Sunday, February 10, 2008


The fake conversational attempts leaded by Evo Morales’ fascist regime with the freedom fighter of CONALDE has finally touch rock bottom; as expected but not as I hoped. Many of us Bolivians new from the beginning that this was just another attempt to gain time in a moment where the maSSist were at a very low point after they presented to Congress their abortion of proposed text for a new constitution violently conceived inside a military installation in Sucre and forcefully given birth by a maSSist only mob in Oruro. The prefects, of course, where politically obligated to loose this time not to let the regime accuses them of not wanting to achieve agreements; accusations that everybody new they were going to do anyways but that didn’t have any taking in account by those that fight for democracy and the human rights in Bolivia.

During this short period of time Morales and his regime had propagandized a rosary of the lowest possible acts, making mistake after mistake and off course, like always; not taking any responsibility and accountability of the disgrace they represent for this once flourishing democracy in the hart of South America. Things like trying to “buy” the votes of the elderly with a program with a different name, since isn’t a new program; when the old bonosol was better programmed and executed than the maSSist intent of “bono”. Things like using the money that could be serving to help Bolivians in the disaster zone this country currently is, illegally spying on the political leaders fighting for democracy; and later on trying to blame it to the US, off course, we already know, Gorge Bush is even responsible of Evo’s flatulence.

And finally, the total incompetence at the moment of running a policy to try to help the Bolivian population affected by the current natural disasters. Don’t be surprise if Evo blame the rains to the US also. But what can you expect from a president whose idea of “working” and “showing” that he and the regime are trying to compromise issues for the best of the country is, “assisting with the opposition leaders to the different carnival festival entrances of their cities”. What a joke, Evo Morales himself is behaves as a “pepino”, and off course, non off the members of CONALDE where full enough to fall for the populist scheme. Maybe Evo’s fatidic words; also in this short month and a half, saying that with the “bono junacito pinto” & “bono dignidad” he was done and now the opposition can get rid of him, also helped the democratic fighters to say, enough is enough, the time has come.

It seams that the next political steps in the country, in order to avoid violent civil war, is going to be going to the urns by the population to define our future in several referendums. This is going to be another confrontation in itself; which I will address further on time, since the maSSist henchman in charge of organizing elections in Bolivia has already said he wants to limit the referendum instances to 4; one can imagine which ones he wants to choose.

For certain, one of the chosen ones will be the referendum to approve and disapprove the regime’s bloodied text for new constitution and I find this a proper time to examine some of their several articles in relationship to their compliance to Bolivian’s human rights; I will make this analysis step by stem, one at a time, in English and Spanish. Since the maSSists haven’t made public the “changes” made to it, maybe because they are currently working over them; I will use the one presented to congress, after the illegitimate doings in Oruro.


Dick said...

Bolivia Libre, my group agrees about your position in relation to “Bono Dignidad” vs. “Bonosol”; in reality, it is a no brainer; it is almost unbelievable how the Bolivian people are so easy to be fooled by this proposition.
We are a little confuse about the CONALDE, at moments it seams to be almost a new political party; we understand isn’t. It is very different from anything else in the world. We will say a unique, interesting way to defend democracy.
Reading the latest news of the country it seams Evo Morales government is trying to buy out 6more months, the non confrontational excuse they use is very strong; it seams the activities of the CONALDE will need to be delayed; what do you thing about it?

La Marxiana said...

Por que el blog es en inglés?
Si se trata de un blog de un boliviano para discutir sobre politica boliviana... Estaria bueno que tuviera una version en español al menos.
Digo para que los Bolivianos pudieran participar de la discusion, por lo pronto la mayoria. Y tambien la region.

Esta bien saber tu punto de vista de todas formas.
Solo una sugerencia.


Dick, sorry I delayed my response, yes, the CONALDE have the political obligation to accept the truce, but Evo just broke it in a meeting in his home turf, El Chapare. I wrote a post about it today.

Marxiana, gracias por tu post; en efecto mi blog era a un principio en Espa�ol y ten�a m�s participaci�n que el que ahora tengo en Ingles, pero much�simas menos preguntas por e-mail. Lo que pasa es que una vez me di algo de tiempo para explorar los blogs bolivianos y encontr� que hab�a ya varios compatriotas luchando por la causa democr�tica en Bolivia a trav�s de sus comentarios. El caso de Andr�s Pucci, Agora, Palabras Libres, etc.

Sin embargo cuando entre a ver los blogs en ingl�s que hablaban de nuestro pa�s me di cuenta que por lo menos los de las personas que lo produc�an en Bolivia estaban completamente infiltrados en el r�gimen maSSista y los pocos que eran m�s concientes y centrados viv�an fuera del pa�s. As� que decid� escribir en ingl�s y opinar en los otros blogs lo m�s activamente posible; por desgracia soy nom�s un bolivian@ de los que tiene que laborar duro para comer al mes siguiente as� que no dispongo de tanto tiempo como quisiera para publicar m�s seguido.