Monday, November 17, 2008

No one knows for whom it’s working!!!!!!

It seems this easy to play card game, played in Bolivia before Nintendo and today’s new electronic games; has become the next cuco for Evo Morales and his henchmen when used as a political weapon.

For those that don’t know it, the game consisted on throwing a card and whoever had the highest card of the same deck, took all of it. Today, a similar thing is happening in the political spectrum, every politician that has a shot to the presidency is playing the support the constitution card, to try snatching the presidency to Evo later on. Some will say, like VP Lineras less than a month ago, that no one in the opposition is capable to do such thing; then, why is Evo crying aloud that the US is behind the re composition of the opposition and the imminent backstabbing of some of his collaborates?

Many names, unfriendly to the maSSiste regime, like Rodrigues Veltze, are coming up as possible competitors; the one that scares the acolytes of Evo the most is the aymara indian Victor Hugo Cardenas, Goni’s Vice President, neoliberal and somebody that can not only get the approval from those opposing the regime, but can also get many that identify with Morales because of race; with the plus that Cardenas could challenge Evo into a debate in one of the supposedly 36 native language since he is fluent in aymara, and kick his ass, because Evo doesn’t speak any of the Bolivian languages fluently, being Spanish his best.

There is a small opposition, mainly the most radicals politicians form the eastern of the country, strong in their turf, but with little chances over the whole country. Alongside the Cardenas and Veltze names, that might very possible play the “no one, in the maSSist regime, knows for whom it’s working card”, next presidential election; Evo Morales himself has whined about several, without saying names, of his current supporters, looking with good eyes starting with someone more capable and with a fresh constitution in their hands; I guess loyalty can as far as Chavez’s blank checks.

Nothing is certain just yet, but we all know that the river is noisy because is coming down with boulders; a fresh constitution, a new beginning, could be very tempting for more than one. The Morales regime is going to have a lot of problems with a slowing world economy, the loosing of markets with the impossibility to blame it to others, the continuous aberrations by its acolytes; just yesterday they tortured and burned alive several people in Achacachi; it’s going to be a told to heavy to pay by the time the next elections come.

In the mean time, we will continue, here, fighting, resisting, for a free Bolivia.


Anonymous said...

Keep dreaming. Cardenas is "Tonto" or house nigger, Rodrigues has the charisma of a rock, the other ones are as useless as a fith leg on a table.
Evo will win by a huge margin. Perhaps you should sign up for the MAS, they need some bulk raw sewage to have diversity too.

Bolivia Libre said...

Ano 2:31 PM, thanks to pass by and publicly recognize that the Morales regime doesn’t have any diversity within it whatsoever. This is not going to make your leader Garcia Lineras so happy. I also thank you for showing the world the despicable, and racist, words you used against Cardenas, a real aymara leader whose only reason for your rage is not thinking the same way maSSist do. You are a great example of what the totalitarian regime of Evo Morales stands for.