Sunday, October 04, 2009

Why Obama, why?

Cannot you hate the light skinned people like I do? Asked himself Evo Morales, dictator wannabe of the ex Republic of Bolivia while accusing US President Barrack Obama of racism against the Bolivian indigenous people at his speech at the UN last week.

A statement like this would have cause furor just 3 years ago when Evo and his sweater were the political hit of the moment. These days, Evo’s jargon are yap, yap, yap on the international community ears, outside Venezuela of course. The funny thing is that his pathetic words didn’t even have repercussions in Bolivia, I got the news from a Venezuelan friend that sent me a video he taped of a pro Chavez Venezuelan TV station by e-mail. Non of my friends in the US heard or care about it, neither we in Bolivia. Not that I am saying it didn’t air here, it might, I don’t live in front of the TV; but if he appeared, it didn’t make the shock waves it use to do in the past.

Something that did showed in Bolivia was the second SOS meeting in Margarita Island, Venezuela; where Evo shared space and ideology with his likes Mugabi, Chavez, Gadhafi and Correa. I felt sorry for Lula and Bachelet being in the middle of that hot pot of dictator apprentices, but they are not going to run for office anymore, so I guess they believe have little to loose.

Evo off course, didn’t loose the opportunity to blame his problems to others, his most important words where more or less, “who is responsible for the melting glaciers in Bolivia and the Andes, Capitalism is the enemy of humanity”. I guess nobody told him that his friend Hugo Chavez burns tons of gas to the atmosphere every day which are a pollution source much closer to Bolivia than those of the mean capitalist states further North.

Good thing he didn’t mention desertification, some wise ass might have mention him that all the rainforest his cocalero zealot burn to plant coco leaves at protected national parks while assassinating their legal indigenous communities or build roads trough an anima sanctuary are a cause of decertification closer to home. By the way, the latter news did show in all Bolivian free press.