Wednesday, November 14, 2007

¨It isn’t my fault; it was the Empire’s!!!!¨

I couldn’t do anything but laugh and continue with the sarcasm, under the admiration, incredulity and clue lessens of a bunch of members of the international community, read as, a lot of non Latin American dudes. What happened is that riding in a bus towards a location where we had to obtain data for an Environmental Impact Study, I smelled certain Chavista odor in the enclosed area; I directed my attention to the one Venezuelan expert in the group and I told him, ¨Hey Bolivarian, you farted¨, and he immediately answered the above phrase I use to title this post.

We continue on and on with examples happening in our Countries that ended up with our governments usual response, which is, adding up some American spice, Isn’t the economy stupid; it is the Empire!!!. Not a surprise to Bolivians and Venezuelans, but yes too many Europeans and Americans. Since, if in our countries there is inflation, is not our fault, it is the Empire!. If we don’t like something the government is doing, is not us that we don’t like it, is the Empire!. If we fight for democracy, is the Empire financing the Oligarchy!. If there is no bread, is not our internal policies that do not incentive production, is the Empire!. If there is no ¨maraquetas¨, is not our government that cannot produce enough GLP, is the empires!. (Note, Venezuelans use the word maraqueta for a very different thing than Bolivians and according to my new friend, they will always have a lot of it, Empire or not).

In definitive, Venezuelans and Bolivians, according to our current regimes, are in fault on nothing and responsible of nothing, because everything is the Empire’s fault. That is why our governments do not need to incentive production and the idea of having others investing in our Country, as ¨partners and not patrons¨ is for them to take all the risks, with the exception of those whiling to invest in the regimes pockets, but of course, if that happen and the still free press caches it, it is the Empire’s fault.

When it appears that not even flatulencies will escape the Empire’s domination, we discovered that, at least in Venezuela, there are two things that not even the Empire will dare to touch, the price of gasoline and the price of alcohol. Interestingly, those are the two things that are not being affected by the skyrocketing Venezuelan inflation.

I was left defenseless addressing this situation, since earlier on I bragged that our opposition in Bolivia was empowering democracy by not letting the Mazist taking control of the senate, most of the regional governments, the Constituent Assembly, and now the streets of Sucre and Cochabamba, along side the ones of Santa Cruz. But I could not identify anything that will really push us Bolivians to kick whoever ass is needed if molested, Empire or not. Presupuesto Para la U (Money for the University) passed by my mind, but that is very much localized, Selling Gas to Chile was other thing that crossed by, but we are not doing so, yet.

I didn’t have other option to blame it to the Empire for not having an answer so I wouldn’t have to accept a defeat, but I was left preoccupied for not having untouchable ¨things¨ on the Country, maybe somebody else reading this blog can help me to find a couple. In the mean time, I should remain me readers, that the ¨Attack of the Empire¨ syndrome excreted by the Socialist of the XXI century is no other thing than the Nazi’s Joseph Goebbels first principle: ¨The Principle of Simplification and of the Lone Enemy¨, which in the case of the Socialists of the XXI century means making everybody believe that anything wrong that happens is the US (Empire) fault and that Country is the lone enemy to defeat. Juan Carlos de Borbon of Spain had lived the Nazi influence in his country and had survived Spain’s greatest tyrant, which is why he could not restrain himself and open his mouth to make as aware of the dangers of the dictators to be in Latin America.


Anonymous said...

Wow... "The Empire"? I've never heard that before... So everything is our fault. :-\ I wonder how the world's opinion of us would change if Hilary became president and started implementing her policies?

BL, I love your sarcasm. Your work is as much fun to read in English as it is in Spanish. You also make me do my homework - - reading Machiavelli, researching Goebbels' principles, studying the history of Yugoslavia - - Keep it up!


P.S. What just happened in Sucre??

Bolivia Libre said...

Thank you Chiarina, the true; I have being loosing my humor the last few days and moved my time from the cyber net to the city walls, but I hope it to be only for the moment.
Things in Bolivia couldn’t be worst, the maSSist moved their constituent representatives to an army barrack outside the city of Sucre without allowing the opposition representatives to enter and participate, thus voting for a new draft of Bolivian Constitution with only 44% of the representatives. The people in Sucre went to this place and collided with the maSSist forces, which was composed by the army, the police and his on people, a small faction of a sort of indigenous SS self denominated “Ponchos Rojos” and other henchmen, larger in numbers organized in a sort a fascist “squadristi”; the results where the assassination of 2 University students and 1 lawyer by the maSSi forces.
Next day, and when this poor people where being taking to the cemetery, the maSSist did a similar thing in La Paz, in congress, this time with Evo’s “squadristi” only, from El Alto; they had photography’s of the opposition senators so they can recognize them and not let them to get in to legislate; this created some laws completely in favor of the regime’s view in the early hours of the next day, after which Evo made an speech thanking his zealots for not letting the opposition to get in.
As you can imagine, this is already a tyranny and at least half of the people in the country is not going to put up with it, that is a lot of people and I see my country being irremediably fragmented because of it. What can I say, no mater how much I will like to say, this is the Empire’s fault, I cannot. It is just our fault, perhaps the last mistake we are committing as a nation. We will see.

Rebelde said...

I forgot to mention that your SS are here and, let me tell you, they are pretty scary judging by what they say... almost... almost like YOU!
So, please, stop telling lies to innocent people 'dear' 'Bolivian' Goebbels, because some people may be starting to believe in them.

Chiarina said...

Wow... that website was VERY scary... but I don't see how those sick people can be compared to BL. In what way, Rebelde, is he like Goebbels?

Rebelde said...

Well, sorry for have frightened you, Chiarina. But those people in the site you just visited are closely related (though they deny it) to this very opposition movement against Morales Office. You may like to follow this link also .
I compare BL to them because the words they all are using are quite similar, and more than anything because they're opposition is aggressive and most of the times full of exaggerations and lies (propaganda through mas media). I compare BL with Goebbels for that very reason.

Rebel Greetings!