Sunday, October 28, 2007

We are the Monkeys . . . .

.. . . na, ná, na, na, ná, na , na, naaa. . . . . . remember that TV musical show we all loved as kids in the 70’s. Never mind, there were only two TV channels, all TV’s where in black and white and “The Monkeeys” (with 2 ee) was a group of singers very much like The Beatles, and a good part of the show, the only parts I can remember, the group was being chased by the groupies in fast action camera, hilarious 20 century Bolivia.

Hilarious is in deed, that now in the 21st century, we find these comedians, sorry, I meant The Monkeys, with 1 e, rooming the presidential palace and being chased by the oligarchic groupies of Santa Cruz, not fans at all, but the terror expression on The Monkey’s faces are the same.

An all of this because Commander Ruben Costas, prefect of Santa Cruz, called the Caribbean tyrant of Hugo Chavez, “el mono mayor”; which translates to, “the big monkey” and is just the name of a common child’s game in the country, where all the children have to do exactly the same thing the first one in line is doing, being the first kid, “El mono mayor”. Not even ones did Commander Costas referred to anybody in Bolivia, La Paz or the government with the appellative of mono, monkey, primate or whatever. As a matter of fact, I already advised the distinguished Santa Cruz leader, that the next time he mentions Chavez; he should use the comparison with “rococos” or “garrapatas”.

It is strange to me, then, that one of the most sinister members of the mazista regime will almost immediately cry out laud to the 4 winds that mister Costas is a racist because he called our magnificent Evo, “el mono menor”. He then explained that Costas did not “directly” called any names to brother Evo, but since he say that Chavez was the big monkey then it means Evo is the little monkey and that is just, plain racist.

Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Wait a minute, I just don’t understand, why if Chavez is the big monkey, Evo is the little monkey? I was thinking about this when Evo himself, in Yapacani, cried out to his constituents, that Costas mistreated him calling him, little monkey. Since he was not addressing an informed sector of the Bolivian population, no explanations about the monkey business were given, he just plainly lied.

So, Evo and the mazist publicly recognized that they are “under” the command of Hugo Chavez. What happened with the history about the “dignity” the Bolivian governments must have, not being under the umbrella of other country? What is the difference from a North American empire that subjugates our government in a quiet way and a Caribbean Empire that subjugates our government through open bravatas? No dignity, no liberty, no nothing promised while burning La Paz in October 2003. I will say, if the Mazist had changed something in this country, it will be the last paragraph of our National Anthem. “Morir antes que esclavos vivir”; for “Morir antes que cheques renunciar”.


Rebelde said...

I am pretty sure you have proofs of the 'cheques' Evo Morales is receiving from 'the Caribbean tyrant of Hugo Chavez' (?), that's why you are asserting your assumptions. As far as I can remember, Hugo Chávez was elected democratically in fair elections (in more than one, I must add). There is no proof of any fraud neither of any non-fair treatment by his legally established office. I am pretty sure you understood this and will offer an apology, in the case you cannot prove your assumptions, or otherwise I will conclude that this is yet another expression of the irrational opposition to Morales' Office.


Bolivia Libre said...

Rebelde, your blog is in Spanish so I assume, and that is the only assumption I recognize I am making, that you can actually understand it, why don’t you read the Bolivian news in internet and don’t make a fool of yourself? Evo’s receiving and distributing Chavez’s checks is way out in the open, it is part of the regime’s propaganda, Evo is proud of doing it in front of the TV & with the reporters taking pictures. Nobody, but you, is even questioning this happens; it is funny how somebody that doesn’t know anything of Bolivia has a Blog about it, but, hey, we are still a free country, so keep it going.

Hugo Chavez was elected as democratically as Adolf Hitler was, should we “assume” that Hitler was not a tyrant and a racist killer because of it? I am pretty sure you understand this and will offer an apology to all people whose liberties are currently being affected by democratically elected dictators. By the way, do you happen to know that the Morales administrations have openly said they believe Cuba lives in a democracy and that President Fidel has being freely elected by his people.

I will give you more time than you are giving me to conclude about your irrationality, what can I say, those opposing tyranny and racism are more patient, it is just the way we are.

Rebelde said...

To distribute checks (something that is happening, as you mention) is an action that every government is entitled to do, or are you telling me that Morales shouldn't be doing so, knowing that such money is not precisely aiming to bureaucrats' pockets since they are publicly done and not under the hood of the night? What I cannot understand is why you make such a fuzz when that money may be coming from Venezuela (and maybe not. Actually there are a lot of complaints about the money 'Venezuela is giving to Bolivia' as support because the people 'suspects' it didn't come at all, of course you can let you mind fly...). Moreover,Venezuela doesn't have a King Midas that can afford to spend all his 'petro-dollars' to propagate his 'red shadow' through América Latina and at the same time rule his own country the way he is doing (that is your homework), interfere with the yankee policies, support Cuba, impulse Ecuador's Revolution, back Argentinian elections, and so on. You may be thinking Chavez is kind of Superman!! Bolivia is not economically dependent of Venezuela, nor is Venezuela its sole 'benefactor'. I wonder if your reaction would be as big as they are if the yankees were doing so, or the Japanese or the Germans or the Spanish or anyone for that it matters. The point is that people is extremely concentrated (internationally and of course within Bolivia) on Hugo Chavez and 'his' revolution. You are also forgetting (olympically) that Bolivia has raised its oil incomes after a reform of the contracts with Oil Corporations. We are poor but we are not beggars yet!
Your comparison with Hitler is just hilarious, but you are entitled to do so if you want. I actually don't care what you say or opine about all those 'dictators' as long as you can prove your words. And I have to tell you that I read, of course, all Bolivian papers and more, because as you may know (starting to suspect I might be wrong and you don't really understand anything at all) to understand the truth we should search all sources included our own experience, something, I perceive, you don't have. Many Bolivian papers repeat, as parrots, what they are told to say and what anonymous sources say, needless to say they may be only rumors people who hate that 'Dictator' (!?) Chávez have manage to spread across their mass media apparatus, and the sad part is... it's working! Well, at least with some people like you.
I appreciate your interest because makes me look for more information to confirm my beliefs or to correct them, but I think the same bar should suit you well. If you want to make me see the reality I am not seeing I would appreciate if you can clarify your point of view with documents we can analyse and discuss; otherwise, I will keep my original idea in mind.

Bolivia Libre said...

It is nice when is easy to explain things my rebelde friend, there is no problem for Evo, or any other Bolivian president, to distribute money coming from abroad as long as that money enters through the proper administrative office, where it can be audited and everybody could know how much has being “donated” and to whom or what project this money is being allocated. Something that other administrations have done with the money from the “other” countries you mention.

Evo has avoided this legal step mostly because he uses this money to try to buy political foes, this by my “experience”. So you, I, or anybody doesn’t know what happens with this money, which represents “power”. It is even worst than using “gastos reservados”. Moreover, I would like for you to explain me why you are saying that Hugo’s money is not going to the hands of bureaucrats and then to their pockets. What are city and town mayors to you? Because my experience has seen me testifying such check distribution to such types of bureaucrats that are not going to give much information on what they use those millions of dollars, millions my friend. Do you know how much you could do with a million dollars in Bolivia?

Furthermore, when the money was directly allocated to “the people”; again, without any control, Evo’s Minister Celinda Sosa, lost 11 million dollars. Come on rebelde, explain me how can somebody looses “11 million dollars”. Worst at all, why “the people” was forced to sign that they where receiving more money than they actually received. Could you care to explain to me the true, in your own experience, about the Celinda gate?

Last but not least, I cannot believe you actually swallow the nationalization scheme, in my experience; I found that only informed people directly associate with the mazists believes and repeats this lie like a parrot. During presidential campaign, Evo promised Bolivians to nationalize and confiscate our hydrocarbons, while Tuto said that nationalization with confiscation was unreal and that we should nationalize the prices of the hydrocarbons. Tell me rebelde, in your own experience, who was right and who lied to us; we should be very grateful with Goni’s capitalization of the hydrocarbons, China for growing so much and to Bush for screwing up in Irak so the prices of oil and gas went to the roof; otherwise you will not even be mentioning this supposed achievement by Evo.

Don’t be afraid to read and to actually take advantage of the information private mass media is giving you rebelde; you really need it, since I can see by your knowledge of what is actually happening in Bolivia, that you are only experiencing the Evo side of the history, and a small part if any.

Rebelde said...

Firstly, I don't believe that Evo Morales have nationalised anything. Secondly, I don't think social control is worst than 'gastos reservados' for the simple reason that the people knows who and how much the authorities received. If this people don't exert a strict control of that money then I must say they deserve to be fooled. No, don't get me wrong! But I don't think the corruption has been swept away from government institutions yet and we still have a long run. I don't think this president is the best president ever, but I can feel many things are going to be different from now on. I don't think people will be fooled as easily as they were during the 'capitalización', and I don't think they will remain absent from those activities either: people became more participative than ever! That's exactly the point, but you cannot see it. Should you want to confirm it you just ought to see the opposition's reaction.
I think the Morales Administration has so many flaws, many more than we would like them to have. Moreover, there are many 'vivillos' inside the 'Palacio Quemado' who are ready to take a big bite of the pie, that's true. But, who should control them? Who should put them into trial? Who should investigate their moves? Perhaps that people is not doing their job, and please, don't tell me they are controlled by the 'masistas' because although Morales want that he did not succeeded in doing so.
Finally, Goni's 'capitalización' was not the best thing that happened to the Bolivians, and you just need to open a newspaper to see it. You might as well read a recent Nobel Laureate to understand so. And if you want experience, the real one, go to Argentina and study the economical moves a couple of years back. You may learn something interesting along with many coincidental events.
People cannot be reduced to numbers, my friend. Not everything is economy, stupid! (just a quote)
And if you really think China is growing you need to be there also and understand the price they are paying and the price we will all pay for that 'rapid growing'. There are better alternatives than sticking to the faul idea of industrialization.

''Modern industrial civilization has developed within a certain system of convenient myths. The driving force of our industrial civilization has been individual material gain, which is accepted as legitimate, even praiseworthy on the grounds that private vices yield public benefits, in the classic formulation. Now it's long been understood, very well, that a society that is based on this principle will destroy itself in time. It can only persist with whatever suffering and injustice it entails, as long as it's possible to pretend that the destructive forces that humans create are limited, that the world is an infinite resource, and that the world is an infinite garbage can.'' Noam Chomsky

You still did not answer my questions.


You will have to explain to me what you refer to be ¨social control¨, at least your dream or hypothesis about what that is, since it currently doesn’t exist in the country. I gave you recent real events off examples, like the Casimira case and her 11 MILLION dollars missing. I don’t know why you do not think Evo uses ¨gastos reservados¨, not only the ones coming from abroad, but also the ones from within the country.

You think people were fooled during capitalization, but today, we can already see the fruits of it, with Evo trying to take advantage of it when he brags about the Bolivian government’s economy, knowing that the money he is enjoying now would never be there if not for the capitalization of the hydrocarbon industry; if you could have called industry at what YPFB had before capitalization. Don’t you thing you and a lot of people were really fooled when you believed Evo saying that he will govern for everybody? Don’t you think Bolivians were fooled when Evo said that he will work for inclusion?

I give you absolutely all reason when you said that ¨ many things are going to be different from now on¨; since it is going to take a long, a really long time, for Bolivians to recuperate from this spiral towards racism and hate the Mazist had precipitate our country towards. Why do you thing, as you also wrote, that ¨ people became more participative than ever ¨, is not because of the governments´ good deeds but because of its movement toward fascism and totalitarianism. You thing I will be having this blog if I don’t see it, what about the hundreds of blogs opened to criticize the Evo era, that is just 2 years of government. This blogs and wave pages are opened by the common people, the Bolivian in the street that is not being paid by European NGO´s like the ones that are so much pro Mazist; it is an eye opener my rebelde friend, I see it, you will have to take the coca leave from your eye to really see it too.

About China and industrialization, you just did not understood what I meant, I said we should be happy about China´s unexpected growth and US war on Iraq because those factors effected the rise of the oil price and thus the gas price, which directly benefited us due to our gas production after capitalization. Before it, we only produced oil and it’s derivate. I am saying neither that China´s growth is the best it happened to them nor that the Iraq war is a good deal for anybody. I would also like to help those Country’s and people as well, but so fare I have my hands full trying to save Bolivia from the hands of paranoid racist indigenous fascists.