Saturday, May 17, 2008

Repercussions of the People’s Will

I let some time pass to allow my nation, as in their people, and the many foreign that believe my nation is somehow their nation, to comment on the latest political tsunami that hit the country, the convocation to a presidential/VP and Prefect revocation by the people trough a referendum.

Many repercussions and assumptions have populated newspapers and blogs alike, from the legality of the law, by the way; dose anybody knows the law’s number and where can one get a copy of it?; To the possible result scenarios during elections and in their aftermath.

Believes or not, the maSSist zealots are the ones more exited about the possible situation since they where being obliterated and dragged to the ground after their beating in the Santa Cruz autonomic referendum and because of the stupidity of Evo’s decrees prohibiting exportations and nationalizing private companies. From my point of view, this latest piece of legislation is enabling the regime to gasp for air, something that under the current circumstances in the country could be positive; since we all know that an encroached rat will turn and attack if there is no room to escape.

Among the most relevant comments incoming from the ma†ist side are the following.

Ø If Evo looses he will run for president again and win for sure because it will be him against several other from the opposition that will divide the votes among them. I will like to know, what gave them the idea a president in Bolivia can run for reelection?
Ø If the prefect looses, Evo will immediately change him (no female prefect right know) for a party member. Why not another prefect election, like is going to happen in Sucre? I will have to wait for the law’s text to measure this up.

The illegality or not of the referendum in this instance isn’t really relevant since it is being approved by both, the officialiSSm and the opposition and in addition there is no Constitutional Tribunal to define its constitutional legality; so I will set that possible discussion aside.

I am happily amazed by my country, it seams that after the agrarian revolution, the dark periods of military ruling and the recent and bloody periods of Social Sectors (SS) violence we have learned that is better to settle things in the urns instead of through full violent civil escalation which will mean a fraternal blood bath to achieve the same results.

A lot of questions are raised about loyalties and intentions of the congressmen that approved this law, specially from the autonomist region; I only have to tell them, it is the repercussion of our will through our democratic participation and victory in the autonomic referendum that this door to save Bolivia as a country has being opened.

I can only request for every Bolivian that wants to keep the country together and decentralized from the racist and neo fascist regime of Evo Morales and the mSSist to fully participate in these revocation referendum, from your homes, work, in the street and voting NO for the continuation of Evo and YES for the continuation of your prefect, any of them.

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Anonymous said...

viva evo

what a fugly blog you own... poor guy... you and your racist friends will loose, sure 'bout that,

evo rulz, vive la revolution