Monday, June 30, 2008

La Unión Hace la Fuerza

A very common saying in Bolivia, usually used by leftist activists form the Universities or union workers, but that could become true for almost anybody and this was just demonstrated yesterday when the puppet regional government of Chuquisaca under the command of Evo Morales’ MAS lost the election for Prefect in that department. The saying that simply means something like, united we are the force, is not so simple to achieve, especially politically speaking.

Yesterday’s prefect election in Chuquisaca better be a lesson learned by the Bolivian freedom fighters in our quest to dethrone Evo from his intention to become a dictator for life next August and a lesson to those trying to achieve this goal trough autonomic anarchy and political diversification. The regime has nothing to learn, only to fear, since they already have tasted the sweet flavor of victory when they where alone fighting a divided opposition in the elections arena.

Yesterday the maSSist lost, but two years ago they would have won, as they did; no matter all the lessons learned by the Chuquisaca people from the regime’s totalitarian attitude, the MAS party only reduced their electoral votes by 3%, from 40% to 37%. That the regime probably moved people from other regions to register for this voting, yes; that they probably registered under age people in the peasant communities, for sure. But how much would this increase their vote, maybe 3 to 5%; but with 35% of the votes, the MAS party would have also win the prefecture of Chuquisaca 2 years ago.

The big difference yesterday is that the opposition was united under one flag, as a matter of fact, the other candidate, the third one, actually took votes that where mostly from the maSSist side, taking in account the contenders leftist inclination, that is another 3% of the votes.

This is a great sign for all off us try to redirect our nation towards democracy, respect of human rights and economic prosperity; united under one flag, the one for the revocation of Evo Morales from the presidential seat, the one that will say NO to his and his party’s racist and tyrannical policies; If we do this, using the power of our vote, another Chuquisaca will easily happen.

We must take in account the regime’s fear is latent, it can be smelled in the air; it can be read in the 70% of votes they assure they will get trying to mislead the common of the people to show they are still strong, the majority; But where they ever the majority? The maSSist very well know that the blank and null vote during the presidential election where extremely high, Evo never made to 48% of the total votes. And they know that if the same people don’t vote blank or null this time; isn’t going to favor them. This without taking in account the thousands that will not vote for him today that did two years ago.

It is not going to be easy, and will take the politicians from the CONALDE to coordinate with the ones in PODEMOS; if they don’t put aside their political ambition for the good of the Country, then they can almost certainly be blamed for the extinction of what was once Bolivia.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weapons of Evo Destruction

Nope, Bolivia isn’t competing with Iran or Venezuela in their arms race neither is the country attempting to follow up on the failed Iraqi program; nor has anything to do with a CIA investigation after the maSSist zealots trying to burn the USA embassy. But if you want to compare, it approaches a lot more to the Iraqis supposedly killing potential than to any of the other mentioned countries.

This Bolivian mess, orchestrated by Evo Morales and his cronies had an early beginning within the regime’s agenda and was practically born when Evo’s godfather, Hugo Chavez, said that the empire, no one knows if his or somebody else’s, wanted to terminate with his trainee’s career towards dictatorship for life.

So Bolivians, in monthly bases, have to here from Evo himself or one of his followers that his magnificent investiture has and is in constant danger of early termination via sudden gain of weight, lead poisoning that is. Since the regime is well aware that the Goebblelian strategy of repeating a lie until it becomes true is not enough for this untamable nation, they also mastered the practice of trying to convert bogus information in true; failing, off course, strenuously.

Among the most notorious examples of this situation we have the illegal detention of a Cuban-Bolivian immigrant in an attempt to severe his freedom of speech and other liberties by sending him back to Cuba; issue that ended up with the regime’s first political refugee in Europe, this even before the regime’s first year in power. Those, it was defined by the maSSist, that a tongue, used against the regime, is a weapon of Evo destruction.

Then we have the arrest of two young USA citizens, leftist Evo lovers; that were taking pictures at Evo’s caravan in downtown Cochabamba. Once again, it was defined that a photographic camera, in hands of not so dark people is, in effect, a weapon of Evo destruction.

Most recently we have the kidnapping of a Bolivian citizen in Sucre, his torture at the hands of maSSist cronies infiltrated in the police and the intent of having him lynch by the bloodthirsty maSSist mobs of El Alto. Something that was only deterred by an early warning of the victim’s family and the still free press in the country, which make the police and the judge think twice regarding their loyalty to Evo and his regime. This poor guys fault, being identifying in television as a participant of a public protest that ended up prohibiting the landing of Evo Morales in the capital of the country. Those, participating in public gatherings as permitted by the human rights convention is; according to the maSSist regime, a weapon of Evo destruction.

Finally, while one of Evo Morales personal guards was plotting to bomb a television channel in Yacuiba and do who knows what else hideous things in the Southern region of the country. The Evo regime was arresting two young men over miles away from the military base Evo was about to land in Santa Cruz, no more using civilian infrastructure for the dictator to be, because they had in their possession a broken rifle and 20 bullets. They were in their way to an armory to get it fix to go hunting. So, they were accused of attempting to probably wanting to go with this rifle to the Movie Center’s roof, also miles of distance from the arrest, and gun down Evo, more that 2000 meters away with a broken rifle with 300 meters real precision capacity. Not even the policy where in favor of the regime’s experts, ministers, and the two young men where set free. Those; walking with a broken rifle in a city where Evo Morales plans to visit is, off course, having in your hands a weapon of Evo destruction.

So, taking in account that I am the proud owner of 3 of these weapons of Evo destruction, I should prepare myself to assume that I will promptly be in the Bolivian headlines as the master in command of the mother of all Evo wars; thankfully, there are at least another 4 million Bolivians that are owners of the full blow four weapons of Evo destruction, so my time isn’t coming, not yet.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nazi Style – Evo’s Choice, Bolivia Changes

It is really sad in deed the way Bolivia, one of the safest, most democratic and beautiful countries in the world has rapidly changed in the last four years from a united entity with its diversities to a completely divided nation with its differences and is moving to become some kind of neo Nazi state where the government has totalitarian power, physically and mentally, over the people within the area it can physically govern and violent Gestapo like police strikes where it cannot physically govern.

What can Bolivians expect from a regime that wants to govern that will not hesitate to kidnapped a citizen in front of his/her house and children, put you in a vehicle without telling you what is happening and take you away from your peers, from your neighborhood, your vicinity, your state, to a place where they already hate you because you think different than them and try for you to stand trial for accusations that are not even legal, for crimes that don’t even exist in the country penal code?

This is exactly what happened to Roberth Sandoval, who was kidnapped by the Morales regime in his natal Sucre and taken to El Alto, a town better know for their citizens’ atrocities and public lynching by beating and burning. And that has the possible fate of this citizen of Bolivia if not because the judges, as well as many policemen and military; are afraid and uncertain of the fate of Evo and the maSSist and will not fully cooperate if their bad deeds are immediately denounced. As it happened this time and as it happened with a political refugee from Cuba in the early days of this totalitarian administration; kidnapping also denounced early and that fortunately ended with the protection of the refugee by an European country that truly believes in human rights.

For those that have the privilege of knowing Spanish, where an excellent report on what happened to Roberth Sandoval.

We can only expect that those citizens of Bolivia still undecided to throw Evo Morales from his throne start to get the picture clear, about Evo, his hateful and racist regime and all those socialist that helped the maSSist regime to climb into power and that are suppose to help us, like Waldo Albaracin, our “ombushman”, limited himself to “observe” the way Roberth was detained and even said he was not beaten even after a medic gave the tortured several days of physical incapacity.

Worse is the example of those organizations that a few days ago where claiming racism and defense of the indigenous people human rights in Bolivia and today say nothing! I will like to know the position of certain “expert” of the UN about the behavior of these indigenous descendant policemen that kidnapped and tortured a “criollo” just because their indigenous president ordered them to do so. If this would have being the government of Goni and the kidnapped somebody from Achacachi, we will certainly be hearing more than enough from them.

There is only one solution for peaceful reclaiming of democracy in the nation, and that is to vote for Evo step down from government in the next revocation elections; lets keep working for it, lets work for the “re change”.