Saturday, January 26, 2008

Let’s Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk.

Seams simple, but isn’t; at least in Bolivian politics and especially within a ruling regime that pretends to hide the wolf under the sheep’s skin. From the beginning of the Evo era the “job” of V.P. Lineras trying to explain what the more than expressive president or maSSist ministers was saying just few hours earlier was of public commentary. This specialized job has become less necessary now that the regime has shown their real face and allowed Lineras himself to jump the totalitarian rhetoric. Today, the role of official miscommunication through maSSist interpretation has passed to less important but equally sinister staff, like minister Rada, but not so much as to change the wording but as to trying to blame their tyrant doings towards others. In all important cases so fare, the maSSist zealots ended up eating their words and not commenting more about the issue, as is they think the rest of the population is going to forget what they “don’t want to see”.

So, we have the end of 2007 with the history about the “pistoleros” in Sucre, some ghost characters created by the maSSists that executed their own people using bullets of calibers different than those of the military or police. A day later of this infamous governmental declaration the police and army itself indicated that they do and “sometimes” used such bullet caliber. A couple of days after, the opposition and the free press remembered Evo and his devotees that the henchmen that attacked the Presidential Offices during the “outing” of President Sanchez de Lozada in 2003 also used the same caliber; observations that surely “helped” the regime to start thinking about the need to find consensus with the democratic opposition rather than to try to impose their brutality over the country.

The year 2008 started with the left foot for the regime, first we have several assassinations under the hands of the Cocaleros in El Chapare, Evo Morales thugs, protected by the brutally and inhuman “Communal Justice”; and the regime’s belief of it being a type of sacred justice since it comes from the Inca times. The maSSist where quick to answer that torturing, as in lashing and hitting, and capital punishment (murder) as in burning or burying the victim alive and hanging is not a part of communal justice, the facts and the negative fro the regime to apprehend the authors of such barbaric behavior says other thing.

And just know, still within the first month of the year, the scandal, the National Direction of Intelligence, a police entity similar to what it is the FBI in the US and that depends directly under Minister of Interior Rada, yes, the regime’s most used spokesman of the last months, was caught by the “police” investigating opposition political leaders, free press journalists and others freedom fighter leaders, using “illegal” means; such as pinching telephone communications. The regime, off course, denied they had anything to do with it, since those were the tactics against them in the times of military dictatorship; it seams they learned pretty well what you should not do if you want to keep yourself within democracy.

So fare, the maSSist haven’t even recognized the existence of the documentation and blamed the opposition and the police for the chaos; the information is coming by the hour, so we will see in the next few days where the road to this “Evogates” takes us. For the moment, all of us will continue in this rollercoaster to save the country from a tyrant.


Anonymous said...

You know you are a sluth of capitalism, Bolivia is for the indians by the indias. That is the only walking know and if you don't like it you might as well go live with your yanki friends.

EuroInca said...

Hey Libre, you crack me up, I friend just mentioned me about your posts and I am inclueding them among my; pathetic blog list.
You probably don't know it, but we are many in the world fighting to give Latin American originarians a shot to rule their territory again. Evo Morales is our great hope and he is not going down as you wish, you talk about communitarian justice, mentioning only the few wrongdoings, but you don’t mention the thousand of appropriate decision they had made.
The maximum punishment of communitarian justice, as mentioned by Morales, is of slashing; much better than being punished to jail in Bolivia because you are poor and sent to the dungeon where “all” your human rights will be violated.
I should remain you that Arab states friends of your boss, the USA, under their religious laws have punishments such as cutting hands, slashing women and stoning to death, women also. Nothing compared to Inca’s style communitarian justice.

ProThinkXXI said...

I see that the previous comments have left BL speechless, he or she should change the deceiving name used in this page paid by the Bolivian oligarchy sold to the Americans. This will teach you not to be bad mouthing the progressive thinking of the 21st century.


What a surprise, I entered to my blog with the morning coffee like I do most of the days and I find I being bombarded by 3 lovers of the negative; when did this happened? I said to myself; I also checked last night before going to bed and no comments where posted. Then I realize that the perpetrators where having fun sheltered by the night, at list in Bolivia; since the name of one of them clearly implicates his current residence is in Europe. Not a surprise to me by the rhetoric, it remained me of a Bolivian teenager that use to argue with me living ion France that had the personification of Robespierre.

XXI century; really, progressive thinking of the XXI century? What do you mean with that, something to do with the socialism of the XXI century? I can barely replay to any of your posts because you don’t present arguments, just unproductive critics; apart perhaps from the EuroInca, got that nickname backpacking in Bolivia?

You are making me comment about the maSSist constitution against my best intentions, but your “lashing” commentary practically obligates me to do it. Yes, Evo Morales, our Bolivian President whom believed should have being elected to be the Nobel Peace Prize winner, publicly say that some lashing was appropriate in some cases. What he doesn’t know or care, just like you, is that article 5th of the Universal Declaration of Human Right says, “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”. To me, lashing will be a breakage of this article if anybody is punished with it.

Rewarding the other examples, I suggest for you to take them to a blog about Arab countries or the ones related to the USA; for the moment I have my hands full trying to preserve the compliance of human rights in Bolivia.

ProThinkXXI said...

How pathetic, you think you are some kind of human rights Champion?
Accroding toyou, then, all; or at least most, of the fathers in the world are brakers of human rights, since lashing their kids when they miss behave is a common practice.
Thinking about it, you are probably needing a couple of "kinsacharana" blows; just tell us when you are going to be visiting La Paz with your separatist friends from Nacion Camba.

Anonymous said...

Bolivia Libre, you have an excelent post, keep it on. Maybe you can write more often.
You are right about europeans, we don't really know much about South America and Evo Morales was a greath media hit; good marketing I will say.
The time has pass, and off course, reality has proven Morales was not what we were told. Never mind, he still a hit among those that don't like americans, the "greens" and the anti global economy. Lot's of the first two types here in Firenze.

Anonymous said...

I have the impression that the so-called Bolivia Libre writes to himself as an anonymous supporter. Funny and sad at the same time!


Pablo said...

Too bad for Bolivia Libre (the blogger) that most of the people who comment against him in his own blog don't have enough good manners to sign their notes. Even using illegible nicknames I would consider to be disrespectful.

Keep on blogging, Bolivia Libre. The opinions that you publish here are not without support.

Those who believe that Evo and his Hordes are doing well for Bolivia are so confused by the media and the show that is presented to foreign viewers are so far from knowing the reality that is live here.

To all: Evo's administration has become the most terrible thing that has happened to Bolivia since the García Mesa's coup.