Sunday, September 20, 2009

I am Back in the Saddle

It is being a while, a long while since I write in my blog; something I had to do to make sure I don’t screw up and give away any strategy from the Victor Hugo Cardenas presidential interests. Now that Victor Hugo has declined his postulation and I have decided not to participate within any of the pro democracy candidates, Manfred and Samuel, I will start writing again and off course given a hand here and there to the Manfred Reyes Villa camp, the candidate that I support to lead the country towards reintegration and freedom of the people.

I was amassed by the way the regional fissure become such an obstacle for the candidacy of Victor Hugo Cardenas, a fissure that appeared to be an abysm hundreds of kilometers wide for those close to Cardenas in the occident of the country. Their idea in their minds of Bolivia being the Andes, and their culture, could not let them open their eyes to make them understand that if Victor Hugo wanted to be a president of the country, he needed to have contacts and alliances with everybody in the country.

It was so sad to see that they claimed that alliances with the Orient were welcome, but with new people, new blood; like if they were any new on politics or like if they created the Victor Hugo candidacy in a couple of months. What can I tell you all, it was like seeing a second MAS in the making, with old politicians believing they are the new blood because were never a part of a Bolivian government, or were part of it for a short period of time.

The recipe was old, and it was proven a disaster by the Andean autocracy of the maSSist regime, so was understood by Victor Hugo; whom wisely bailed out after Manfred Reyes Villa showed he was capable of cementing that fissure between the Andes and the Orient; and so was Doria Medina, in a very light, fuzzy way.

Manfred is, in reality, the only real possibility to keep democracy and freedom in Bolivia, the so called right wing candidate has nothing off what a right wing politician in other more moderate and lest socialistic countries would have. He is another populist, hard worker, expert investor on social programs and constructor of cities, a modern man but hardly a conservative, which is the trademark of the right wing politician.

Off course comparing with the leftist, neo fascism of Evo Morales and his MAS party, almost anybody else in Bolivia will be considered on the right side of the spectrum of politics as we know them. And yes, different from what the maSSist regime and their allies whine about, the fascists thinking is a combination of nationalism and socialism, which were and are key components of the regimes of Mussolini, Hitler, Chavez and Evo Morales.

Bolivia can still be saved from the hate and racism of Morales neo fascism of Evo Morales. Funny, and sad thing, the biggest problem for this to happen is the insistence of Doria Medina to participate en the elections, with the “I am in the middle flag” he cleverly raised from the beginning of the creation of his party; not enough to win a presidency, but enough to win key sets in Congress to help serve his enterprise interests. To bad a good 10% of the Bolivia population is fooled by this person that only thinks on himself and his money. Today that is a 10% the Bolivian democratic freedom fighter cannot easily spare; especially with the 6% cheat votes insured by the maSSist regime abroad.

We will see what happens, and will off course, help guiding the country towards the respect to of human rights for “everybody” at any open possibility; I will keep posting till that happens.