Friday, August 29, 2008

There Will Be Blood – Bolivian Style

It is being a rough couple of months, a lot of work in the country and abroad that kept me from concentrating on this blog, some time spend trying teaching my compatriots not to vote for Evo; in a maSSist stronghold were talking against the “emperor” could result in death by communal justice and finally moving from such horrible place to one where freedom of speech, liberty and democracy can be breath.

Things in the country continue interesting, Evo is still unable to set foot in several cities and tows, yesterday he even had to step out of the country, from Beni to Brazil, to be able to be rescued by the army. Maybe one of these days he will learn from this clear signs coming from the people he cannot harass or obligate to vote for him.

In the mean time I will have to sadly say that the country is going towards an open confrontation, civil war can be smelled and tasted in the air, it is wanted, it is seek, by almost everybody. It appears that the citizens of this beautiful country, plus some foreign that have stuck their noses in the maSSist regime for good and money, are feed up with the situation and want to fight it out once and fore all; To bad that the ones that will suffer this situation are not going to be those in powerful places or the ones with foreign passport, but the people in the street.

I will keep you posted from my new hood, and don’t worry, I will continue visiting several areas of my country; I just won’t need to worry about the safety of my family while I am away any more. To my readers, I can tell you one thing; if the neo indigenous fascist try to take their racist proposal of constitution to the urns, there will be blood; and lots of it.