It seems this easy to play card game, played in Bolivia before Nintendo and today’s new electronic games; has become the next cuco for Evo Morales and his henchmen when used as a political weapon.

For those that don’t know it, the game consisted on throwing a card and whoever had the highest card of the same deck, took all of it. Today, a similar thing is happening in the political spectrum, every politician that has a shot to the presidency is playing the support the constitution card, to try snatching the presidency to Evo later on. Some will say, like VP Lineras less than a month ago, that no one in the opposition is capable to do such thing; then, why is Evo crying aloud that the US is behind the re composition of the opposition and the imminent backstabbing of some of his collaborates?

Many names, unfriendly to the maSSiste regime, like Rodrigues Veltze, are coming up as possible competitors; the one that scares the acolytes of Evo the most is the aymara indian Victor Hugo Cardenas, Goni’s Vice President, neoliberal and somebody that can not only get the approval from those opposing the regime, but can also get many that identify with Morales because of race; with the plus that Cardenas could challenge Evo into a debate in one of the supposedly 36 native language since he is fluent in aymara, and kick his ass, because Evo doesn’t speak any of the Bolivian languages fluently, being Spanish his best.

There is a small opposition, mainly the most radicals politicians form the eastern of the country, strong in their turf, but with little chances over the whole country. Alongside the Cardenas and Veltze names, that might very possible play the “no one, in the maSSist regime, knows for whom it’s working card”, next presidential election; Evo Morales himself has whined about several, without saying names, of his current supporters, looking with good eyes starting with someone more capable and with a fresh constitution in their hands; I guess loyalty can as far as Chavez’s blank checks.

Nothing is certain just yet, but we all know that the river is noisy because is coming down with boulders; a fresh constitution, a new beginning, could be very tempting for more than one. The Morales regime is going to have a lot of problems with a slowing world economy, the loosing of markets with the impossibility to blame it to others, the continuous aberrations by its acolytes; just yesterday they tortured and burned alive several people in Achacachi; it’s going to be a told to heavy to pay by the time the next elections come.

In the mean time, we will continue, here, fighting, resisting, for a free Bolivia.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Constitution, To Be (1) or Not To Be (1)

The last couple of months in Bolivia have passed rapidly, and for me, in many instances, dangerously; we are still living one of the worst dictatorships with political persecutions in the last half century; at all, there were, and are, 3 of these darkest times.

The period after the Agrarian Revolution, were a civilian dictatorship arouse from the MNR party, winner of the revolution and very similar to the present maSSist regime, were civilian militias responding more or less to their party line, persecuted other political factions, specially the ones closely associated to them, like the also nationalistic and leftist FSB.

Then it comes the dark period of the military coups and regimes, with their total disregard for human rights or respect of any civilian laws; regimes that I resisted in my youth and that obligated for my first voluntarily exile of the country. They were finally defeated by many who today are situated in different sides of the political spectrum.

Today we have perhaps the worst type of dictatorship; lead by another socialist and nationalist party born under democracy but with the same disregard for the rule of law or the human rights of those that don’t think like them, and adding to the later a very dangerous racially motivated rhetoric.

The resistance, were once again I am involved, obligated the present regime to negotiate an exit; not because they wanted it, but because they couldn’t obtain what they wanted trough their violence. And that exit is named the Proposal for New Constitution. I could safely say that the great majority of the country don’t like the way the later was born but are thankful that we were given the opportunity to decide if we want it.

The fact that both, the maSSist regime and a large portion of their opposition favors the implementation of this new proposal makes it almost a sure thing; and many have suggested that debating it has little sense. Now, once again, I will resist that idea and after reading the whole document and able to digest their rhetoric, I am ready to evaluate it, chapter after chapter, and this is the purpose of the following blog. I will first mention those areas I believe the new proposal is favorable for my nation, they will be the TO BE points; and then I will state those that are not favorable and those will be the NOT TO BE points, we will see what this departs to us.

Article 1st to 20th.

TO BE (1)

Article 1 says that the country is composed by various things, among them “autonomies”. This was not in our previous Constitution and was one of the reasons we could not develop ourselves within our differences.

Article 5 mentions the Yuki as a language of the so called original peasant nations; something that if the proposal is approved is going to help them to fight off the Cocalero Colonies that invaded their original territory in El Chapare and that segregated them to the point of not letting the Yuki nationals, according to the proposal, to even enter the towns controlled by maSSist mayors.

Article 9. 6. Incorporates into the Constitution the very important concept of alternative development; a plus to have in any such documents.

Article 10.III. Prohibits the installation of foreign military bases in Bolivian territory; I wander what Hugo Chavez thinks about this.

Article 14.II says that discrimination in base of origin, culture, among other is prohibit. This is great, but it goes against Article 2 and 3; the incongruence’s begun.

Article 15 says that all persons have rights for their respect over their physical integrity, that no one will be tortures, suffer cruel or degrading or humiliating treatment. The death penalty doesn’t exist; this is great but goes against article 2 where the original peasant nations are entitled to their free determination; which includes communal justice where a raped woman is obligated to married her rapist, flagellation for several types of issues and even if is not accepted, the death penalty; where those imposing it are never brought to trial.; once again, more incongruence’s.


Article 2 and 3 talk about Bolivians being a separate composition of several “types, groups or nations”; which will occasion several incongruence’s within the document.

Article 6.II. Adds the wiphala as a symbol of the state; this absurdity is something like proposing that the green and white flag of Santa Cruz also becoming a symbol of the state.

Article 11.II.3. Says that there will be a communal democracy; which could be based on appointing representatives of the community by designation or nomination, not by democratic election. This is a common thing in some peasant communities with tyrannical, medieval style, ruling; but this is no reason to validate it in the Constitution.

Article 13. IV, says that the new “plurinational legislative assembly” will have to once again endorse the current international treaties related to human rights to validate them after the proposal is accepted. Why? There is no reason not to validate them in the Constitution. There is an evident desire to manipulate which Human Rights the new government; which is going to be the same than the actual regime if the proposal is approved, wants to obey, or apply. This is by no means a good thing for anybody in Bolivia.

Article 18. III says that the health system while be “unique”, controlled by the state. This world, unique, could be easily interpreted as “only”; and we all know how bad the health system is in the hands of the Bolivian government.

So fare, there are 6 identified positive issues and 5 negative; but taking in account that 2 of the positive articles are associated to negative articles I will give to this match an score of 1 to 1. So fare I am still open to vote for or against the proposal for new constitution.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bolivia Under maSSism – The NAZI era in South America begins

The month of September 2008 will be know in the harts of truly Bolivians as the period of time where the regime of Evo Morales and his maSSist zealots showed the world the way they plan to reign once their proposal of new constitution, which was born and nursed with the spilled blood of the free citizens of Bolivia, is implemented in the Country.

It began with the mobilization of their henchmen, the Social Sectors; better know as SS, to establish a paid colony, racially and politically identified with the maSSi doctrine, in places where they want to take over the land and control the political power. This strategy is neither new by the maSSist regime; they already implemented it in Santa Cruz, first in Yapacani, then with the expansion of San Julian and now with the bulking up in Plan 3000. Nor it is of their own creation; it was already used in ancient times by the Romans and was coined by Nicolo Machiavelli in his book, “The Prince” as one of the best and cheapest ways for despot to take over a region.

It continues with the movement of these violent colons towards provocation of the peaceful and righteous owners of the land. This provocation will involve the taking hostages and beating up the local population, taking over property and the showing off force in numbers and weaponry to try to slave the local communities to submissions. If the local communities defend themselves and are able to beat the regimes paid goons, then the army will be use to crush those fighting for their liberties.

With the army comes the iron curtain trying to silence the free media, the people and to illegally arrest and kidnap regional leaders, as it happened in Pando. The problem for today’s national socialistic, fascist, organizations; is that technology has advance in a way that the true cannot be hidden for a long time, like in the Roman times or in more modern era of the Hitler Nazis and Mussolini fascists. So information of what really happened in Pando is already being aired through the world as it can be seeing in the bellow links:
The maSSist strategy continues with taking away the human rights of the leaders of the places conquered and rule out any control from the other powers of the state; as it happened to Leopoldo Fernandez, elected Governor of Pando and several other native leader of that region. Where the maSSiste regime ordered the police not to obey the Judicial Branch of government that said Fernandez was illegally arrested and should be freed and return to his place of origin. The legislative also ruled that if his arrest is somehow proven legal, he should be taken to Sucre, where his trial should take place. Another decision overruled by the totalitarian government of Evo Morales sin Sucre isn’t a city they have possession, yet.

After these horrendous acts against democracy and human rights, the maSSist regime continue showing the world the way they plan to rule, rounding up the leaders all their (SS) Social Sectors into congress, just the way it is written in their proposal for new constitution. This group of controlled adepts, never chosen under free elections by the people, dictated orders to the executive, the maSSit regime, which bowed to abide by them because it is supposedly the voice of the “people”. Some of the rulings coming form this congress were to impose the text of the regime’s proposed constitution by any means and to violently blockage and if possible take over organizations in those regions opposing the dictatorial ruling of Evo Morales.

The world and the free citizens of Bolivia are getting prepared for these events, the foreign nations acted by obligating the maSSist regime to pull their Social Sector back from blockage, but nobody can control their settlement in Plan 3000, Yapacani or San Julian; and Evo Morales is being obligated to meet with the opposing leaders to try to reach into a solution that will satisfy the people of the two Bolivia the current regime in power has created. I personally believe the talks will only take as to the beginning of this page; my hart of course, desires it will reach an agreement that will bridge as back into a consolidated country.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Unprecedented Talking

Many things have happened in these unprecedented times in Bolivia, but all can be resumed in a small quantity of words; the autocratic government of Evo Morales had send its zealots to the weaker and less important, economically, strategically and people wise department; in order to create enough violence to justify taking it all from the opposition. And they achieved this Machiavellian plan, brilliantly; but perhaps with a lot more violence and death than they expected; this time, the annihilation of their own hordes by the local population. Maybe they will think twice now about risking their lives for Bs. 100.- a day.

The deaths in Pando scared the maSSist regime, which cannot accept that Bolivian civilians, Bolivian social movements, can actually rise up against them; so they invented a fictitious story, like the one they repeat like a parrot saying somebody is attempting to murder Evo, and cried aloud that foreigners, from Brazil and Peru were contracted by the Pando’s Governor to attack their peaceful acolytes that were only carrying weapons for who knows what reason. Thus, political persecution that ended up with politically motivated arrests were taking in place in this torrid department at the same time that the totalitarian regime of Evo was talking peace with the freedom fighters of CONALDE.

Unprecedented also is the response of CONALDE, which at first seamed to respond with the heart and hinted to trash any talking with Evo and the maSSist regime until Pando and its Governor is freed. But after some thinking, they took a political and strategic decision to begin peace talking with the regime. A decision that could backfire and cost the liberty of all defenders of democracy and human rights in the country, and not just to the ones in Pando.

This decision of talking with the maSSist was political, because the citizens of this country not alienated with the regime are not used to participate trough civilian violence and were seeking for the stop of the fighting as soon as possible; those are the people the CONALDE represents and were eager to give them the peace of mind they deserved. Strategically, because Pando doesn’t represent any real interest on terms of power, monetarily or population wise. As a matter of fact, one can really get to Pando by plane or by boat, trough the river; if you want to drive, better go trough Brazil. It serves better to those seeking the return of democracy in the long run to see the maSSist spending resources, people and troops holding Pando than in other places controlled by the opposition.

The sacrifice of the people of Pando for the good of the rest of the people in the Country can also become a very dangerous situation that could back fire on the freedom fighters; since no matter how one want to see it, it will be shown as a victory by the regime and an alert to does fighting for democracy that important people, like the Governor of Pando, are not going to be defended in case they are political persecuted by Evo Morales and his goons. Doesn’t matter that different would be the case if the persecuted would have being the Governor of Santa Cruz, what is important is what it is.
Other big problem by the freedom fighter of Bolivia; is that history and its true’s, at least at the beginning, are written by the victors. So, anything that will come form the deaths in Pando will be blatant lies invented, manipulated and spread by the propaganda zealots of the maSSist communication machinery, the only part of the regime that works like a Swiss clock. Depending how well this is manipulated by the regime, the opposition trough the CONALDE cold be seen inside the country, as they are seen in many parts by the indigenous fascists outside of it, as the provocateurs of violence instead of defenders of liberties.

We will continue monitoring this issue closely, there are many uncertainties floating around; the only thing I can say is almost certain; is that the present talks among the maSSsist and the CONALDE have very little possibilities to give any solution to the Bolivian freedom question.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Holly Referendums Decisions - Exeni

I must confess; it is weird, very weird, what happened a few of days ago with Evo Morales most important henchman outside the executive and legislative power. As anybody following Bolivian politics in the past two years knows, Jose Luis Exeni is a leftist comrade of Garcia Lineras with the mission of annihilating Bolivia’s clean and political party free Electoral National Court (CNE) to pave the road of the ruling party tyrannical push towards unlimited power via democratic free elections.

An Exeni was very successful at doing the job the maSSist assigned him; beginning with taking over the presidency of the CNE, continuing with firing anybody in the organization that would not kneel under Evo’s rule and finishing by accepting and promoting referendums that come by laws written in congress when the opposition was violently prevented to participate by maSSist mobs in the street and inside the parliament.

Exeni was also instrumental on fighting any type of democratic election that had to do with the seeking of departmental autonomy by the democratic civic forces in the country and also allowed the manipulation of the electoral college by the maSSist zealots; which introduced under age people from rural communities, cloned persons, resuscitation of the death, etc, etc. one of the reasons the OEA delegates in the last recall referendum advised for the revision of this list.

Everything seemed very rosy among Exeni and Evo until the recall referendum, when, who knows why? Maybe being afraid to get caught on election manipulation by the OEA and other international observers?, or maybe because he is finally opening his eyes and noticing the totalitarian agenda of his bosses? No one really knows, but in that referendum he didn’t only interpreted the law, something isn’t his attribution; he also made a law by himself indicating that the only Prefects that could be kicked out of office were the ones that lose by 50% plus one vote. Evo Morales, off course, was not part of this deal and the maSSist in general opposed his decision.

Now, ones again no one knows why, but Exeni had defined that his organization cannot obey Evo Morales order over realizing a referendum via decree; he simple say that the referendum must pass trough the senate’s way or the highway. This coming from a person that didn’t have any respect for the senate’s decisions nor had a problem over the way laws are violently pushed through the legislative by the maSSist mobs. Who knows and Exeni has some kind of fetish about interpreting laws coming from congress; all I know is that I must take my hat off today for Exeni’s decision, since no matter what was the reason, he stood valiantly and secure against totalitarian imposition.

The maSSists are in their way to Congress to once again violently abort a law that will benefit their despicable agenda; their putsch over the legislative already has a date. We will need to see if Exeni is going to go forward or not complying once more to put in place a referendum coming from a law born in barbarism and violation of Bolivian human rights. I will wait for that day to see what Exeni is really made of, for the moment; he has made an space in my book of democracy fighters. Saludos Exeni.

Friday, August 29, 2008

There Will Be Blood – Bolivian Style

It is being a rough couple of months, a lot of work in the country and abroad that kept me from concentrating on this blog, some time spend trying teaching my compatriots not to vote for Evo; in a maSSist stronghold were talking against the “emperor” could result in death by communal justice and finally moving from such horrible place to one where freedom of speech, liberty and democracy can be breath.

Things in the country continue interesting, Evo is still unable to set foot in several cities and tows, yesterday he even had to step out of the country, from Beni to Brazil, to be able to be rescued by the army. Maybe one of these days he will learn from this clear signs coming from the people he cannot harass or obligate to vote for him.

In the mean time I will have to sadly say that the country is going towards an open confrontation, civil war can be smelled and tasted in the air, it is wanted, it is seek, by almost everybody. It appears that the citizens of this beautiful country, plus some foreign that have stuck their noses in the maSSist regime for good and money, are feed up with the situation and want to fight it out once and fore all; To bad that the ones that will suffer this situation are not going to be those in powerful places or the ones with foreign passport, but the people in the street.

I will keep you posted from my new hood, and don’t worry, I will continue visiting several areas of my country; I just won’t need to worry about the safety of my family while I am away any more. To my readers, I can tell you one thing; if the neo indigenous fascist try to take their racist proposal of constitution to the urns, there will be blood; and lots of it.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Copying the NAZI Machinery

I being on the road again, finally coming back, I don’t know if I should thank or not the maSSist government in Bolivia; since after a year of their disastrous governing, investing on projects that required environmental impacts studies, or at least that were somehow concern about the environmental area have diminish to practically nothing in the country. There for, I am being call more often than none to participate in projects abroad, which represents a much better income to me and a great deal of envy, of course, since I am seeing these long run investments being use in neighboring countries.

I was flipping the channels in the hotel, they have some in English, like CNN, and I got interested in one that was named, “The History Channel”; there was a program that just started, it had to do with the life of Goebbels just before the WWII and until him murdering his family and committing suicide. It has Goebbels’ dairy as its only source of data and used real pictures and movie shots from the era.

I was impressed, real impressed, and this might be a shock to some of my readers that are aware of my comparing Evo’s maSSism to Hitler’s Nazism; of the strong similarities among Goebbels and Garcia Lineras, Evo’s vice president. Not only in the way of thinking how things should be, or in the way both machine the necessity of eliminating all possible political competition, or in the way they believe people should assimilate the regime’s mandate. The physical and behavioral similitude among Goebbels and Garcia Lineras are striking. Off course, nobody can pretend to have two perfect matches, not even if you believe in reincarnation, there will be the ones arguing me about the differences, for example Gobbles was well know to be a womanizer and Lineras’ not.

Striking was also seen some real Hitler speeches on this program, the guy seem to be utterly upset at all times and exaggerate in extreme almost all his gestures; very similar to the way Evo explodes against whom he visualizes at the regime’s enemies. Thanks God, the reaction of the crowd in Bolivia was not as fanatic as the ones I seen in the documental in Germany. Taking in account Germans don’t have a reputation to be very expressive, similar to quechua-aymaras; this makes me fill a little more assure that the great majority of Bolivians are not going to fanatic with our Evo character.

As I always think, being a Nazy is not a one person job, it took a community, a collective; there is such a collective running around the country with the maSSist agenda. But do to the hard work of the Bolivian freedom fighters, this collective had to be changes to a “trufi” (a ban working as a bus) and the goal is to convert this trufi into a moto taxi after the “revocatory” referendum, let’s see what happens and if Bolivians in the XXI century are more aware of the danger upon their heads than the German’s of the 1940’s.

Monday, June 30, 2008

La Unión Hace la Fuerza

A very common saying in Bolivia, usually used by leftist activists form the Universities or union workers, but that could become true for almost anybody and this was just demonstrated yesterday when the puppet regional government of Chuquisaca under the command of Evo Morales’ MAS lost the election for Prefect in that department. The saying that simply means something like, united we are the force, is not so simple to achieve, especially politically speaking.

Yesterday’s prefect election in Chuquisaca better be a lesson learned by the Bolivian freedom fighters in our quest to dethrone Evo from his intention to become a dictator for life next August and a lesson to those trying to achieve this goal trough autonomic anarchy and political diversification. The regime has nothing to learn, only to fear, since they already have tasted the sweet flavor of victory when they where alone fighting a divided opposition in the elections arena.

Yesterday the maSSist lost, but two years ago they would have won, as they did; no matter all the lessons learned by the Chuquisaca people from the regime’s totalitarian attitude, the MAS party only reduced their electoral votes by 3%, from 40% to 37%. That the regime probably moved people from other regions to register for this voting, yes; that they probably registered under age people in the peasant communities, for sure. But how much would this increase their vote, maybe 3 to 5%; but with 35% of the votes, the MAS party would have also win the prefecture of Chuquisaca 2 years ago.

The big difference yesterday is that the opposition was united under one flag, as a matter of fact, the other candidate, the third one, actually took votes that where mostly from the maSSist side, taking in account the contenders leftist inclination, that is another 3% of the votes.

This is a great sign for all off us try to redirect our nation towards democracy, respect of human rights and economic prosperity; united under one flag, the one for the revocation of Evo Morales from the presidential seat, the one that will say NO to his and his party’s racist and tyrannical policies; If we do this, using the power of our vote, another Chuquisaca will easily happen.

We must take in account the regime’s fear is latent, it can be smelled in the air; it can be read in the 70% of votes they assure they will get trying to mislead the common of the people to show they are still strong, the majority; But where they ever the majority? The maSSist very well know that the blank and null vote during the presidential election where extremely high, Evo never made to 48% of the total votes. And they know that if the same people don’t vote blank or null this time; isn’t going to favor them. This without taking in account the thousands that will not vote for him today that did two years ago.

It is not going to be easy, and will take the politicians from the CONALDE to coordinate with the ones in PODEMOS; if they don’t put aside their political ambition for the good of the Country, then they can almost certainly be blamed for the extinction of what was once Bolivia.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weapons of Evo Destruction

Nope, Bolivia isn’t competing with Iran or Venezuela in their arms race neither is the country attempting to follow up on the failed Iraqi program; nor has anything to do with a CIA investigation after the maSSist zealots trying to burn the USA embassy. But if you want to compare, it approaches a lot more to the Iraqis supposedly killing potential than to any of the other mentioned countries.

This Bolivian mess, orchestrated by Evo Morales and his cronies had an early beginning within the regime’s agenda and was practically born when Evo’s godfather, Hugo Chavez, said that the empire, no one knows if his or somebody else’s, wanted to terminate with his trainee’s career towards dictatorship for life.

So Bolivians, in monthly bases, have to here from Evo himself or one of his followers that his magnificent investiture has and is in constant danger of early termination via sudden gain of weight, lead poisoning that is. Since the regime is well aware that the Goebblelian strategy of repeating a lie until it becomes true is not enough for this untamable nation, they also mastered the practice of trying to convert bogus information in true; failing, off course, strenuously.

Among the most notorious examples of this situation we have the illegal detention of a Cuban-Bolivian immigrant in an attempt to severe his freedom of speech and other liberties by sending him back to Cuba; issue that ended up with the regime’s first political refugee in Europe, this even before the regime’s first year in power. Those, it was defined by the maSSist, that a tongue, used against the regime, is a weapon of Evo destruction.

Then we have the arrest of two young USA citizens, leftist Evo lovers; that were taking pictures at Evo’s caravan in downtown Cochabamba. Once again, it was defined that a photographic camera, in hands of not so dark people is, in effect, a weapon of Evo destruction.

Most recently we have the kidnapping of a Bolivian citizen in Sucre, his torture at the hands of maSSist cronies infiltrated in the police and the intent of having him lynch by the bloodthirsty maSSist mobs of El Alto. Something that was only deterred by an early warning of the victim’s family and the still free press in the country, which make the police and the judge think twice regarding their loyalty to Evo and his regime. This poor guys fault, being identifying in television as a participant of a public protest that ended up prohibiting the landing of Evo Morales in the capital of the country. Those, participating in public gatherings as permitted by the human rights convention is; according to the maSSist regime, a weapon of Evo destruction.

Finally, while one of Evo Morales personal guards was plotting to bomb a television channel in Yacuiba and do who knows what else hideous things in the Southern region of the country. The Evo regime was arresting two young men over miles away from the military base Evo was about to land in Santa Cruz, no more using civilian infrastructure for the dictator to be, because they had in their possession a broken rifle and 20 bullets. They were in their way to an armory to get it fix to go hunting. So, they were accused of attempting to probably wanting to go with this rifle to the Movie Center’s roof, also miles of distance from the arrest, and gun down Evo, more that 2000 meters away with a broken rifle with 300 meters real precision capacity. Not even the policy where in favor of the regime’s experts, ministers, and the two young men where set free. Those; walking with a broken rifle in a city where Evo Morales plans to visit is, off course, having in your hands a weapon of Evo destruction.

So, taking in account that I am the proud owner of 3 of these weapons of Evo destruction, I should prepare myself to assume that I will promptly be in the Bolivian headlines as the master in command of the mother of all Evo wars; thankfully, there are at least another 4 million Bolivians that are owners of the full blow four weapons of Evo destruction, so my time isn’t coming, not yet.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nazi Style – Evo’s Choice, Bolivia Changes

It is really sad in deed the way Bolivia, one of the safest, most democratic and beautiful countries in the world has rapidly changed in the last four years from a united entity with its diversities to a completely divided nation with its differences and is moving to become some kind of neo Nazi state where the government has totalitarian power, physically and mentally, over the people within the area it can physically govern and violent Gestapo like police strikes where it cannot physically govern.

What can Bolivians expect from a regime that wants to govern that will not hesitate to kidnapped a citizen in front of his/her house and children, put you in a vehicle without telling you what is happening and take you away from your peers, from your neighborhood, your vicinity, your state, to a place where they already hate you because you think different than them and try for you to stand trial for accusations that are not even legal, for crimes that don’t even exist in the country penal code?

This is exactly what happened to Roberth Sandoval, who was kidnapped by the Morales regime in his natal Sucre and taken to El Alto, a town better know for their citizens’ atrocities and public lynching by beating and burning. And that has the possible fate of this citizen of Bolivia if not because the judges, as well as many policemen and military; are afraid and uncertain of the fate of Evo and the maSSist and will not fully cooperate if their bad deeds are immediately denounced. As it happened this time and as it happened with a political refugee from Cuba in the early days of this totalitarian administration; kidnapping also denounced early and that fortunately ended with the protection of the refugee by an European country that truly believes in human rights.

For those that have the privilege of knowing Spanish, where an excellent report on what happened to Roberth Sandoval.

We can only expect that those citizens of Bolivia still undecided to throw Evo Morales from his throne start to get the picture clear, about Evo, his hateful and racist regime and all those socialist that helped the maSSist regime to climb into power and that are suppose to help us, like Waldo Albaracin, our “ombushman”, limited himself to “observe” the way Roberth was detained and even said he was not beaten even after a medic gave the tortured several days of physical incapacity.

Worse is the example of those organizations that a few days ago where claiming racism and defense of the indigenous people human rights in Bolivia and today say nothing! I will like to know the position of certain “expert” of the UN about the behavior of these indigenous descendant policemen that kidnapped and tortured a “criollo” just because their indigenous president ordered them to do so. If this would have being the government of Goni and the kidnapped somebody from Achacachi, we will certainly be hearing more than enough from them.

There is only one solution for peaceful reclaiming of democracy in the nation, and that is to vote for Evo step down from government in the next revocation elections; lets keep working for it, lets work for the “re change”.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Evo to Sucre . . . . . . . . . NIIIIICA

That is what the valiant people of Sucre, Capital of Bolivia and possible future whole Capital of our Nation said to Evo Morales and his process of change. By now on, almost everybody reading this blog knows about last weekends despicable acts instigated by Evo Morales and his goons; not even the real ponchos rojos this time, but a few local puppets of the regime that though were protected enough by the marionettes in the army. Ohhh, how mistaken they were, and they paid the price for it. Off course, a small price taking in account that if things would have being the other way and this would have occurred in Achacachi, El Chapare or other maSSist stronghold, instead of shirtless people yelling the true against Evo we would had shitless citizens burn and hanged.

I waited some time to write about this because I wanted people to make his own mind, so I can write mine in peace and quiet. It is in deed despicable how the maSSist regime sacrifices their clue less squadristry in order to try gaining some ground from the international community, yelling to the four corners of the world, racism, racism! And I say in the international community because in the country no one, that is not a hard core adept to the regime’s racist ideology off course, believes in their words any more. Off course, we live in the country and are experiencing the whole picture and not just a couple of shots from internet.

What happened in Sucre had noting to do with racism, it had to do with fighting for ones freedom against a foreign invading their city; because Evo’s ideals, his barbarism, his hate, racism and violent ways are only part of the 1/3 off the country he is actually governing and only a small part of it, and had nothing to do with the ideals and thinking of the Sucrenses.

I have read and heard a lot of the regime’s lackeys screaming that Evo should use the military, or other forces, the reader don’t have to wander to much to understand what these zealots are referring to, because their beloved Evo and some of his SS cannot visit parts of the Country. As a matter of fact, in some areas they have no access at all and in 2/3 of the country their security isn’t ensure.

I tell too those cry babies, the maSSist are just harvesting what they had planted since the beginning of the XXI century! They have being the masters at teaching that to win they have to prevent the opposition to enter in their strongholds. Those, in the last presidential elections nobody from the opposition to the future maSSist regime was able to safely participate in political campaigns in places like El Chapare, El Alto, Achacachi, etc, etc. Today, Evo is receiving his own medicine provided by the social movements endorsing the “re change” within Bolivian politics; and since this is just the beginning of the cure, better be ready getting use to be vaccinated until extracted all the way to the Caribbean, where the disease originated.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Repercussions of the People’s Will

I let some time pass to allow my nation, as in their people, and the many foreign that believe my nation is somehow their nation, to comment on the latest political tsunami that hit the country, the convocation to a presidential/VP and Prefect revocation by the people trough a referendum.

Many repercussions and assumptions have populated newspapers and blogs alike, from the legality of the law, by the way; dose anybody knows the law’s number and where can one get a copy of it?; To the possible result scenarios during elections and in their aftermath.

Believes or not, the maSSist zealots are the ones more exited about the possible situation since they where being obliterated and dragged to the ground after their beating in the Santa Cruz autonomic referendum and because of the stupidity of Evo’s decrees prohibiting exportations and nationalizing private companies. From my point of view, this latest piece of legislation is enabling the regime to gasp for air, something that under the current circumstances in the country could be positive; since we all know that an encroached rat will turn and attack if there is no room to escape.

Among the most relevant comments incoming from the ma†ist side are the following.

Ø If Evo looses he will run for president again and win for sure because it will be him against several other from the opposition that will divide the votes among them. I will like to know, what gave them the idea a president in Bolivia can run for reelection?
Ø If the prefect looses, Evo will immediately change him (no female prefect right know) for a party member. Why not another prefect election, like is going to happen in Sucre? I will have to wait for the law’s text to measure this up.

The illegality or not of the referendum in this instance isn’t really relevant since it is being approved by both, the officialiSSm and the opposition and in addition there is no Constitutional Tribunal to define its constitutional legality; so I will set that possible discussion aside.

I am happily amazed by my country, it seams that after the agrarian revolution, the dark periods of military ruling and the recent and bloody periods of Social Sectors (SS) violence we have learned that is better to settle things in the urns instead of through full violent civil escalation which will mean a fraternal blood bath to achieve the same results.

A lot of questions are raised about loyalties and intentions of the congressmen that approved this law, specially from the autonomist region; I only have to tell them, it is the repercussion of our will through our democratic participation and victory in the autonomic referendum that this door to save Bolivia as a country has being opened.

I can only request for every Bolivian that wants to keep the country together and decentralized from the racist and neo fascist regime of Evo Morales and the mSSist to fully participate in these revocation referendum, from your homes, work, in the street and voting NO for the continuation of Evo and YES for the continuation of your prefect, any of them.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Bolivian Democracy at is Best

Yesterday, May 4th of 2008, is going to pass to the annals of history as the date the Bolivian population legitimately started a counterrevolution in order to recuperate freedom of will and democracy. It all happened in the most diverse and multicultural city of the Country, Santa Cruz; and what took place was the greatest of victories coming from popular democratic elections since the days after the agrarian revolution. Only that this time, the counterrevolution was born and delivered without gunshots and civil warfare but among the rocks and dynamite from a racist anti democratic regime. Here an analysis of the situation:

All do the official results will be deliver in around 5 days, there is enough information from preliminary vote count at the ballots that clearly establish the Santa Cruz population have unmistakably and by a wide margin decided they want autonomy form the central government, leaded by the intransigent Evo Morales. At the moment there are two different results, one that says that the YES for the autonomic referendum was of 86% in favor and other that it says that the YES achieved 84.5%. Either result a devastating blow to the maSSist regime that under the same system won 54% of the votes in the last presidential elections and that had used that number trying to justify his archaic and racist policies.

Apart from the invaluable results that represents way more than the 2/3 (67%) votes accepted worldwide as the number where a proposition is said to be supported by both, the majority and the minority of the population. The fact that the priest from the Catholic church, the most important religious institution in the country and the ones Evo Morales requested for helping him to initiate talks with the opposition, also participated alongside most of the common population and several police officers and military personnel gives the Morales regime and the international community another hint to look this process in a different way. We should also rescued and congratulate de participation of accredited international observers from the Human Rights Foundation, The Latin American Union Party and the Daniels Hamant Foundation.

From the loosing side, the neo fascistic indigenous regime of Evo Morales, it is very important to rescue the fact that their leaders took very much in account the “early” numbers of this election, making a strong point that they know their claims of “illegality” have no sustainability until there is a Constitutional Tribunal up and running again in the country; institution that the regime itself destroyed to be able to pass their laws and regulations trough violence and violating the Bolivian constitution. The brutality showed by the maSSist zealots in some places of Santa Cruz, to prevent people from peacefully cast their votes is going to give the regime another negative evaluation worldwide, especially when the tapes of Morales, his Vice president and his closest cronies requesting to stop the referendum through violence are run again.

The regime’s strategy, evident by Morales press conference and in all maSSist comments in the blogosphere, has shifted to the fallacy of “interpreting” the possible votes of the people that did not assisted at the referendum, the early absenteeism numbers range from 25.5% to 39%. According to Morales and his cronies, all, absolutely all those that did not participated where going to vote against the autonomic proposition. Two things are going to backfire against the regime. First, people is going to replay to Morales that if taking in account the results of the referendum the way he wants to do it, he better renounce to the presidential seat since under those conditions he only got 42% of the electoral vote in the past presidential elections. The second thing that is going to backfire on the regime’s “interpretation” is that many votes were not delivered because they were violently denied of their human right of political participation by the maSSist hordes in some places where they were able to make significant numbers. In addition to this, Morales and the regime are taking in account as 39% of absenteeism as the ultimate true and not as probable data.

No matter how is this seen, the true is that the other governmental fallacy, that the Santa Cruz autonomy was the desired of 4 oligarchic families, was crushed by at least half a million people. Unless these four families are in the Guinness records for nativity breakthroughs, the regime, their allies and the international community better take a 90 degree change of posture before it is too late to spare the most beautiful country in the world from unnecessary bloodshed.

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Ugly, the Bad and the Good

That will be today’s film title by an Italian film production wanting to portray Bolivia’s “wild west” political scenario; I explain myself.

The Ugly; comes from the economical stupidity and political anorexia, including a not so secret desire to spy and control the information of the freedom fighters opposing the totalitarian regime of Evo Morales. That is, the “nationalization” of Entel, Transredes, Chaco and CLHD; ENTEL, with Italian investors is the main telecommunications company in the country, the only one of today’s nationalized corporations that is not related to the hydrocarbon activity and the reason of its nationalization has to do more with the possibility to intervene phone calls, specially cell phones and to have access to censor internet, since ENTEL has about 90% of the internet connections of the Country.

The nationalization of the other 3 oil corporations is plain economic ignorance; the idea is for the government of Bolivia to “forcefully” buy the little percentage of the stock needed to acquire 51% or more from these companies at the buyer’s, the maSSist regime, settled price. I am pretty sure Microsoft and Yahoo are all ears about this “intellectual” proposition of the XXI century socialism, specially the former.

What is simply going to happen is that the offended international companies, with German, British and American interests will rightly put their own price to their Bolivian stock and demand for it to be paid. Once the issue is settled in international courts, you can forget about the IDH and the super habit, the money will be diverted strait from the gas sales to these companies bank accounts. It is simple, as a former US president could put it; it is the jurisdictional security stupid!

The Bad; comes from the fact the REPSOL, has decided to sell their 1.8% percentage to the government, alleging un understanding with the Morales regime but at the same time stating that their revenue from Bolivia was so insignificant within their company that it was easier to make money doing nothing that to spent time and resources on international arbitration.

The above and the previous only mean and end of international investment in hydrocarbons for the long run in the country, at least form the competent companies. I am pretty sure we will be hearing the maSSist zealots in YPFB saying that investors from China, Iran, Rusia and Venezuela will be coming; Great, there goes to the trash the first world industrial safety standards, the best environmental protection standards we aver had in the country and of course, state of the art quality controls ensuring economic sustainability. Way to go Evo the great indigenous king protector of mother earth and its inhabitants.

The Good; yes, believed or not there is a good thing about all this, t is a little obscure and there will be very little talk about it, perhaps is only going to happen in this post and that is it. But the socialistic intellectuals have come up with a, well, socialistic, idea that would work to improve equalitarian conditions among the workers within a capitalistic structure, improving upwards; yes I know, sounds impossible. That is the decree that come up with the other nationalization decrees stating that the executives of the companies that make more than US$ 4.440 a month wild have to contribute 10% of it, which will be distributed to the workers in the country that have a minimum retired pension.

It is of course, not a new idea, the rich tax deduction is widely used in the US and in Europe, the only innovation is where this founds will go. Hopefully this money will in deed go to those ex workers of different sectors with the minimum retired pension and not to the pocket of the typical maSSist collaborator or to the infamous “ghost” retired employees.

Socialistic policies like the above where the ones expected from this government, this is just one small idea among a sea of possibilities; that is “executing” government and I applaud it. I also hope that after the Santa Cruz referendum the maSSist regime realizes it is better to work over policies and decentralization instead of being constantly campaigning for a XXI century socialism that is an already smelling corpse.

La trampa del indigenismo

Por: Marcos Aguinis

El encuentro internacional al que concurro ha sido organizado por la Fundación Libertad y Desarrollo en celebración de sus fecundos quince años de existencia.

Me habían encomendado disecar un tema perturbador de nuestro continente: el indigenismo. Concurrían expertos de Canadá, España, Estados Unidos, China, Perú, Venezuela y Bolivia para tratar ése y otros ígneos asuntos de nuestro tiempo.

Sin más rodeos, paso a sintetizar lo que allí expuse.

Mis primeras palabras consistieron en recordar que los indígenas son considerados, con justicia, los primeros dueños de esta tierra, cuyas culturas y protagonismo fueron reprimidos sin misericordia. Con diferencias de un país a otro, en muchos aún forman comunidades importantes y en otras han alcanzado un mestizaje intenso. El problema actual consiste en ayudarlos a encontrar un camino de verdadera reparación y ascenso, o permitir que se los desvíe hacia la trampa de zanjones regresivos y totalitarios, como sucede ahora en Bolivia. Es muy fácil confundir. Y en ese punto centré mi advertencia.

En efecto, su reivindicación ya es importante. No sólo hay una revisión de la historia, sino proyectos que incluyen utopía y epopeya. Los indígenas han pasado a convertirse en las grandes víctimas del continente, lo cual no es ajeno a la verdad. Pero el énfasis distorsiona, simplifica e idealiza su pasado. Más grave aún: pretende convertir el pasado en modelo. Eso no está bien, porque es reaccionario y letal. Como ejemplo, bastaría reflexionar sobre la exigencia de Sendero Luminoso a los campesinos peruanos con el fin de "liberarse" de la opresión europea: cultivar sólo productos anteriores a la Conquista, tales como papa, quinua y maíz. En cambio, descartar las venenosas importaciones llamadas trigo, cebada, centeno, avena, arroz, caña de azúcar y vid; no criar animales malditos, como la vaca, la oveja, el cerdo, la cabra, el conejo y las aves de corral. Para no dejar de ser coherente --agrego yo-- habría que abandonar la rueda, el caballo, el buey, el hierro, el vidrio y el arado. Buen futuro, ¿no?

El líder indigenista Felipe Quispe ha dicho que si una parte de la sociedad usa ojotas y otra zapatos, que todos usen ojotas. Es decir, igualar para abajo, porque confunde justicia con miseria.

En la mitificación de numerosos historiadores se han llegado a considerar los levantamientos indígenas de la Colonia como antecedentes de la gesta emancipadora.

Pero lo que deseaban no era la independencia ni asemejarse a las repúblicas modernas, sino retornar al tiempo incaico o incluso preincaico, que no fue un paraíso, sino un eterno campo de batalla con masacres, guerras de dominio e incontables sacrificios humanos.

La rebelión aymara de Túpac Katarí, en 1782, por ejemplo, no sólo agredió a los criollos, sino a los mestizos y a los quechuas.

Esos levantamientos, aunque heroicos, no significaron un proyecto superador, sino regresivo. Y tuvo el final de todos los movimientos regresivos, como los esclavos en la Antigüedad o los campesinos en la Edad Media.

Podemos conmovernos con su heroísmo, pero no considerarlos un paradigma. Los indígenas estaban aterrorizados ante el nuevo orden, que, entre otras cosas, tendía a dejar atrás la etapa primitiva del colectivismo.

Los actuales "bolivarianos" deberían recordar que Simón Bolívar firmó, con su puño y letra, en el año 1824, un decreto que establecía la propiedad privada de la tierra. Acertó en considerar la propiedad comunal un resto arcaico, un modo de producción infecundo. Esto fue trágicamente comprobado por la dictadura izquierdista del general Velazco Alvarado, quien intentó resucitarlas en la década de los años 70: produjo hambre y empobrecimiento acelerado. Ahora se intenta probarlo otra vez.

La idealización contaminó incluso a marxistas como Carlos Astrada, quien no tuvo náuseas en utilizar conceptos científicos nazis sobre el vínculo de los pueblos con la tierra y la sangre. En esa línea, posteriores movimientos populistas y tercermundistas usaron a los indios para construir sus artificiales teorías sobre una identidad nacional opuesta al centralismo europeo y a Occidente (este último, odiado por los reaccionarios con patente de progresistas que se fastidian ante las aperturas de la modernidad, la democracia genuina, los derechos individuales y otras abyecciones).

La revolución bolchevique, incapaz de construir un socialismo próspero y democrático, había impuesto concepciones estatistas que permitían el control de las masas y su impúdica manipulación "en nombre" del proletariado. De ahí que sus seguidores y simpatizantes hayan celebrado la civilización incaica como un antecedente del socialismo moderno (¡!). No les importaba la maciza estratificación de clases ni la opresión que padecían los de abajo. Tampoco los derechos humanos, porque para estos fascistas de izquierda, el Estado merece todo y cada hombre no es más que una molécula anónima. Aunque hubo maravillas en las civilizaciones precolombinas, tenían un atraso de cuatro mil años respecto de la Europa del Renacimiento. Esto no justifica, por supuesto, la tábula rasa que se efectuó con sus riquezas y tradiciones. Es otro tema.

Resulta curioso que al indigenismo regresivo lo empezaran a fogonear blancos descendientes de europeos, sin advertir que adoptaban el camino racista que pretendían combatir. En los 70, el boliviano Fausto Reinaga, inspirado en el "black power", preconizó la "revolución india" y las luchas entre blancos e indios; la indianidad debía servir para la toma del poder y limpiar el continente de las etnias invasoras (en la Argentina no quedaría casi nadie). El peruano Guillermo Carnero Hoke afirmó que "nuestra razón de ser desde el fondo de los siglos es la razón colectivista". "El pensamiento de nuestros abuelos del Tawantisuyo era justo, moral, científico y cósmico, es decir insuperable" (¡!).

Expresiones como ésas parecían minoritarias. Pero el Primer Congreso de Movimientos Indios celebrado en el Perú, en 1980, proclamó que los indígenas eran la única alternativa redentora, no sólo de ellos mismos, sino de la humanidad. Pasaban a ocupar el trono que el marxismo había atribuido al proletariado, con un condimento horrible: suponer, como los nazis, que las razas puras son mejores.

El problema indígena no es de raza ni de cultura: es social. Los indígenas no tienen que retroceder a un pasado inviable ni limitarse a la economía de subsistencia. Pueden y deben cultivar sus tradiciones, su acervo lingüístico y sus leyendas, por supuesto, pero sin aislarse ni repudiar los beneficios de la modernidad. Si resisten la modernidad se condenan a permanecer como un sector inferior, aislado, débil y carente de real protagonismo. Por el contrario, tienen derecho a dejar de ser las comunidades que dan lástima, resentidas y marginales. Tienen derecho a concurrir a buenas escuelas y universidades, participar en los partidos políticos y asociaciones profesionales. El indio Benito Juárez, que llegó a presidente de México, no se dejó intimidar por quienes lo consideraron un traidor.

Para tomar perspectiva, deberían discutirse las experiencias de la comunidad negra en los Estados Unidos, por ejemplo. Salió de la esclavitud legal, pero continuó sometida a una severa discriminación. Surgieron reacciones como el black power y manifestaciones racistas invertidas, entre las que adquirieron renombre las del primer Malcolm X. A la vez, hubo intentos de vencer los prejuicios mediante el intercambio de estudiantes que provenían de barrios blancos y barrios negros, lo cual no dio frutos.

Luego, avanzó la propuesta fraternal de Martin Luther King, que terminó por conquistar a la mayoría de la nación. No alcanzaba, empero, y se sancionó la "discriminación positiva" o affirmative action, mediante la cual se impulsó el ingreso de negros en los centros de estudio y su mejor posicionamiento en el trabajo.

Ahora ya existe una amplia clase media negra con infinidad de profesionales, jueces, diplomáticos, académicos y empresarios. Dos sucesivos secretarios de Estado fueron negros y la actual, además, es una mujer. La affirmative action se ha imitado en muchos países para elevar la cuota de presencia femenina en la política, por ejemplo. Pero considero que este recurso sólo debe utilizarse para cambiar la tendencia, no para durar eternamente. De lo contrario emponzoñaría la igualdad de derechos que debe primar en una verdadera democracia.

En resumen, impulsar el indigenismo hacia el pasado es una trampa que sólo beneficia a demagogos, ignorantes y populistas. Lleva hacia conflictos ingobernables, derramamiento de sangre y un aumento de la pobreza. Habría que reflexionar, en cambio, sobre medidas racionales, como la affirmative action, para que todos los indígenas de América latina, sin perder sus raíces, tengan por fin cómodo acceso al progreso cultural, económico y social.

El autor es escritor y filósofo argentino. Artículo fue publicado en La Nación de Buenos Aires.

Monday, April 28, 2008

I am back in the saddle

After two weeks of intense field working abroad, not really away from technology that could have gave me access to internet or this blog, but the bread in the table comes first; I am finally back with time to write my troughs about Bolivia. In this time away many things and few things happened in the country.

The many where, of course, the articles and the chit chat about the autonomic process beginning in Santa Cruz and tempting to be expanded in 2/3 of the Country. Don’t you people love that number?; Thank you Robert for your rules of law. Also among those many things are the international communities beginning to seriously take in account the gravity of the situation, I am not talking off course about the bozo club of Chavez and his clown from Nicaragua and Ecuador; they are long aware of their problems in Bolivia.

But at the same time few things really happened, the referendum in Santa Cruz is going forward, the proposition for autonomies is going to win, the maSSist regime don’t have the power to stop it and no extensive violence, as in two armies with considerable amount of people in each side, is going to happen. In other words, the referendum will have the same support, and enemies, today, as is going to have the 4th or as it had 2 weeks or more ago.

No matter how you see this, from the democracy fighters side or the neo indigenous fascism side; this referendum can only benefit those that don’t want to be ruled by a tyrant; the closed the results to 2/3 of the voters, the more power to stop the racist and totalitarian regimen of Evo Morales and the more fuel for the other departments to fight for their freedom and human rights. I am personally hoping for the pro maSSist to boycott the referendum and don’t go to the urns, that will help beef up the pro autonomous movement numbers and it will be hilarious to see who the Venezuelan recipe backfires on Evo himself.

The eating of the maSSist queen, not Garcia Lineras, in this political chess game is already without a doubt. The point is, how the next pieces will be moved to check mate the tyrant without killing the country? As there is no doubt about it, killing the country is an option for those leading Santa Cruz if they see impossible to save themselves from the cancer of the racism and prejudice coming from the Morales agenda. This, I believe, will no be possible to be achieved in the pacific way the referendum is being brought up.

On thing is certain, no matter how skeptic people from the other non autonomist departments are, they will have a close eye over this referendum; to be afraid in some cases and to hope for a better future for themselves in other cases.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Asesinos de Urresti seguían con él

Dos polémicos informes recientemente aparecidos develan que los verdugos de Christian Urresti Ferrel (18), del grupo de los cívicos, que fue linchado durante los enfrentamientos del 11 de enero de 2007, permanecieron en el lugar del crimen incluso cuando se realizaba el levantamiento del cadáver, sin que nadie los detenga.

Los informes fueron elaborados por los dos policías en llegar a las calles Baptista y Mayor Rocha, sitio en el que Urresti fue victimado.

Los policías indican en su informe que uno de los testigos dijo que algunos de los victimarios se habían mezclado en medio de la multitud aglomerada alrededor del cuerpo.

En uno de los informes el policía informó que llegó por consejo de los presentes hasta la casa de un testigo, quien dio su identidad y número de teléfono celular. Sin embargo, sólo atinó a hacer algunos gestos y a señalar con la mirada al verdugo, que todavía estaba en el sitio cuando llegó la Policía y los paramédicos.

"Él no podía dar características específicas del autor solamente indicaba con señas de sus ojos "aquél es". Ni lo señalaba indicando que lo iban a reconocer y tomar represalias contra su persona", añadió el policía en su informe al comandante del PAC.

El uniformado calcula que llegó al lugar a eso de las 17:20 y que lo primero que hizo fue tomar contacto con los efectivos de la Unidad Táctica de Operaciones Policiales (UTOP), que se encontraban en el lugar del hecho. Entonces vio que el cuerpo de Urresti estaba tendido en la calzada, que todavía estaba la turba que presuntamente lo eliminó y el testigo que vio la ejecución.

Después de recoger el testimonio del vecino, el policía se acercó a la turba, donde los campesinos "quisieron reaccionar. Se encontraban enardecidos, todos portaban palos, armas contundentes. Indicaban los "cívicos mataron primero" a su compañero (Juan Ticacolque, cocalero muerto unos minutos antes), por qué ellos no iban a hacer lo mismo?".


Los documentos también establecen que la Fiscalía conoció de la declaración del testigo al mes de la muerte de Urresti. El primer reporte de los policías fue concluido el 6 de febrero de 2007 y enviado al comandante de la Patrulla de Ayuda y Auxilio al Ciudadano (PAC), Orlando Peralta. Mientras que el segundo se envió al jefe policial el 9 de febrero y a los pocos días a la fiscal asignado al caso, Lilian Ferrufino, según un familiar de la víctima.

La posibilidad de que la investigación del caso se cierre por falta de pruebas está latente hasta el 20 de abril, señalaron allegados de la víctima.

Copamiento del poder: la perdición del MAS

Jorge E. Ávila Antelo

Después de los primeros reveses en su gestión, el Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) constató que la implementación de su ‘revolución democrática y cultural’ iba a tener graves dificultades. De ahí que optó por ‘copar el poder’ a cualquier precio para que, una vez consolidado, nada ni nadie se convirtiera en una amenaza real.

Así se explica buena parte de la conducta masista, incluyendo las presiones para el alineamiento de las Fuerzas Armadas con su Gobierno y la destrucción progresiva de instituciones democráticas, como el Tribunal Constitucional y la Corte Nacional Electoral. Es decir, una completa falta de ética política que tiene estupefactos a la gran mayoría de los bolivianos.

El fracaso en marcha del masismo es consecuencia de la inviabilidad de su proyecto, basado en ciertas interpretaciones forzadas de la realidad nacional. Por ejemplo, que la población boliviana es mayoritariamente indígena, cuando en realidad somos mestizos.

El MAS subestimó la institucionalidad del oriente, más fuerte que nunca a partir de la reacción regional contra la gestión de Carlos Mesa. Menospreció el sentimiento y la adhesión popular por las autonomías departamentales y no valoró prudentemente a las clases medias, deseosas de seguir viviendo en democracia y libertad.

El eficiente adoctrinamiento a sus cuadros dirigenciales de todo nivel, destinado a reivindicar lo étnico, ‘los 500 años de opresión’, la nacionalización de los recursos naturales, el Estado plurinacional, la redistribución de la tierra, la industrialización del gas y la coca, así como la identificación de los ‘oligarcas’ de Santa Cruz como enemigos del pueblo, es parte de una estrategia política de su proyecto para motivar a sus bases.

Esta estrategia degeneró en una actitud de odio y sed de venganza contra Santa Cruz y todo lo que no es indígena, que desgasta aún más al masismo y es uno de los factores emocionales más complejos de la actual coyuntura, pues genera división nacional.

En los hechos, el MAS se aplazó en casi todos los ámbitos de su Gobierno por incapacidad de gestión: en la economía, los hidrocarburos, las finanzas, las relaciones internacionales, la producción, la tierra, la educación y las obras públicas, imponiendo la corrupción en casi todos los niveles, la falta de transparencia, el abuso de poder, el doble discurso y la doble moral.

Los representantes del oficialismo recurren permanentemente al cliché de ‘la derecha hizo lo mismo’ y con ese argumento, que nos parece el más inmoral de todos, no hacen otra cosa que dar la razón a los bribones del pasado.

La obsesión masista por copar el poder nos puede arrastrar al desastre nacional, toda vez que no van a admitir sus errores ni retrocederán en su nefasto proyecto, debido esencialmente a la presencia de radicales en su partido, a la tozudez política, a la imposibilidad de cumplir sus compromisos internos (bases indígeno-campesinas, ONG) y externos (Hugo Chávez), y porque con falsos discursos no se hace gestión. Para gobernar se necesita honestidad y capacidad, dos elementos lamentablemente ausentes en el Gobierno del MAS.

* Abogado, CI 1718718 BN

Friday, April 04, 2008

La izquierda transgénica

Por: Jimmy Ortiz Saucedo

Es interesante ver como evolucionan las corrientes políticas a lo largo de la historia humana. En Bolivia, como reflejo de esta realidad, sucede lo propio. Aunque últimamente nos han tomado como conejillo de indias, "iluminados" ideólogos extranjeros. Primero fueron los Neoliberales y hoy es la Izquierda Transgénica. La primera casi nos destruye, la segunda nos está destruyendo.

La Izquierda Transgénica del MAS es una pseudo izquierda, a la que se le han insertado "genes" de otras "especies": racismo indigenista y el fascismo; principalmente. Esta no es una izquierda clásica. Los propios izquierdistas la rechazan, aunque algunos lo aceptan por conveniencia.

Los rasgos del racismo indigenistas son muy claros en el discurso y en la políticas del MAS. Desde que Morales llegó al gobierno los niveles de intolerancia racial han aumentado a nivelas nunca vistos en Bolivia. El odio y el resentimiento étnico son hoy parte de la vida nacional. ¡Quieren venganza! Se está haciendo del odio racial un método de lucha política. El propio Presidente lo estimuló desde su primer discurso en el Congreso. Se está instrumentalizando burdamente a los indígenas en beneficio de un partido político, sin importarle el grave estigma que les pueden causar en el futuro.

Para el MAS los únicos que tienen derechos plenos en Bolivia son Aimaras y Quechuas. Pretenden hacer un neocolonialismo, al mando de estas dos etnias. Las otras 34 etnias existentes son un simple colgandijo. Los mestizos ni se diga, son meras "Comunidades Urbanas e Interculturales", como la llama su proyecto constitución. Comunidades de ciudadanos de segunda, con derechos limitados. Aunque los mestizos sean la verdadera mayoría del País.

Esta visión racista no es propia del socialismo. El socialismo planteó la lucha de clases y el MAS plantea la lucha de razas. Kart Marx decía "que el motor de la historia era la lucha de clases". Adolf Hitler decía "Los seres humanos producto de la mezcla de razas son despreciables". En esto Morales esta más cerca del Nazismo de Hitler, que de socialismo de Marx.

El segundo gen que contamina la Izquierda Trangénica es el fascismo, caracterizado por: la acción de masas de sus movimientos sociales; con amenazas, terror y violencia, los actos públicos grandilocuentes, el desprecio de lo intelectual y a la institucionalidad, la idealización de una sociedad mítica del pasado y el aliento y apoyo el militarismo.

Esta es la Izquierda Trangénica que gobierna Bolivia. Un verdadero engendro político mutante. Los resultados son evidentes a dos años de gobierno: un país brutalmente dividido, una democracia violada; incluida la libertad de expresión, una economía descontrolada, una crisis institucional sin precedente, una total falta de gestión pública, una absoluta falta de seguridad ciudadana y jurídica. Un suma, un país sin presente ni futuro.

Cuidado, un "Estado" en terapia intensiva como Bolivia, no está para experimentos irresponsables.

Monday, March 31, 2008

The Dreadful Union Juvenil Cruceñista (UJC)

This irregular, and violent, organization is getting a lot of attention these days in Bolivia; especially from the people that is against the accomplishment of the autonomic referendum in Santa Cruz and from those that want this democratic process to be successful as well. The only ones that truly love the propaganda are the few members of the UJC that are cashing in with all the media attention.

The point is; the maSSist regime has no capacity to stop the autonomic referendum in Santa Cruz, an illegal process being run by the opposition to the nation’s tyrant with two possible intentions. To use the results of the referendum as a democratic show of force that will help bring legitimacy to the fighting against the maSSist intent to cut our liberties and democracy, or as many that are truly fighting for democracy might fear, become the constitution for a new Country separating from Bolivia, the also dreadful, secession.

Both possibilities are completely inconvenient for the regime’s agenda, so they are not only boycotting the elections, they have ordered the police not to do their duty as custodians of the people’s safety during the Election Day and have publicly requested anybody that commutes with their thinking to stop, violently if necessary, this referendum. Mass mobilizations of the maSSist zealots from other parts of the country are not discarded and the regimes henchmen in the colonized towns of San Julian & Yapacani have already organized their on “squadristi” for that purpose. This has obligated the organizers of the democratic event, mainly the Santa Cruz Prefecture and the Santa Cruz Civic Committee, to raise up a volunteer guard to protect the people’s wellbeing and stop any intent of the regime to prevent this referendum from happening.

Word in the street is that this democratic militia is up to the tens of thousands by now, and the UJC is a part of it. As a matter of fact, they cannot not be a part of it since they have stayed the muscle behind the Santa Cruz Civic Committee since 1957; a mistake that could prove costly to Santa Cruz in their democratic intent to gain autonomy. Many that have no idea of the Santa Cruz reality are preoccupied because of the fascistic conception of the UJC; since as well as Evo’s Cocaleros and now other added militia groups like the Ponchos Rojos, the founder of the UJC was a nationalistic fascist, Carlos Valverde Barbery; a current proponent of the separation of Santa Cruz as an independent Country from Bolivia. The true about the UCJ numbers is that they maybe got to be 1.500 at their best time and that today’s thousands of defenders of the autonomic referendum in Santa Cruz have nothing to do with the UJC or any other fascistic group; most of them are University students with socialistic ideals.

Never the less, the presence of the Civic Committee Scadristic, no matter their small number compared to the rest that will participate in the referendum, is going to be a rock in the autonomic movement’s shoe; we will soon see how much it damages this democratic proposal; here and abroad.

Monday, March 24, 2008

GoSSiping at MaSSist StylishneSS

Since a week ago or so, one of the major preoccupations among the Bolivian people that believe in, “living good”, trough democracy, has being the speculation by the maSSist regime that the private sector was responsible for the rising of the prices of basic food items within the nation and their brainless decree prohibiting the private sector to export edible oil, no matter the consequences.

This policy, which consist in prohibiting the oil producers to export oil, mostly from the Soya fields of Santa Cruz, stronghold of the opposition; supposedly had the brilliant idea of ensuring that there will be so much cooking oil, since we only consume around 20% of what we produce, that it will become really cheap. Off course, cooking oil isn’t the only item that has become scarce in the Country.

The private industry could talk to the government and say that they will subvention the oil within the country and loose money, but not the international contracts; where the real bucks are. But, why should they subvention our lives when the government says they have collected so much money with their hydrocarbon policy that their economy is the healthiest ever in the nation. Something I seriously doubt since it cannot even increase the pitiable salaries it pays to our police force.

In reality, very few people supports the regime’s measurement, most of them are anti capitalist and globalization radicals that will support any maSSist decision. Or the lazy people that all societies have that believe they should get all the benefits for living well from the government, no matter they work for it or not. And, the most pathetic, the ones that truly believe the private industry is provoking alimentary speculation in the country, and all do they accept is not a smart economic move, they think is a dam good political move.

Some of the pro Evo people that know at least a little about economy, like Jim Shulthz, a public supporter of the regime’s policies who almost never writes in critical fashion of the Morales administration wrote the following in his most recent blog: “Morales government is becoming more and more paranoid and authoritarian in its manner, a subject of genuine concern here by both right and left. It is also a really stupid move politically. Is there really a sane politician anywhere in the world who believes that his or her political standing will improve by completely pissing off every media outlet in the nation? Another article reports on a government decree banning the export of cooking oil, again ostensibly an anti-inflation measure, but again, a really stupid one”.

Mario Duran. A resident from El Alto, the city where the maSSist have their most virulent and sectarian partisans in the highlands of the country also question this political intransigency in his blog, Bolivia, Destruccion de la industria aceitera.

The Bolivian newspapers are full of articles from capable people denouncing this foolish and arbitrary decree, the largest cooking oil fabric in Cochabamba already communicated they are not buying more soy beans to produce their products and will likely close their doors and fire their workers. The heavy transport association of the Country is preparing to blockage the international commerce, since they will also be seriously affected by this; and so on reported every industry that uses the byproducts of the cooking oil product for their on production, like the aviculture.

The private industry sector in Santa Cruz is meeting next Tuesday to study what to do, including the possibility to continue producing and exporting against the will of the regime, which said it will use the army to stop any such intention.

All this reminds me an e-mail that a Venezuelan friend sent me recently, telling me how in his last trip to Africa, I thing Congo or Liberia, he bought 3 cans of powder milk to take to his Country; since the totalitarian regime of Hugo Chavez has spend years destroying a private industry that compete with the government for the love of the people, which resides in our pockets.

In addition to this very possible populist thinking by the Morales’ administration, I also believe that there is a specific provocation to the opposition by the regime, which it is based heavily in the productive private sector; trying to affect their pockets hoping for them to organize violent mobilizations in Santa Cruz, so to have an excuse to use the army against them. Thus, instead of fighting freedom fighters from the autonomic movement, they will be fighting money sucking oligarchs.

We will see what happens after next Tuesday, in the mean time, and according to the regime’s common rule of thumb and desire, people in the nation is becoming more and more socially alike; poor and jobless. Just what a nationalistic populist administration needs if it wants to survive.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I have screwed and I cannot govern!

That might have being the words, in a 3 hour confession, Evo Morales, dictator of Bolivia want to be, cried out loud to Monsenor Terrazas, the representative of the Catholic Church in Bolivia. Just a couple of days after Evo himself told him and Tuto Quiroga, PODEMOS leader seeking the mediation of the Church, that we must give the Cesar what is the Cesar’s and God what is God’s; in a more criollo way. He was off course, no Cesar yet, so he promptly did once again what Tuto told him to do and started seeking the intervention of this entity to try to get him out of the hole he put himself in.

This can be promising, because the other time Evo Morales did something Tuto said must be done, things went relatively well for the Country, that is, nationalizing the prices of Hydrocarbons with new contracts. There will be some adepts to the regime that the 3 hour meeting with the representative of the Catholic Church was to put him in place; but if that was the case? Why V.P. Lineras backed out of Congress saying that he didn’t want to ruin the possibility of the conversations between Evo and Terrazas go well. Off course, we must add that since the maSSist legislators didn’t have their zealots around to protect them, they certainly don’t want to be in the same room and close to the democracy fighters fits in congress.

I applaud this intention to negotiate a way out for Bolivia; I hope it doesn’t come to late. It is a much better proposition than the maSSist, established trough their puppet Exeni in the National Electoral Court; where he is seeking to validate the legality of the regime’s proposal of new constitution at the same time that buries the autonomic movement and its referendums through weak interpretations of legality.

We will see what happens, what is certain is that the regime’s top heads have finally realized that their referendum for their new racist constitution is not going to win the 50% plus one votes it needs and they do not have a way to explain or contain their violent masses after their defeat is confirmed. One thing is getting close to be certain, there is not going to be a Bolivia as we now today under the wrath of an indigenous tyrant, without a fight that is going to cost the lives of many people; let’s continue working for that not to happen.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Kicking Oxygen, Evo Style

It is a common saying in Bolivia, when a person is proposing something stupid or foolish; to tell them they are kicking oxygen, which is the allegory off somebody trying to kick a soccer ball with full force and missing. This happens because moments before a contender removed the ball from its place or the player simply missed the ball because didn’t coordinate properly.

These days, Evo Morales, president of Bolivia and dictator of the country want to be, is kicking the thin oxygen in the high lands of La Paz; and isn’t playing his second favorite sport, soccer. After the CONALDE, democratic opposition to the regime scored a goal against the maSSist, deciding to move forward their referendum for autonomies, the tyrant understood that no matter how much he proclaims this democratic event is illegal; his own doings and his regime’s illegalities and violence condone the actions of the opposition. So he decided to “accept” the referendum for autonomies if the documents to be voted for are written by democratically elected representatives, using the same electoral modality used to elect the members of the constituent assembly; to give it “legality”, the autocrat claims.

This would be great, of course, only if Bolivia doesn’t take in account that the maSSist regime and Evo Morales violently repressed the members of the constituent assembly that opposed him; aborted a project of constitution without letting the opposition participate and just 5 days ago, violently suppressed the rights of millions of Bolivians, the ones that are claiming for autonomy; when the regime and their violent zealots armed with sticks and dynamite did not allowed the opposition to the regime to enter or participate in congress. So, as it is obvious, the people of Bolivia, trough their representatives in congress told Evo de Tyrant to take a hike.

The ball is still at Evo and his regime’s court and they are down a goal, they have screwed up so badly that most of their possible moves are using violence trying to prevent the referendums for autonomies, which will backfire with more violence in a place not sustainable for him; or the regime can let the opposition win their referendum and try to hold their ground when the newly proclaimed autonomous regions try to take they share of power from the centralized state; which will most probably also need the use of violence.

I could not say, if I will be Evo!, since I will never be stupid enough to mess up so much; but, if Evo request from me a solution of the current situation that will not derive in violence, or at least, will not give more excuses to it, I would tell him the following:

 Accept the legality of all the referendums, the two proposed by the regime and the ones proposed by the opposition, but with the agreement that they will be considered legal and applicable only if they win by 2/3 of the votes.

This will give the Bolivian people the chance to return to the beginning of the Evo era without more bloodshed, with the opportunity to make less dramatic changes under a country that has a completely new political vision than 2 years ago, under a constitution that might not be the greatest, but that allows to make changes in favor of the people as other political parties where able to do. Who knows, and the voting will depart a few surprises that will obligate as to elect a new constituent assembly to change the constitution, for the moment, with the changes obligated by the results of the referendums.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jamuy, carajo, JAMUYYY

Those are the words my “contacts” in the “Palacio Quemado”, Evo’s office in La Paz , say are vomited by Evo himself since the early hours every day. The desperate words, which mean “hurry the fuck up”, are yelled at the maSSits zealots that had fallen behind the democracy fighters of Bolivia, a group that has defined May 4th of 2008 as the day the department of Santa Cruz will chose if they want or not autonomy from the centralized, racist and fascistic regime of Evo Morales.

The result of this referendum is well know by everybody, a YES for autonomy; and the maSSists are now moving their pieces in this political chess game that will have “similar”, but not identical, repercussions as the referendum that gave Kosovo its recent independence from Serbia. These moves are filled out with planed street violence by the maSSists squadristy under hypothetical representation of the will of the people by the regimes Social Sectors (SS).

The two majors moves have different scenarios, the one in Santa Cruz, where the referendum is going to take place is leaded by Lucio Videla, a puppet of the maSSist under the command of the divided local Workers Union (COD) and by Pedro Nuni, a little know leader of CIDOB, a self proclaimed Indigenous Confederation of the Bolivian Low Lands that has more colons from the highlands than local native indigenous members. These sinister individuals will be in charge of leading public marches by the regimes mobs (SS), breaking peace and tranquility and seeking one or more violent confrontations with the hope of having a martyr in their ranks; thus having the empowerment of downplaying the future autonomy of Santa Cruz because it will “supposedly” be chosen under the blood of the fallen. Exactly the same reasoning behind the way the maSSist proposal of constitution was written and which is effecting so much its acceptance by the people.

The second major move is planed to be taken in effect in La Paz, under several actors identified up to VP Garcia Lineras, their goal is to force the congress, to approve going to the urns for the maSSist referendum in rewards to their proposal for new constitution the same May 4th of 2008. To do so, the regime has already mobilized scores of zealots form the coca growers of Yungas and El Chapare, the last are know as the most violent of the SS, specially taking in account that no one had ever being able to take to justice any of their members, now officially “protected” by the regime as explained by the regime’s Minister of Government, Alfredo Rada; which just said this SS have “permission” to stalk congress.

The opposition in congress, which control the upper chamber has already told the maSSist, “no way Jose”; before any laws are created to bring up the referendum for the new constitution, they will approve the referendum that will decide if the people wants or not to change the president and the prefects. A proposition presented to the lower chamber by Evo Morales itself and that has passed the upper chamber with some more “participative democracy” rhetoric. This is a referendum Evo Morales and their zealots want nothing to do with and have being trying to let it be entrapped in congress for ever.

The next days are going to be crucial, the maSSist are desperate to get a law that will favor them in a way that it could be somehow seen as legal. The bullying of congress is, by their means, a very legal tactic and they are not worry about their repercussion; it is just the way they got to power and they are not planning on changing for the best at this time of the game. The opposition must be very careful at putting their cojones in place and not run away from trouble in La Paz and keeping their own people in control in Santa Cruz in a way that any confrontation will be considered a defense instead of an attack. We will see what happens, the fact is the liberties and democracy en Bolivia are now, in the hands of very few people with a lot of mass movement capacity.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Truce Evo Style and the Cocalero Cojones

A few days ago, after the Departmental Electoral Court of Santa Cruz defined they would go ahead with the departmental referendum for autonomies, against the will of its national director, the regime’s puppet J.L Exeni; A decision that came immediately after the CONALDE stepped out of the negotiation table when the maSSist intended to manipulate the agenda for their “dialog”. Evo Morales and his neo indigenous fascist shivered of fear and decided to call a “humanitarian truce”, with no political talking and pressure of no parts in these terrible days where half of Bolivia is under inundation.

The CONALDE of course was politically forced to accept he truce but did not back down from their intent to move the autonomic referendum. The regime’s rhetoric was quiet in the two days that was busy trying, with no success, to prove the US government was spying over the spies of Cuba and Venezuela in our territory. Then Evo Morales moved to his home turf, El Chapare, supposedly to follow up over “humanitarian assistance” given to his supporters in this also, inundated area.

But all Evo did was, well, tear down the truce; not that we are surprise at him not being truthful with the country, but one will expect at least a week of peace and quiet; who knows and with all this rain, what bug must be bugging our own Bolivian apprentice of dictator. Among the “news” he publicly gave us is that his people in El Chapare and El Altiplano, were asking him to have “cojones” and if not, to give them weapons to put the “cojones” for him in order to achieve their indigenous inclined political change. Of course we all know that the regime has already these paramilitary forces established in El Alto and Achacachi (Altiplano), Cochabamba (El Chapare) and as the violent acts of Montero showed, in Santa Cruz.

Of course he also cried about the “illegality” of the referendum for autonomies in Santa Cruz and advocate the Social Sectors, representing the regimes SS, and the army to take part in violent acts against the autonomic movement; Which is present in Santa Cruz, Tarija, Beni, Chuquisaca, Pando and Cochabamba. No wander he is so afraid, he needs to go to his cocaleros zealots to take a little bath of testosterone. The problem he has, and is what really bugs him, is that he will have to violently restrict at least half of the country, something he isn’t capable to do, not even with the help of Fidel & Chavez.

So, the truce is off and half of the country is still under water, but the regime wants it or not, the autonomy is well afloat and no quantities of SS paramilitary are going to detain it.