Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bolivia Under maSSism – The NAZI era in South America begins

The month of September 2008 will be know in the harts of truly Bolivians as the period of time where the regime of Evo Morales and his maSSist zealots showed the world the way they plan to reign once their proposal of new constitution, which was born and nursed with the spilled blood of the free citizens of Bolivia, is implemented in the Country.

It began with the mobilization of their henchmen, the Social Sectors; better know as SS, to establish a paid colony, racially and politically identified with the maSSi doctrine, in places where they want to take over the land and control the political power. This strategy is neither new by the maSSist regime; they already implemented it in Santa Cruz, first in Yapacani, then with the expansion of San Julian and now with the bulking up in Plan 3000. Nor it is of their own creation; it was already used in ancient times by the Romans and was coined by Nicolo Machiavelli in his book, “The Prince” as one of the best and cheapest ways for despot to take over a region.

It continues with the movement of these violent colons towards provocation of the peaceful and righteous owners of the land. This provocation will involve the taking hostages and beating up the local population, taking over property and the showing off force in numbers and weaponry to try to slave the local communities to submissions. If the local communities defend themselves and are able to beat the regimes paid goons, then the army will be use to crush those fighting for their liberties.

With the army comes the iron curtain trying to silence the free media, the people and to illegally arrest and kidnap regional leaders, as it happened in Pando. The problem for today’s national socialistic, fascist, organizations; is that technology has advance in a way that the true cannot be hidden for a long time, like in the Roman times or in more modern era of the Hitler Nazis and Mussolini fascists. So information of what really happened in Pando is already being aired through the world as it can be seeing in the bellow links:


The maSSist strategy continues with taking away the human rights of the leaders of the places conquered and rule out any control from the other powers of the state; as it happened to Leopoldo Fernandez, elected Governor of Pando and several other native leader of that region. Where the maSSiste regime ordered the police not to obey the Judicial Branch of government that said Fernandez was illegally arrested and should be freed and return to his place of origin. The legislative also ruled that if his arrest is somehow proven legal, he should be taken to Sucre, where his trial should take place. Another decision overruled by the totalitarian government of Evo Morales sin Sucre isn’t a city they have possession, yet.

After these horrendous acts against democracy and human rights, the maSSist regime continue showing the world the way they plan to rule, rounding up the leaders all their (SS) Social Sectors into congress, just the way it is written in their proposal for new constitution. This group of controlled adepts, never chosen under free elections by the people, dictated orders to the executive, the maSSit regime, which bowed to abide by them because it is supposedly the voice of the “people”. Some of the rulings coming form this congress were to impose the text of the regime’s proposed constitution by any means and to violently blockage and if possible take over organizations in those regions opposing the dictatorial ruling of Evo Morales.

The world and the free citizens of Bolivia are getting prepared for these events, the foreign nations acted by obligating the maSSist regime to pull their Social Sector back from blockage, but nobody can control their settlement in Plan 3000, Yapacani or San Julian; and Evo Morales is being obligated to meet with the opposing leaders to try to reach into a solution that will satisfy the people of the two Bolivia the current regime in power has created. I personally believe the talks will only take as to the beginning of this page; my hart of course, desires it will reach an agreement that will bridge as back into a consolidated country.


Anonymous said...

Kudos on your blog! I admire you for sharing your thoughts with the entire world. We lack of people like you. Keep the good work! Cheers!

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

greetings from Italy, good luck

by Marlow

Anonymous said...

Greetings fellow camarade, only white supremacists like you can make the world free of inferior races.


Ano 8:53 AM, who do you what to fool? Racist bastard, the word “camarade” has given you away; since the other racist swine, comparable to you, the neo Nazis and white supremacist; do not use it.

You can enter again pretending to be a racist KKK adept or similar scam insinuating that I might have something in common with you; but I should advise you that people are smarter than that, and, they can actually read; so your strategy isn’t going to word.


Ano 8:53 AM, who do you want to fool? Racist bastard, the word “camarade” has given you away; since the other racist swine, comparable to you, the neo Nazis and white supremacist; do not use it.

You can enter again pretending to be a racist KKK adept or similar scam insinuating that I might have something in common with you; but I should advise you that people are smarter than that, and, they can actually read; so your strategy isn’t going to word.

Anonymous said...

Then if only Germans can be called the term Nazi. What about other fellow nationalist comrade? What will they be called?

Anonymous said...

Te dieron justo el calificativo que ibas buscando y ahora te enfadas con tu "camarada", vaya ironías del destino... No te puedes hacer al indefinido porque cuando un KKK o un neonazi lee tus cagaditas, supone que eres un "kameraden" lo quieras o no, es mejor que te ajustes a la realidad que has creado y que te asumas por lo que escencialmente eres: un fachita... Hombre, eso no es ni malo ni bueno, es solo una categoría que te distingue de otras categorías...

Tertuliano Buendia

Anonymous said...

"bolivia libre"... mmmmmm i think you wanted to say "we all the tall, white, and english speaking bolivians free of the indian-maSSist, poor and very short people...



Ano 8:44 AM, they will be called maSSist.
Ano TertuliAno, comrade was used by the “left wing”, Nazis and Mussolini fascist, but latter become a word coined by the Russian Communists and is the reason most neo Nazis don’t use it any more today and also the reason I know Ano 8:53 AM is a maSSist trying to tergiversate things around here. I don’t mind being called “comrade”, you can do it at will, since I am an admirer of the Italian resistance and the Garibaldi Brigades used the term among their peers extensively.
Ano 2:57 AM, thank you for expressing your racist remarks of hate and concern against those Bolivians not having the color of their skin dark enough for you.

Anonymous said...

Huy! el micronazi bolita de predicador ingles dando clases sobre términos Huy! el dizqué admirador de la brigada Garibaldi, solo dizqué porque lo que entrelíneas se puede observar es que mas parece un admirador de la División Azul...y que tal si te llamo "herr kameraden"? Te suena nanay? Entonces tatituy cómo se llaman entre Uds., me refiero a los neonazis bolitas? "blood brother"? "heil boy"? Dime que estoy intrigadísssimo... Por lo demás tu ideología es cercanísima a los "neocon" yankis...Pareces un "juncionario" de USaid, es decir un
"obrero del imperio" juas! Además de patética tu afición gringófila, reitero que pareces un "evangelista"

Tertuliano Buendía

David Rojas Elbirt said...

Se parece a esto lo que está haciendo Evo Morales?

En todo caso, el peligro es la planificación central que vanaliza a las personas, no sólo a los que detentan el poder central, sino a los que se acostumbran a él en tanto beneficiarios o perjudicados.

David Rojas Elbirt said...

Che, por qué tanto anonimato para enviar mensajes?
Creer en sociedades abiertas, es sano. Yo pienso así o asá. Puede que sea una soberana cagada o no, lo que aparece escrito en el post, pero tiene derecho a hacerlo.

Anonymous said...

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Gabriel said...

Who is fascist?

La Nación Camba of white and rich or the indigenous people?

The ones who beat and humiliate at Sucre or the Guaraní who see the records of their History burned at Santa Cruz?

The ones who control national press and television or the ones who are learning to read?

The ones who call to murder indigenous on city walls or the ones who organize themselves to reclaim the power stolen by Spain four hundred years ago?

Or maybe you're right and German's Nazis were in truth the purest emanation of the Social Sectors fighting for social justice.

Anonymous said...

You are a retard,


Many in La Nacion Camba are fascist and aren’t rich; several are neither and other are rich in Bolivian terms and aren’t fascist; the same thing with the indigenous people of Bolivia; the ones that are fascist and pretend to represent the indigenous people are the ones in the Morales administration.

Which ones humiliated in Sucre you are referring, the peaceful inhabitants’ siege by the maSSist hordes or the few maSSist henchmen that got caught? Did you see who humiliated the later, probably not, check the videos and the photos of the event; all off us looked the SAME.

National press and television, channel 7, ABI, etc, ARE controlled by the maSSist regime, I don’t know what you were smoking when you wrote this, but I definitively don’t want it.

City walls can take anything, and they do from both sides; we have recovered the power from the Spanish long time ago; that stuff you are inhaling must be pretty strong.

The German Nazis did believe they were fighting for social justice, just like you believe you are fighting for indigenous emancipation.

David Rojas Elbirt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bathmateus said...

ok ok