Thursday, September 04, 2008

Holly Referendums Decisions - Exeni

I must confess; it is weird, very weird, what happened a few of days ago with Evo Morales most important henchman outside the executive and legislative power. As anybody following Bolivian politics in the past two years knows, Jose Luis Exeni is a leftist comrade of Garcia Lineras with the mission of annihilating Bolivia’s clean and political party free Electoral National Court (CNE) to pave the road of the ruling party tyrannical push towards unlimited power via democratic free elections.

An Exeni was very successful at doing the job the maSSist assigned him; beginning with taking over the presidency of the CNE, continuing with firing anybody in the organization that would not kneel under Evo’s rule and finishing by accepting and promoting referendums that come by laws written in congress when the opposition was violently prevented to participate by maSSist mobs in the street and inside the parliament.

Exeni was also instrumental on fighting any type of democratic election that had to do with the seeking of departmental autonomy by the democratic civic forces in the country and also allowed the manipulation of the electoral college by the maSSist zealots; which introduced under age people from rural communities, cloned persons, resuscitation of the death, etc, etc. one of the reasons the OEA delegates in the last recall referendum advised for the revision of this list.

Everything seemed very rosy among Exeni and Evo until the recall referendum, when, who knows why? Maybe being afraid to get caught on election manipulation by the OEA and other international observers?, or maybe because he is finally opening his eyes and noticing the totalitarian agenda of his bosses? No one really knows, but in that referendum he didn’t only interpreted the law, something isn’t his attribution; he also made a law by himself indicating that the only Prefects that could be kicked out of office were the ones that lose by 50% plus one vote. Evo Morales, off course, was not part of this deal and the maSSist in general opposed his decision.

Now, ones again no one knows why, but Exeni had defined that his organization cannot obey Evo Morales order over realizing a referendum via decree; he simple say that the referendum must pass trough the senate’s way or the highway. This coming from a person that didn’t have any respect for the senate’s decisions nor had a problem over the way laws are violently pushed through the legislative by the maSSist mobs. Who knows and Exeni has some kind of fetish about interpreting laws coming from congress; all I know is that I must take my hat off today for Exeni’s decision, since no matter what was the reason, he stood valiantly and secure against totalitarian imposition.

The maSSists are in their way to Congress to once again violently abort a law that will benefit their despicable agenda; their putsch over the legislative already has a date. We will need to see if Exeni is going to go forward or not complying once more to put in place a referendum coming from a law born in barbarism and violation of Bolivian human rights. I will wait for that day to see what Exeni is really made of, for the moment; he has made an space in my book of democracy fighters. Saludos Exeni.

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