Sunday, October 28, 2007

We are the Monkeys . . . .

.. . . na, ná, na, na, ná, na , na, naaa. . . . . . remember that TV musical show we all loved as kids in the 70’s. Never mind, there were only two TV channels, all TV’s where in black and white and “The Monkeeys” (with 2 ee) was a group of singers very much like The Beatles, and a good part of the show, the only parts I can remember, the group was being chased by the groupies in fast action camera, hilarious 20 century Bolivia.

Hilarious is in deed, that now in the 21st century, we find these comedians, sorry, I meant The Monkeys, with 1 e, rooming the presidential palace and being chased by the oligarchic groupies of Santa Cruz, not fans at all, but the terror expression on The Monkey’s faces are the same.

An all of this because Commander Ruben Costas, prefect of Santa Cruz, called the Caribbean tyrant of Hugo Chavez, “el mono mayor”; which translates to, “the big monkey” and is just the name of a common child’s game in the country, where all the children have to do exactly the same thing the first one in line is doing, being the first kid, “El mono mayor”. Not even ones did Commander Costas referred to anybody in Bolivia, La Paz or the government with the appellative of mono, monkey, primate or whatever. As a matter of fact, I already advised the distinguished Santa Cruz leader, that the next time he mentions Chavez; he should use the comparison with “rococos” or “garrapatas”.

It is strange to me, then, that one of the most sinister members of the mazista regime will almost immediately cry out laud to the 4 winds that mister Costas is a racist because he called our magnificent Evo, “el mono menor”. He then explained that Costas did not “directly” called any names to brother Evo, but since he say that Chavez was the big monkey then it means Evo is the little monkey and that is just, plain racist.

Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Wait a minute, I just don’t understand, why if Chavez is the big monkey, Evo is the little monkey? I was thinking about this when Evo himself, in Yapacani, cried out to his constituents, that Costas mistreated him calling him, little monkey. Since he was not addressing an informed sector of the Bolivian population, no explanations about the monkey business were given, he just plainly lied.

So, Evo and the mazist publicly recognized that they are “under” the command of Hugo Chavez. What happened with the history about the “dignity” the Bolivian governments must have, not being under the umbrella of other country? What is the difference from a North American empire that subjugates our government in a quiet way and a Caribbean Empire that subjugates our government through open bravatas? No dignity, no liberty, no nothing promised while burning La Paz in October 2003. I will say, if the Mazist had changed something in this country, it will be the last paragraph of our National Anthem. “Morir antes que esclavos vivir”; for “Morir antes que cheques renunciar”.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bolivia - Guilty until Proven Innocent

No, I am not confusing the term because English isn’t my first language and I am not being sarcastic either. The true is that in Bolivia, even before the present regime, and against the law and our constitution, in many situations as Bolivians have to prove to be innocent to a criminal charge. Many of my compatriots lost their jobs, positions and even worst, their liberty, actually spending time in jail, because this abuse of power. I could say, perhaps; because of the incompetence and luck of resources of our Bolivian Police force.

But confusing is in deed, that Bolivian dictator to be Evo Morales, a direct affected and abused by draconian and unconstitutional Law 1008 in his early days as a Cocalero Union Leader in El Chapare; ordered the taking of the International Airport of Viru Viru in Santa Cruz, by the military, to get rid of the airport’s manager recently accused of corruption and taking payments under the table. This assault was performed by military commandos, not the police, like if the personnel in the airport offices were some type of armed terrorist taking the airport installations by force. This people’s human’s rights were violently violated and many lost their job immediately without due process; for the moment.

Anybody that believes in peace, democracy and the respect for human rights will ask, couldn’t the police have obtained enough information to open a case and get a warrant for the arrest of the probable corrupted administrative, in order to process them according to the law? And the answer would be, off course they could have. Then, why this did not happened? Why the abuse of power? Why using the military in a democracy the month we are remembering the violence and fallen this same month in 2003? Why the several pacific protesters injured? They just didn’t want the military to police civilian society, is that to much to ask in a democratic country? Why the foreign, Venezuelan for sure and who knows what more, military personnel present during a Bolivian military maneuver that should never happened?

Perhaps the fact that the accused airport administrative official was the one that opened the Pandora box about the PDVSA officials landing in Bolivia and staying for several hours before taking off and being detained in Argentina with hundreds of thousand petrodollars in a briefcase; something first denied by Morales regime and still under investigation, in Argentina; is the main reason for this violent action taking place.

No matter what, it was to much for the civilian population of Santa Cruz that is growing tired of being verbally, economically and now militarily abused by the mazist regime; and the response was just like the people in Cochabamba when their right to congregate and to have freedom of speech was denied by Evo’s totalitarian regime, tens of thousands took the streets and then the airport. It appears that a cold chill crossed Evo’s and his assessors spines, since they quickly, and wisely for at least one time, moved the troops to where they should be, their quarters.

The Viru Viru fiasco is one more victory for democracy in Bolivia and another blow for the Tyrant apprentice, a lot of dirt is going to come out of this, by I seriously doubt is going to be enough to bury the current government’s despotic intentions. Never the less, Bolivia was not build in one day and those that love democracy know how to wait, unseated.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bolivia Libre se torna anglo parlante

Hace poco más de un año atrás, preocupado por la capacidad de difundir información mal intencionada al mejor estilo nazi por parte del régimen de Evo Morales y con la posibilidad real de que se venga encima de nuestro país una nueva Constitución racista y exclúyete, me di a la tarea de crear este blog. Un poco para tenerlo como un registro histórico, lo que es en un principio un blog o bitácora, y otro poco para utilizarlo como medio de comunicación de la verdadera realidad Boliviana o como medio de discusión si alguno se atrevía.

Era consiente desde un principio, tomando en cuenta que prácticamente vivo al día a día con el trabajo que tengo, que no iba a poder desarrollar este Blog como tenia idealizado; sin embargo me propuse escribir por lo menos un par de veces al mes y a contestar a quien quisiera discutir algún tema. Lo primero lo hice a un principio y lo segundo lo hice siempre y lo seguiré haciendo.

El hecho de que haya dejado de publicar, sin embargo, se debe que este año he descubierto con felicidad, que somos muchos los bolivianos que apoyamos a la democracia en Bolivia a través de este medio escrito, que prácticamente es de protesta sin tapujos ni control político. Ya que por lo menos por ahora el MAS no tiene esa capacidad de control mediático, pese a sus grandes esfuerzos por intentarlo. En efecto, me di cuenta que el Boliviano de a pie, el de día a día, está bien informado y no se está dejando “mamar” como la mayoría de los gringuitos y europeos que sueñan con ver una América Latina “indigenizada” para calmar un poco el pesar que les causa los genocidios causados en estas tierras por sus tatarabuelos.

Es por eso que la gran mayoría de los Blog personales, del Boliviano que lo hace por amor a su patria y no por un sueldo en una ONG o pagado por algún grupo de poder, escribe retando al Mazismo; contándose estos por cerca de la centena, algunos con Blogs y hasta páginas Web muy bien elaboradas. Siendo aquellas páginas a favor del régimen casi exclusivamente las de las ONG que se aferran como pueden al engendro que han creado unos años atrás y que ha llevado a más de un ensalzado destruye patria a nivel de ministro u otro cargo inventado de asesor de nada.

So, I reviewed my case and decided that what the Country really needs at the moment is to have a similar amount of Bolivian blogers, the ones that live the day to day in the country, writing their experiences in English. This, because the real miss informed people are the ones that understand non or almost no Spanish, have an influence about the country in their own blogs or trough their monetary donations to NGO’s, and prefer to use English as their communication language.

That is the reason, this part of my blog will become Anglo speaking from today on; keeping the one with the newspaper posts in Spanish. I am not a great English writer, and I am even a worst speaker, as a matter of fact, I am surprise at the level of communication I achieved just being one of the few wet backs rooming the South of Texas in the eighties. But I can hold my ground and I will dare anyone to discuses my issues if sufficiently brave, do not expect the same capacity of sarcasm, but I will do my best.

No furthermore explanation is needed; I thank everybody reading my “truth” I can only say, sitting other non English speaking that did great trying to use this language, “I’ll be back”.