Monday, May 05, 2008

Bolivian Democracy at is Best

Yesterday, May 4th of 2008, is going to pass to the annals of history as the date the Bolivian population legitimately started a counterrevolution in order to recuperate freedom of will and democracy. It all happened in the most diverse and multicultural city of the Country, Santa Cruz; and what took place was the greatest of victories coming from popular democratic elections since the days after the agrarian revolution. Only that this time, the counterrevolution was born and delivered without gunshots and civil warfare but among the rocks and dynamite from a racist anti democratic regime. Here an analysis of the situation:

All do the official results will be deliver in around 5 days, there is enough information from preliminary vote count at the ballots that clearly establish the Santa Cruz population have unmistakably and by a wide margin decided they want autonomy form the central government, leaded by the intransigent Evo Morales. At the moment there are two different results, one that says that the YES for the autonomic referendum was of 86% in favor and other that it says that the YES achieved 84.5%. Either result a devastating blow to the maSSist regime that under the same system won 54% of the votes in the last presidential elections and that had used that number trying to justify his archaic and racist policies.

Apart from the invaluable results that represents way more than the 2/3 (67%) votes accepted worldwide as the number where a proposition is said to be supported by both, the majority and the minority of the population. The fact that the priest from the Catholic church, the most important religious institution in the country and the ones Evo Morales requested for helping him to initiate talks with the opposition, also participated alongside most of the common population and several police officers and military personnel gives the Morales regime and the international community another hint to look this process in a different way. We should also rescued and congratulate de participation of accredited international observers from the Human Rights Foundation, The Latin American Union Party and the Daniels Hamant Foundation.

From the loosing side, the neo fascistic indigenous regime of Evo Morales, it is very important to rescue the fact that their leaders took very much in account the “early” numbers of this election, making a strong point that they know their claims of “illegality” have no sustainability until there is a Constitutional Tribunal up and running again in the country; institution that the regime itself destroyed to be able to pass their laws and regulations trough violence and violating the Bolivian constitution. The brutality showed by the maSSist zealots in some places of Santa Cruz, to prevent people from peacefully cast their votes is going to give the regime another negative evaluation worldwide, especially when the tapes of Morales, his Vice president and his closest cronies requesting to stop the referendum through violence are run again.

The regime’s strategy, evident by Morales press conference and in all maSSist comments in the blogosphere, has shifted to the fallacy of “interpreting” the possible votes of the people that did not assisted at the referendum, the early absenteeism numbers range from 25.5% to 39%. According to Morales and his cronies, all, absolutely all those that did not participated where going to vote against the autonomic proposition. Two things are going to backfire against the regime. First, people is going to replay to Morales that if taking in account the results of the referendum the way he wants to do it, he better renounce to the presidential seat since under those conditions he only got 42% of the electoral vote in the past presidential elections. The second thing that is going to backfire on the regime’s “interpretation” is that many votes were not delivered because they were violently denied of their human right of political participation by the maSSist hordes in some places where they were able to make significant numbers. In addition to this, Morales and the regime are taking in account as 39% of absenteeism as the ultimate true and not as probable data.

No matter how is this seen, the true is that the other governmental fallacy, that the Santa Cruz autonomy was the desired of 4 oligarchic families, was crushed by at least half a million people. Unless these four families are in the Guinness records for nativity breakthroughs, the regime, their allies and the international community better take a 90 degree change of posture before it is too late to spare the most beautiful country in the world from unnecessary bloodshed.

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