Saturday, February 02, 2008

How Low Can a President Get

There is a saying in Bolivia that more or less goes “in love and war anything is acceptable”; in no part of it do we have the word politics. A friend of mine told me ones that the reason is that in politics, “the lowest of the low is the acceptable”. Taking in account that politics are what rule our well being, as a citizen of Bolivia at least; accepting that you had to be the “content” at the bottom of the shit pod to be in politics is really difficult to grasp.

Today, president Evo Morales showed the world that you have to be the “content” if you want to survive as a populist ruler. It is a good thing I don’t think the best democracies are build under the necessity of plotting big media shows no matter who you abuse.

It is very sad, that today, the abused where the poorest of the elderly of Bolivia; today the populist bulldozer of the maSSist machinery moved its pieces at their best fascistic style and gave 200 bolivianos (25$US) to those over 60 years old. An excellent initiative that is just a continuation to a previous president’s policy, with a different name; is almost the same “chola” with other “pollera”. And I said almost because the other initiative, called Bonosol, was carefully explained to the population and was being given silently and effectively to the elderly one time a year, the day of their birthday.

Today, thousand of poor old women and men travel kilometers to get those 200 bolivianos (25$US) and returned home with theirs hands empty and bitterness in their hart. The reason, the regime doesn’t give a shit about them, all they wanted were the cameras showing the few selected elderly kissing the hands of mighty Inca Evo. So sad, they were meanly leaking the bottom of the shit pot.

The good thing about all this is that the majority of the people in the Country have a clear idea of today’s intention, and from today every single day; since the regime’s initiative is supposed to be given every month of the year the day of the birthday of the beneficiary. Up to date, no one knows where to go or if the money is going to be given to those that their number lands Sunday or in a Holiday. At the end, this is one more reason for Bolivians to understand that the “content” must hit the fan.


Anonymous said...

I think we could say that the "media luna" prefects are the fan, hum.
I wander what are we; the "pringados".


You are giving to much credit to a very small quantity of persons; I will say that the National Democratic Council (CONALDE) would represent the fan.
In addition, to get to be “pringado” by the “content” you would need to be within the middle of a civil confrontation; something that isn’t impossible at this time but isn’t assured either.