Monday, June 30, 2008

La Unión Hace la Fuerza

A very common saying in Bolivia, usually used by leftist activists form the Universities or union workers, but that could become true for almost anybody and this was just demonstrated yesterday when the puppet regional government of Chuquisaca under the command of Evo Morales’ MAS lost the election for Prefect in that department. The saying that simply means something like, united we are the force, is not so simple to achieve, especially politically speaking.

Yesterday’s prefect election in Chuquisaca better be a lesson learned by the Bolivian freedom fighters in our quest to dethrone Evo from his intention to become a dictator for life next August and a lesson to those trying to achieve this goal trough autonomic anarchy and political diversification. The regime has nothing to learn, only to fear, since they already have tasted the sweet flavor of victory when they where alone fighting a divided opposition in the elections arena.

Yesterday the maSSist lost, but two years ago they would have won, as they did; no matter all the lessons learned by the Chuquisaca people from the regime’s totalitarian attitude, the MAS party only reduced their electoral votes by 3%, from 40% to 37%. That the regime probably moved people from other regions to register for this voting, yes; that they probably registered under age people in the peasant communities, for sure. But how much would this increase their vote, maybe 3 to 5%; but with 35% of the votes, the MAS party would have also win the prefecture of Chuquisaca 2 years ago.

The big difference yesterday is that the opposition was united under one flag, as a matter of fact, the other candidate, the third one, actually took votes that where mostly from the maSSist side, taking in account the contenders leftist inclination, that is another 3% of the votes.

This is a great sign for all off us try to redirect our nation towards democracy, respect of human rights and economic prosperity; united under one flag, the one for the revocation of Evo Morales from the presidential seat, the one that will say NO to his and his party’s racist and tyrannical policies; If we do this, using the power of our vote, another Chuquisaca will easily happen.

We must take in account the regime’s fear is latent, it can be smelled in the air; it can be read in the 70% of votes they assure they will get trying to mislead the common of the people to show they are still strong, the majority; But where they ever the majority? The maSSist very well know that the blank and null vote during the presidential election where extremely high, Evo never made to 48% of the total votes. And they know that if the same people don’t vote blank or null this time; isn’t going to favor them. This without taking in account the thousands that will not vote for him today that did two years ago.

It is not going to be easy, and will take the politicians from the CONALDE to coordinate with the ones in PODEMOS; if they don’t put aside their political ambition for the good of the Country, then they can almost certainly be blamed for the extinction of what was once Bolivia.


Boim Lebon said...

hi blog hopping here form have nice blog...:D :D

Anonymous said...

ja, ja, ja, ja; no matter how much you fight against it, the power of the brown man has settle in Bolivia to stay, this time for ever.
You white's can either migrate or asimilate; under the power of the whipala of course.


Boim lebon, thank you.

Ano 4:26 PM, thank to you also for showing the hateful side of maSSism; assimilate, interesting word and perfect for your way of life, since the word is correctly written with SS not a single s. I will see a way to use it in other post in honor of you.

Anonymous said...

I fucked your mother yesterday, and she said; "thank you Evo".