Saturday, January 26, 2008

Let’s Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk.

Seams simple, but isn’t; at least in Bolivian politics and especially within a ruling regime that pretends to hide the wolf under the sheep’s skin. From the beginning of the Evo era the “job” of V.P. Lineras trying to explain what the more than expressive president or maSSist ministers was saying just few hours earlier was of public commentary. This specialized job has become less necessary now that the regime has shown their real face and allowed Lineras himself to jump the totalitarian rhetoric. Today, the role of official miscommunication through maSSist interpretation has passed to less important but equally sinister staff, like minister Rada, but not so much as to change the wording but as to trying to blame their tyrant doings towards others. In all important cases so fare, the maSSist zealots ended up eating their words and not commenting more about the issue, as is they think the rest of the population is going to forget what they “don’t want to see”.

So, we have the end of 2007 with the history about the “pistoleros” in Sucre, some ghost characters created by the maSSists that executed their own people using bullets of calibers different than those of the military or police. A day later of this infamous governmental declaration the police and army itself indicated that they do and “sometimes” used such bullet caliber. A couple of days after, the opposition and the free press remembered Evo and his devotees that the henchmen that attacked the Presidential Offices during the “outing” of President Sanchez de Lozada in 2003 also used the same caliber; observations that surely “helped” the regime to start thinking about the need to find consensus with the democratic opposition rather than to try to impose their brutality over the country.

The year 2008 started with the left foot for the regime, first we have several assassinations under the hands of the Cocaleros in El Chapare, Evo Morales thugs, protected by the brutally and inhuman “Communal Justice”; and the regime’s belief of it being a type of sacred justice since it comes from the Inca times. The maSSist where quick to answer that torturing, as in lashing and hitting, and capital punishment (murder) as in burning or burying the victim alive and hanging is not a part of communal justice, the facts and the negative fro the regime to apprehend the authors of such barbaric behavior says other thing.

And just know, still within the first month of the year, the scandal, the National Direction of Intelligence, a police entity similar to what it is the FBI in the US and that depends directly under Minister of Interior Rada, yes, the regime’s most used spokesman of the last months, was caught by the “police” investigating opposition political leaders, free press journalists and others freedom fighter leaders, using “illegal” means; such as pinching telephone communications. The regime, off course, denied they had anything to do with it, since those were the tactics against them in the times of military dictatorship; it seams they learned pretty well what you should not do if you want to keep yourself within democracy.

So fare, the maSSist haven’t even recognized the existence of the documentation and blamed the opposition and the police for the chaos; the information is coming by the hour, so we will see in the next few days where the road to this “Evogates” takes us. For the moment, all of us will continue in this rollercoaster to save the country from a tyrant.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is the mathematics, stupid!

That is what I though I was going to hear from Evo Morales after those long hours of live TV, showing as Bolivians how the government can, or pretend, negotiate democratic solutions to the chaos they created in the first place; Situation that has taken the Country to almost the point of self destruction. And no, the title has nothing to do with any specific political proposal; it is a Clintonian allegory to a mathematical equation that says that a negative times a negative yields a positive.

In one hand of the equation we have the negative, brutally murderous and illegal maSSsit proposed new Bolivian constitution; one document that has all the necessary negative antibodies to make the majority of the Bolivian population to be against it. Those, this obligated the regime to seek a way to save it, with the least possible damage to its wording.

The Bolivian opposition to the racist neo indigenous ruling party and its equally racist and excluding new constitution gave Bolivians the other negative part of the equation, manly but not lonely, the autonomic statutes of Santa Cruz. A document that cannot be legally approved, or used, even if voted in favor by the population in free elections; if the current constitution is not changed; neither this autonomic statutes be legally used if the maSSist proposed document passed. The legal implications where know by the opposition and the fact they finally pushed it up front was to obligate the ruling party to slow down their violent and totalitarian push towards a total collapse of freedom and human rights in the country.

The strategy worked but not until the regime managed to have over 30 assassinations blooding their hands and after the opposition showing the government that if necessary, they can also convert civilian population into violent mobs. Thus the country is today clearly divided in two, almost equal in population but with a larger chunk of territorial control by the opposition, something that doesn’t give a real advantage if a fratricidal confrontation should start. I still don’t understand why the regime took so long to believe that they didn’t had the monopoly of civilian violence any more after last year’s civilian confrontation in Cochabamba; the most probable cause is that their communist ideology makes them undervalue human life, being people just peons to move in their totalitarian career.

So here we are; Evo and his maSSist ministers, plus a couple of his Prefects almost facing one by one to the opposition prefects, future Governors of their Departments. The balance of number of participants in this negotiation table shifts in favor of the regime, but the true democratic power behind the Prefects made of them a strong force, a real opposition that it is finally unifying and could easily become the driving power that will end up Evo and the maSSist delirium of absolute political power.

One thing is for sure, Bolivians are not going to stand still to let a dictator, in the name of president for life, inca emperor or whatever other name that want to be use to diminish or take or rights to democracy and freedom. The current stand against the maSSist intentions isn’t the last, it is just the beginning.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Totalitarian Process Continues

Last January the 10th, while I was reading the local papers and filling up my spirit with some news about the incoming conversation between the regime and the opposition, a small publication about the firing of personnel in the National Electoral Court bring me to attention. Mainly for two reasons; first, the maSSist regime had just had their new appointee named the president of that institution, he is a puppet under the name of Exeni, that openly defended and approved the new illegal constitution by MAS in a Blog he shared with other neo indigenous fanatics and the second reason because this is going to supposedly be a very important and intensive electorate year, so it is strange for me that changes are made within an institution that was among the clearest in the country. When I investigated a little more about the people being fired, I couldn’t be more disappointed; the regime was at it again and there is now a new tyrant want to be in town; getting rid of decent people in very important positions to fill the blanks with their own zealots.

Exeni’s first actions as president of the Bolivian National Electoral Court was to fire Juan Carlos Villaroel, 18 years working in the court surviving different Bolivian governments and politicians; he was in charge of Goods and Services and his main job tasks where being responsible of the electorate registration books, the ballot format and presentation, the Court’s informatics spreadsheets and of all electoral material. This position is off key importance because in the hands of corrupted people the electorate books can be use to register people more than once, something the maSSist regime are accused to do more than once. This position also controls the feeding of information for the Electoral Patron and it could easily be use to allow acolytes to the regime to vote more than once in places where their representation is poor. The format of the ballot is also important, since in Bolivia there is usually a lot of political parties involved in elections, being at the borders of the ballot or away from other parties with similar colors could be of relative weight.

The second person being dismissed by this obscure personage was Miguel Serrano, 15 years of transparent work an before Exeni’s black hand the Director of Information; he managed the Electoral Patron, the militant inscription, the political parties legal status, the civil registrar data base and the compute and diffusion of results of the electoral votes. Whoever maSSist takes this position will have to be closely monitor because it could be use to invent legal problems towards parties not in accordance to the regime in a manner that their inscription could be prevented, whoever in this position could also intent to manipulate the results of the votes in areas where the maSSist have little penetration, spatially with the “loss” of information or ballots. Most important off all, this position controls the data base of who can or cannot vote; people in areas like the “Media Luna” or cities like Cochabamba and Sucre that now are against the regime, can find themselves suddenly “depurated” from voting by “mistake”.

The third person fired by Exeni’s mischievous hand was Gabriela Romero, 5 years working in the National Electoral Court and in charge of Civic Education; she demonstrated incomparable impartiality in all elections she participated working on Citizen Participation and capacitating of Electoral Juries and Electoral Notaries. We can expect whoever within the maSSist organization that replaces Romero to make that branch of the Electoral Court and appendix of the very well organized and financed political propaganda program within the regime.

This knife staving at the back off Bolivian democracy doesn’t come solely from the hand of Exeni. Totalitarian regimes like the one within the MAS don’t work under one man’s decisions; they use several perpetrators to achieve their goals, the maSSist movement can most likely be portrait, once again, to the 1940’s German Nazis; Exeni being one more puppet among several others, that could very likely end up saying that they didn’t know what the regime was up to when in dishonor and legally charged; as a matter of fact, the firing of these three persons within the National Electoral Court cannot be a decision he made, since he was not even a week in charge, it was clearly ordered to him by the rules up above in the regime, I wouldn’t be surprised if not by Evo and Alvaro themselves.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


The Colombian FARC & Chavez hostage gate and the Evo 5.56 mm. bullets gate in Sucre are all the sorriest example of political manipulation that could only come from lowest of the lowest of populist idiosyncrasy. All that loud mouthing by major leaders of the nationalistic movements, Chavez and Evo, and the great quantity of resources spent in political propaganda trying to divert their failure to other grounds could only make proud at fellows as Goebbels and their like.

Chavez and Evo share a couple of pitiful common points, the total disregard for human compassion towards the victims and the alliance, in mint and soul, to the malign perpetrators. First we have Hugo Chavez, almost exploding of pride like a rococo (large Bolivian frog) puffing for air before howling to the four corners of the world about the “great” connections he is got with the terrorist FARC from whom he was going to secure the release of some hostages, just because he is such a powerful leader and so much respected by the FARC. Sure, and we are all kids that believe the FARC are going to give Hugo a candy for nothing, and we are such a naïve society that believe the Hugo’s intentions have nothing to do with gaining political momentum in a critical point of his dictatorial career.

Let’s remember that all this freeing the hostage ordeal was supposed to happen before Hugo’s last intent to change his country constitution to make him dictator for life; and then he continued with the circus in intent to save face after his debacle in the polls. It appears all do, that the FARC don’t believe they need whatever Chavez offered them, probably money and safe haven in the Venezuelan – Colombian border; or that as it happened with one of the hostages, they cannot deliver these poor people to freedom. Hugo, off course, blamed his failure to somebody else, the Colombian government, one more sorry example of the classical dictators set of mind of impossibility to accept they can make mistakes.

Then we have Evo, with over 30 assassinated by his governmental forces in less than 2 years at office; being the latest murders in Sucre the ones mostly affecting him and his regime. Not because he cares about the victims and their families, but because it puts him in the same situation he put his past rival Goni Sanchez de Lozada and because it directly affects the status of his constitution, the one the he needs to pass to reign over Bolivia like the Inca (King) he believes he is.

The murdered in Sucre where hit from above and two of them almost in the same area, all of them where killed by 5.56 mm bullets. With this information the regime was quick to say that neither the police nor the army uses those ammunitions, as in regular bases; those, “somebody else” must have fired those shoots and murdered those citizens of Bolivia. The regime didn’t expected that several police officials immediately reported that 5.56 mm ammunitions are carried and used by both, the police and the army, in special occasions. Soon the regime was informed by the local press that the person murdered last year in Oruro, a member of “Los Sin Techo” (The Ones without a Roof), was shoot by a 5.56 mm; the only ones firing shoots on that day where the police, of course, no culprit was ever found.

More interesting at all it is that the data from the 2003 Goni ousting showed that the bullets fired to the presidential palace, one can only assume that by the “pacific” protesters of the War Over Gas, were all 5.56 mm. Taking in account the amount of Ponchos Rojos presented in Sucre and other civilian hired (guns), the “gatilleros” as named by the regime, could very possible come from those henchmen. Not the police or the army, but even worse, from the maSSist civilian squadristy itself.

Time will bring up the true, and culprits will be identified, since time is something not even dictators for life can detain; it is our responsibility at this point, no to let history pass without documenting this barbarism for our future generation not to repeat it again.