Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is the mathematics, stupid!

That is what I though I was going to hear from Evo Morales after those long hours of live TV, showing as Bolivians how the government can, or pretend, negotiate democratic solutions to the chaos they created in the first place; Situation that has taken the Country to almost the point of self destruction. And no, the title has nothing to do with any specific political proposal; it is a Clintonian allegory to a mathematical equation that says that a negative times a negative yields a positive.

In one hand of the equation we have the negative, brutally murderous and illegal maSSsit proposed new Bolivian constitution; one document that has all the necessary negative antibodies to make the majority of the Bolivian population to be against it. Those, this obligated the regime to seek a way to save it, with the least possible damage to its wording.

The Bolivian opposition to the racist neo indigenous ruling party and its equally racist and excluding new constitution gave Bolivians the other negative part of the equation, manly but not lonely, the autonomic statutes of Santa Cruz. A document that cannot be legally approved, or used, even if voted in favor by the population in free elections; if the current constitution is not changed; neither this autonomic statutes be legally used if the maSSist proposed document passed. The legal implications where know by the opposition and the fact they finally pushed it up front was to obligate the ruling party to slow down their violent and totalitarian push towards a total collapse of freedom and human rights in the country.

The strategy worked but not until the regime managed to have over 30 assassinations blooding their hands and after the opposition showing the government that if necessary, they can also convert civilian population into violent mobs. Thus the country is today clearly divided in two, almost equal in population but with a larger chunk of territorial control by the opposition, something that doesn’t give a real advantage if a fratricidal confrontation should start. I still don’t understand why the regime took so long to believe that they didn’t had the monopoly of civilian violence any more after last year’s civilian confrontation in Cochabamba; the most probable cause is that their communist ideology makes them undervalue human life, being people just peons to move in their totalitarian career.

So here we are; Evo and his maSSist ministers, plus a couple of his Prefects almost facing one by one to the opposition prefects, future Governors of their Departments. The balance of number of participants in this negotiation table shifts in favor of the regime, but the true democratic power behind the Prefects made of them a strong force, a real opposition that it is finally unifying and could easily become the driving power that will end up Evo and the maSSist delirium of absolute political power.

One thing is for sure, Bolivians are not going to stand still to let a dictator, in the name of president for life, inca emperor or whatever other name that want to be use to diminish or take or rights to democracy and freedom. The current stand against the maSSist intentions isn’t the last, it is just the beginning.


V Tech said...

Very incisive, your comments can certainly cause some polemic; I am including your blog to a list of students here at Virginia Tech’s Political Science and International Studies, I think your point of view could rise up interesting points to our undergraduate.

Anonymous said...

Your arrogance makes your 'document' a primary-school boy's scribble. Please, learn how to write in English properly before pretending to be wise and so avoiding making a fool out of yourself.


Dick said...

Bolivia Libre, very interesting, our professor said that when somebody is criticized but no opinion, whatever logical or not, is given with the critic; is because a lot of true comes from the criticized. Your case is the best example I ever seeing, some people even trying to convince other not to read you, amazing.

My group study has chosen Bolivia as our topic and reading your blog gives us really interesting information, a different view from Americans or Bolivian Americans not living in Bolivia. There are a lot of things we are trying to comprehend, but the basic two at this moment are the following?

1. Evo Morales, at list here up North in the States is considered as the one representing the majority of the Bolivian ethnic population and him and his group are supposedly the ones a small oligarchic minority is racist against. We find it extremely interesting you and several others we read put it just as the inverse. But you write it constantly. We are just beginning to study the Morales regime to the one of Hitler, we don’t need your explanation about it in depth, just yet.
2. The MAS party is also considered here as a Socialist movement, you call them communists; why?

I hope you do answer us, best regards


Dick, I will gladly answer your questions,

First, quechua – aymara ethnicity is seen abroad as the typical, or majority, Bolivian ethnic group since that is what we have always sold, tourism wise. Evo Morales represent that ethnicity, but doesn’t represent the majority of the population on the country. Ethnically wise, most of Bolivians are a mix, a breed or as I like to put it, mestizo population. A lot of us, including me, have quechua or aymara blood along with who knows what else. There is a small, very “European or white”, if you want, population in the country that do, usually, belong to the middle, upper middle and rich class. Some of these families are as old as the republic and some are newer immigrants, most of them are also mixed but with clearer skin color than the rest.

All the talk about these people dominating, in this days, the supposedly majority, indigenous population is part of the racist rhetoric of the Morales regime. You are probably very aware of the dangers of having people all in one bag. The Morales administration does with this “white oligarchs” the same than the Hitler administration did with the Jews, use a small, affluent, part of the population as the excuse for all our wrongdoings.

I can also find difficult for you or your group to understand that the darker skinned people are the racist in my Country and not the inverse, as you are affected by the despicable years of segregation in your country, just 50 to 40 years ago. The indigenous Bolivian population also suffered similar type of segregation around that time, something that was largely solved with the Agrarian Revolution starting in 1952. By the way, if you guys don’t study it you will never understand Bolivia today.

Nobody is going to be so naïve to say there is no racism among each group at all, but the generalization that it comes from the “Whites” against the “Indians” as the Morales regime implies is a lie. The fact that “darker skinned” people are also racist is not a new thing from Bolivia, I experimented it in your country back in the 80’s, where I found afro American extremely, and openly, racist against whites and Latinos. The big difference we make here, is that the Morales Regime, with their open and easy to verify racism is in power and trough their reform to Bolivian Constitution want to make that racism legal.

Second, just read the rhetoric of the MAS partisans or of Evo, his Vice President and his Ministers; Oligarchy, proletarian, burgess, bla, bla, bla; they are the same, exact adjectives used against their opposition by the communists of the 50’s to 90’s. They use the word “Socialist” only because of political convenience; since “communism” is still a bad word that will attract very few supporters. They do have the advantage that today, very few people studies or have studied communism and their consequences; the ex communist countries have recuperated under capitalism and China, still communist, have become an economic power with a very interesting and own Capitalistic policy. Off course, most of the benefits of it still go to the few anchored in their government and not to the people. The ignorance is such, that many people in Bolivia, mostly adept to the MAS party, believe that Cuba is a paradise.

Keep on reading, you will find my country a real crazy adventure in is desperate search for democracy.

Anonymous said...

Keep lying boy, not even your mother would believe you.

Pablo said...

Hello, Bolivia Libre.

I'm just getting to know your Blog and I think it's very interesting. The stuff that you write reflects the way MANY, many people here in Bolivia actually believe. Evo Morales and his Hordes are trying to implement an authoritarian dictatorship in our country.

Take it from someone who voted for Evo believing that he would be a change for the better. In the end (or shall I say the middle, for who knows how this is going to end?), many of us who voted for him are now regrettin it.

The anonimous person who comments here is just what Dick said: nothing but a "critic" who doesn't have any arguments to contradict you so he resorts to insulting or just plain being a nuisance.

Bolivia is in danger. Our democracy has been wounded last Friday when the Social Horde-anizations surrounded Congress (just like the military Coups d'etat used to do, only with tanks) and prevented opposition members (including the president of the Senate)from entering the Congress building.

The MaSSists passed 3 laws without any debate (jus a show of hands) and a matter of 30 minutes. If that's not a Coup d'etat I don't know what is.