Saturday, September 20, 2008

Unprecedented Talking

Many things have happened in these unprecedented times in Bolivia, but all can be resumed in a small quantity of words; the autocratic government of Evo Morales had send its zealots to the weaker and less important, economically, strategically and people wise department; in order to create enough violence to justify taking it all from the opposition. And they achieved this Machiavellian plan, brilliantly; but perhaps with a lot more violence and death than they expected; this time, the annihilation of their own hordes by the local population. Maybe they will think twice now about risking their lives for Bs. 100.- a day.

The deaths in Pando scared the maSSist regime, which cannot accept that Bolivian civilians, Bolivian social movements, can actually rise up against them; so they invented a fictitious story, like the one they repeat like a parrot saying somebody is attempting to murder Evo, and cried aloud that foreigners, from Brazil and Peru were contracted by the Pando’s Governor to attack their peaceful acolytes that were only carrying weapons for who knows what reason. Thus, political persecution that ended up with politically motivated arrests were taking in place in this torrid department at the same time that the totalitarian regime of Evo was talking peace with the freedom fighters of CONALDE.

Unprecedented also is the response of CONALDE, which at first seamed to respond with the heart and hinted to trash any talking with Evo and the maSSist regime until Pando and its Governor is freed. But after some thinking, they took a political and strategic decision to begin peace talking with the regime. A decision that could backfire and cost the liberty of all defenders of democracy and human rights in the country, and not just to the ones in Pando.

This decision of talking with the maSSist was political, because the citizens of this country not alienated with the regime are not used to participate trough civilian violence and were seeking for the stop of the fighting as soon as possible; those are the people the CONALDE represents and were eager to give them the peace of mind they deserved. Strategically, because Pando doesn’t represent any real interest on terms of power, monetarily or population wise. As a matter of fact, one can really get to Pando by plane or by boat, trough the river; if you want to drive, better go trough Brazil. It serves better to those seeking the return of democracy in the long run to see the maSSist spending resources, people and troops holding Pando than in other places controlled by the opposition.

The sacrifice of the people of Pando for the good of the rest of the people in the Country can also become a very dangerous situation that could back fire on the freedom fighters; since no matter how one want to see it, it will be shown as a victory by the regime and an alert to does fighting for democracy that important people, like the Governor of Pando, are not going to be defended in case they are political persecuted by Evo Morales and his goons. Doesn’t matter that different would be the case if the persecuted would have being the Governor of Santa Cruz, what is important is what it is.
Other big problem by the freedom fighter of Bolivia; is that history and its true’s, at least at the beginning, are written by the victors. So, anything that will come form the deaths in Pando will be blatant lies invented, manipulated and spread by the propaganda zealots of the maSSist communication machinery, the only part of the regime that works like a Swiss clock. Depending how well this is manipulated by the regime, the opposition trough the CONALDE cold be seen inside the country, as they are seen in many parts by the indigenous fascists outside of it, as the provocateurs of violence instead of defenders of liberties.

We will continue monitoring this issue closely, there are many uncertainties floating around; the only thing I can say is almost certain; is that the present talks among the maSSsist and the CONALDE have very little possibilities to give any solution to the Bolivian freedom question.


Anonymous said...

You are a liar, indecent and must be geting paid to write these lies. Have some respect to yourself and pretend that you have a mother who wanted a human being, not a rat.

David Rojas Elbirt said...

I'm trying to read you but, you write too much, and it really sounds misleading.
If you are like me, a true believer of free markets and individual freedom, por lo menos tené la firmeza de espírutu para escribir más cortito, así uno puede leerte con ganas. jeje

Otro tema, tengo la impresión que tenés una confusión entre doctrinas políticas, modelos económicos y eventos históricos.

Ante esto, te invitaría a discutir en función a hechos puntuales, concretos. Te sugiero leer mi post sobre Google y el futuro del capitalismo. Pongámonos de acuerdo sobre qué vamos a oponernos, ok?