Monday, March 31, 2008

The Dreadful Union Juvenil Cruceñista (UJC)

This irregular, and violent, organization is getting a lot of attention these days in Bolivia; especially from the people that is against the accomplishment of the autonomic referendum in Santa Cruz and from those that want this democratic process to be successful as well. The only ones that truly love the propaganda are the few members of the UJC that are cashing in with all the media attention.

The point is; the maSSist regime has no capacity to stop the autonomic referendum in Santa Cruz, an illegal process being run by the opposition to the nation’s tyrant with two possible intentions. To use the results of the referendum as a democratic show of force that will help bring legitimacy to the fighting against the maSSist intent to cut our liberties and democracy, or as many that are truly fighting for democracy might fear, become the constitution for a new Country separating from Bolivia, the also dreadful, secession.

Both possibilities are completely inconvenient for the regime’s agenda, so they are not only boycotting the elections, they have ordered the police not to do their duty as custodians of the people’s safety during the Election Day and have publicly requested anybody that commutes with their thinking to stop, violently if necessary, this referendum. Mass mobilizations of the maSSist zealots from other parts of the country are not discarded and the regimes henchmen in the colonized towns of San Julian & Yapacani have already organized their on “squadristi” for that purpose. This has obligated the organizers of the democratic event, mainly the Santa Cruz Prefecture and the Santa Cruz Civic Committee, to raise up a volunteer guard to protect the people’s wellbeing and stop any intent of the regime to prevent this referendum from happening.

Word in the street is that this democratic militia is up to the tens of thousands by now, and the UJC is a part of it. As a matter of fact, they cannot not be a part of it since they have stayed the muscle behind the Santa Cruz Civic Committee since 1957; a mistake that could prove costly to Santa Cruz in their democratic intent to gain autonomy. Many that have no idea of the Santa Cruz reality are preoccupied because of the fascistic conception of the UJC; since as well as Evo’s Cocaleros and now other added militia groups like the Ponchos Rojos, the founder of the UJC was a nationalistic fascist, Carlos Valverde Barbery; a current proponent of the separation of Santa Cruz as an independent Country from Bolivia. The true about the UCJ numbers is that they maybe got to be 1.500 at their best time and that today’s thousands of defenders of the autonomic referendum in Santa Cruz have nothing to do with the UJC or any other fascistic group; most of them are University students with socialistic ideals.

Never the less, the presence of the Civic Committee Scadristic, no matter their small number compared to the rest that will participate in the referendum, is going to be a rock in the autonomic movement’s shoe; we will soon see how much it damages this democratic proposal; here and abroad.


StJacques said...

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Anonymous said...

I just learned of an art exposition by MAS artist Raul Lara for the 24th of June. He will be displaying his art at the Cultural house of Santa Cruz. He is dreaming of selling his art there to the oligarchy and rich people he hates as a MAS admirer. they should not let him get this. the Youth Union should boicot this presentation.

Anonymous said...

es una barbaridad que organizen una exposicion de arte para el artista Raul Lara, miembre del MAS y admirador de Evo Morales. Ahora quiere vender su arte a la gente de Santa Cruz. No se le debe permitir. la union Juvenil Crucenista deberia boicotear esta esposicion. el odia a los crucenos, odia a los "oligarcas" y ahora pretende ser figura en Santa Cruz. No se lo permitan por ningun motivo. su exposicion es el 24 de Junio...deben cancelarla y enjuicialrlo por politico y odiador de los Cambas