Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jamuy, carajo, JAMUYYY

Those are the words my “contacts” in the “Palacio Quemado”, Evo’s office in La Paz , say are vomited by Evo himself since the early hours every day. The desperate words, which mean “hurry the fuck up”, are yelled at the maSSits zealots that had fallen behind the democracy fighters of Bolivia, a group that has defined May 4th of 2008 as the day the department of Santa Cruz will chose if they want or not autonomy from the centralized, racist and fascistic regime of Evo Morales.

The result of this referendum is well know by everybody, a YES for autonomy; and the maSSists are now moving their pieces in this political chess game that will have “similar”, but not identical, repercussions as the referendum that gave Kosovo its recent independence from Serbia. These moves are filled out with planed street violence by the maSSists squadristy under hypothetical representation of the will of the people by the regimes Social Sectors (SS).

The two majors moves have different scenarios, the one in Santa Cruz, where the referendum is going to take place is leaded by Lucio Videla, a puppet of the maSSist under the command of the divided local Workers Union (COD) and by Pedro Nuni, a little know leader of CIDOB, a self proclaimed Indigenous Confederation of the Bolivian Low Lands that has more colons from the highlands than local native indigenous members. These sinister individuals will be in charge of leading public marches by the regimes mobs (SS), breaking peace and tranquility and seeking one or more violent confrontations with the hope of having a martyr in their ranks; thus having the empowerment of downplaying the future autonomy of Santa Cruz because it will “supposedly” be chosen under the blood of the fallen. Exactly the same reasoning behind the way the maSSist proposal of constitution was written and which is effecting so much its acceptance by the people.

The second major move is planed to be taken in effect in La Paz, under several actors identified up to VP Garcia Lineras, their goal is to force the congress, to approve going to the urns for the maSSist referendum in rewards to their proposal for new constitution the same May 4th of 2008. To do so, the regime has already mobilized scores of zealots form the coca growers of Yungas and El Chapare, the last are know as the most violent of the SS, specially taking in account that no one had ever being able to take to justice any of their members, now officially “protected” by the regime as explained by the regime’s Minister of Government, Alfredo Rada; which just said this SS have “permission” to stalk congress.

The opposition in congress, which control the upper chamber has already told the maSSist, “no way Jose”; before any laws are created to bring up the referendum for the new constitution, they will approve the referendum that will decide if the people wants or not to change the president and the prefects. A proposition presented to the lower chamber by Evo Morales itself and that has passed the upper chamber with some more “participative democracy” rhetoric. This is a referendum Evo Morales and their zealots want nothing to do with and have being trying to let it be entrapped in congress for ever.

The next days are going to be crucial, the maSSist are desperate to get a law that will favor them in a way that it could be somehow seen as legal. The bullying of congress is, by their means, a very legal tactic and they are not worry about their repercussion; it is just the way they got to power and they are not planning on changing for the best at this time of the game. The opposition must be very careful at putting their cojones in place and not run away from trouble in La Paz and keeping their own people in control in Santa Cruz in a way that any confrontation will be considered a defense instead of an attack. We will see what happens, the fact is the liberties and democracy en Bolivia are now, in the hands of very few people with a lot of mass movement capacity.


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jallalla YA!

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Hey Libre:

Did you get your last paycheck from USAID yet? Hurry up it closes at noon.


Ano 4:00 AM, somewhere in Europe??? Couldn’t get the check, thank you for the advice anyways; the dam ambassador prohibited any financing to anybody receiving money from Soros or Tio Hugo Chavez; my NGO is mostly financed by both of them; so no USAID for me, at least for the moment.

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mmm...talking about chess...

An interesting picture was publish today by "La Razon"