Sunday, July 20, 2008

Copying the NAZI Machinery

I being on the road again, finally coming back, I don’t know if I should thank or not the maSSist government in Bolivia; since after a year of their disastrous governing, investing on projects that required environmental impacts studies, or at least that were somehow concern about the environmental area have diminish to practically nothing in the country. There for, I am being call more often than none to participate in projects abroad, which represents a much better income to me and a great deal of envy, of course, since I am seeing these long run investments being use in neighboring countries.

I was flipping the channels in the hotel, they have some in English, like CNN, and I got interested in one that was named, “The History Channel”; there was a program that just started, it had to do with the life of Goebbels just before the WWII and until him murdering his family and committing suicide. It has Goebbels’ dairy as its only source of data and used real pictures and movie shots from the era.

I was impressed, real impressed, and this might be a shock to some of my readers that are aware of my comparing Evo’s maSSism to Hitler’s Nazism; of the strong similarities among Goebbels and Garcia Lineras, Evo’s vice president. Not only in the way of thinking how things should be, or in the way both machine the necessity of eliminating all possible political competition, or in the way they believe people should assimilate the regime’s mandate. The physical and behavioral similitude among Goebbels and Garcia Lineras are striking. Off course, nobody can pretend to have two perfect matches, not even if you believe in reincarnation, there will be the ones arguing me about the differences, for example Gobbles was well know to be a womanizer and Lineras’ not.

Striking was also seen some real Hitler speeches on this program, the guy seem to be utterly upset at all times and exaggerate in extreme almost all his gestures; very similar to the way Evo explodes against whom he visualizes at the regime’s enemies. Thanks God, the reaction of the crowd in Bolivia was not as fanatic as the ones I seen in the documental in Germany. Taking in account Germans don’t have a reputation to be very expressive, similar to quechua-aymaras; this makes me fill a little more assure that the great majority of Bolivians are not going to fanatic with our Evo character.

As I always think, being a Nazy is not a one person job, it took a community, a collective; there is such a collective running around the country with the maSSist agenda. But do to the hard work of the Bolivian freedom fighters, this collective had to be changes to a “trufi” (a ban working as a bus) and the goal is to convert this trufi into a moto taxi after the “revocatory” referendum, let’s see what happens and if Bolivians in the XXI century are more aware of the danger upon their heads than the German’s of the 1940’s.