Saturday, February 21, 2009

Changes, lots of Changes

After a month, and a little more, out of the Country, which prevented me to vote against the racist constitution of Evo Morales and his maSSist government; my district still voted NO for a more than 2/3 off the votes, I am finally home. Many things have changed, for the worst to Bolivia, for the better to my pocket; 6 times as much in one month than what I make in Bolivia; I love capitalism and free market!

Now I will have better possibilities to choose to whom I work, I am erasing the corrupted YPFB right away; they were always bad payers and always wanted to cut deals for their pockets anyways. And I will have more time to write in my blog, keeping the world informed, I might be even starting a new one to plan the ousting of Evo and his cohort of anti democratic ant human rights henchmen. First in the incoming presidential elections next December and if not successful; we will see.

For the moment I am busy taking care of a family of friends of mine whose daughter has contracted denge; thanks to the zero vision for real social projects from the maSSist regime. They spend so much money indoctrination people and teaching them to write their name, because is a lie they can actually read and understand what they are reading, and now those same people are suffering from a disease that all other governments were able to control.

But what can we expect, the Morales administration has broken already all the records any democratic government had in Bolivia, and the record of some de facto governments as well; in incompetence, number of political assassinated, number of political detainees, corruption, racism, human rights violations and stupidity.

The good thing is that there is still some democracy fighters that are not willing to give up the Country, off course, we are conscious that rescuing Bolivia from a racist and populist regime, completely comparable to the one Hitler had, will take time, resources and guts. I am very proud to be a person in such position and plan to become a torn in Evo’s abarca in the very short time.

In the mean time, while I enjoy the fruit of my work, safely deposit in a European account while helping prepare the way to demolish the commies, I mean, progre, wanabies next December. You will be hearing from me…..