Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bolivia - Guilty until Proven Innocent

No, I am not confusing the term because English isn’t my first language and I am not being sarcastic either. The true is that in Bolivia, even before the present regime, and against the law and our constitution, in many situations as Bolivians have to prove to be innocent to a criminal charge. Many of my compatriots lost their jobs, positions and even worst, their liberty, actually spending time in jail, because this abuse of power. I could say, perhaps; because of the incompetence and luck of resources of our Bolivian Police force.

But confusing is in deed, that Bolivian dictator to be Evo Morales, a direct affected and abused by draconian and unconstitutional Law 1008 in his early days as a Cocalero Union Leader in El Chapare; ordered the taking of the International Airport of Viru Viru in Santa Cruz, by the military, to get rid of the airport’s manager recently accused of corruption and taking payments under the table. This assault was performed by military commandos, not the police, like if the personnel in the airport offices were some type of armed terrorist taking the airport installations by force. This people’s human’s rights were violently violated and many lost their job immediately without due process; for the moment.

Anybody that believes in peace, democracy and the respect for human rights will ask, couldn’t the police have obtained enough information to open a case and get a warrant for the arrest of the probable corrupted administrative, in order to process them according to the law? And the answer would be, off course they could have. Then, why this did not happened? Why the abuse of power? Why using the military in a democracy the month we are remembering the violence and fallen this same month in 2003? Why the several pacific protesters injured? They just didn’t want the military to police civilian society, is that to much to ask in a democratic country? Why the foreign, Venezuelan for sure and who knows what more, military personnel present during a Bolivian military maneuver that should never happened?

Perhaps the fact that the accused airport administrative official was the one that opened the Pandora box about the PDVSA officials landing in Bolivia and staying for several hours before taking off and being detained in Argentina with hundreds of thousand petrodollars in a briefcase; something first denied by Morales regime and still under investigation, in Argentina; is the main reason for this violent action taking place.

No matter what, it was to much for the civilian population of Santa Cruz that is growing tired of being verbally, economically and now militarily abused by the mazist regime; and the response was just like the people in Cochabamba when their right to congregate and to have freedom of speech was denied by Evo’s totalitarian regime, tens of thousands took the streets and then the airport. It appears that a cold chill crossed Evo’s and his assessors spines, since they quickly, and wisely for at least one time, moved the troops to where they should be, their quarters.

The Viru Viru fiasco is one more victory for democracy in Bolivia and another blow for the Tyrant apprentice, a lot of dirt is going to come out of this, by I seriously doubt is going to be enough to bury the current government’s despotic intentions. Never the less, Bolivia was not build in one day and those that love democracy know how to wait, unseated.

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