Monday, December 15, 2008

Revenge – Evo Style.

I will leave aside for a moment the evaluation I am making over the proposal for new constitution and elaborate a little over what has happened in Bolivia in the past week; which does have a lot to do on deciding to vote in favor or not of the constitution proposal even if it doesn’t have much to do with its text.

It turns out the key elements of the maSSist regime, mainly hard core ministers of Evo Morales, are finally being put against the wall for their despicable acts of corruption; being the main discovers of the true the free press of Bolivia, something that happens commonly when regimens don’t have full control over the so called 4th power. The acts of corruption splatters all over Evo Morales, who isn’t any Mother Teresa , even if his acolytes pretend he is. And this is making him behave as he naturally does under pressure, revengeful.

The amount of information the free press of Bolivia is being capable to obtain has open new eyes over the murderous facts that recently happened in Pando, and the data is starting to show that the attacks over the democratically elected Governor of Pando, which caused the death of local people defending their homeland as well as the decease of some zealots of the regime alongside some Venezuelan agents; horrendous acts that continued with the kidnapping and holding of the Governor of Pando as a political prisoner, had a lot to do with the Morales administration trying to masquerade their making large amounts of money trough contraband alongside the Pando border.

The opening of the maSSist box and the fact the people in Bolivia is starting to see the realities of the regime are driving Evo Morales out of is deranged mind, a fact demonstrated in his last pathetic episode where taking advantage of a press conference, his henchmen informed him that a journalist from La Prensa, a free press journal that exposed his regime, was present. Little cared Evo Morales that this poor guy never wrote any of the articles he was so upset about, all he wanted was revenge and the best way for him to obtain it was to humiliate the poor guy in, in live television, without letting him any chance to defend himself.

So Evo Morales called this hero of the free press by his name, Raphale Ramirez, and other female journalist. When Morales noticed non of the journalist wanted to pass forward, he lied, saying that not passing in front meant they recognize are culprits of writing lies trough the newspaper they work since he “only” wanted to give the journalist some letters to take to his bosses in the office.

Raphael Ramirez passed forward, received the letters and thanked the tyrant, who was already savoring the bitterness of coca chewing over the revenge he was going to have. He ordered Raphael to stay to the side and started reading from the documents explaining according to him, why they were a lie, as is the poor guy was the one who wrote them; than at the end, he send him back with the order for Raphael to prove the writings the newspaper he labors for are true. Nerveless to say that the cheering we all heard on TV come by the paid goons that attend all the public appearances of the autocrat of Bolivia and not from the other journalist that were shaken their heads thinking on what the future while depart to the free press of the country if Evo Morales is given more time to destroy democracy.

An that is why this incident is relevant to the new proposal of constitution vote next January 2009; since if it passes it will give Evo Morales the opportunity to continue in power, for many more years that under the current constitution. An Evo has proven that constitutions and humans rights are only good if it serves his despicable purposes; there is nothing that can show Bolivians that he is going to respect a new constitution and new laws, but we have a lot of evidence that he has make himself through the violation of the human rights of those that do not believe he is the sun of the sun, like probably now Raphael Ramirez, and through the open breakage of current the law and the constitution.

Those, these is, in my books, another point to vote against the new proposal of constitution in Bolivia.