Friday, November 30, 2007


I was walking the streets in a very late, beautiful Bolivian summer night, enjoying the city’s latest graphite in the walls; a giant swastika following an M and an A, “Evo Asesino”, just the sort of day to day expressions of the free men and women of this land, in other words, minding my own business; when I heard sounds of troop movement, smell of fear, odor of hate. I said what the heck!!!! I am almost over the main square, are the military ousting the apprentice of dictator? I approached the corner and I could see a bunch of people that looked just like me, but I did not get closer because I could feel their hate, desperation and alcohol, always a sign of alert in Bolivia around multitudes.

And they were not in fact anybody like me, they were not the common citizen of Bolivia, they were part of the squadristi of Evo Morales, the civilian bullies of the regime that photography in hand were selecting how could and who couldn’t enter to the Bolivia congress. I could see the guy I voted for to represent me, I almost say to him, way to go dude, go represent me. But he wasn’t allowed to ingress, the one I democratically selected, the one I freely choose, was denied to represent me by the maSSist regime. This was in effect; the maSSist’s cuop d’etat to Bolivian democracy; not even when the military performed this horrendous act was as bad as this demonstration of dictatorship and tyranny, at least they where open about doing it.

I almost yell to these criminals that he and I represent 47% of the Bolivian population that did not vote for the regime, but I was prudent; choose your fights I said to myself, at this moment, you are one, they are hundreds, and if this situation is identical than the one in Sucre, behind those bullies is the police with their fusil and behind the police the army with its machine guns, the dreaded metralla;

So I just calmly left the place, singing louder and louder every time, “palo, fusil, metralla, el pueblo no se calla / palo, fusil, metralla, el pueblo no se calla / PALO, FUSIL, METRALLA, EL PUEBLO NO SE CALLA.”


Rebelde said...


~ de Estado.

1. m. Actuación violenta y rápida, generalmente por FUERZAS MILITARES O REBELDES, por la que UN GRUPO DETERMINADO se apodera o INTENTA apoderarse de los resortes del gobierno de un Estado, desplazando a las AUTORIDADES EXISTENTES.

Hasta donde yo veo, la AUTORIDAD EXISTENTE EN BOLIVIA ES EVO MORALES, PRESIDENTE CONSTITUCIONAL. Cualquier otra cosa es una burda mentira. Yo conozco a otro grupo de cachafaces que sí encaja en la definición de esta palabrita que a los fanáticos fundamentalistas les gusta utilizar como bandera ideológica. Eso se llama TERRORISMO MEDIÁTICO, 'querido' Goebbels 'boliviano'.

Chiarina said...

BL's choice to use the word "coup d'etat," or "golpe" (funny how we don't have a word in English), was a perfectly appropriate way to denounce the scene he described. If there was something inaccurate about his claims that Evo was overthrowing the constitutional authority of certain representatives of the people, then you should be attacking that instead.