Thursday, March 05, 2009

“It is the time of MAS”

I was about to start this post describing the hilarious pretentions of the maSSist regime to blame everything on the CIA, USA, Obama or whatever; but I realized that it is worthless doing so because only the hard core zealots to the Morales dictatorship still believe what their beloved leader says; and I don’t give a rat’s ass of what those people think; would be like trying to take somebody like Rush Limbaugh in the USA seriously.

Today’s maSSist regime encroaching to power is finally starting to get real challenges from several fronts and maybe people in the country will start to vote not because the color of their skin but because what their leaders really do. And, according to the regimes appointed to fight corruption; that is one thing they really suck at and most of their leaders don’t want to participate fighting it, because as she clearly pointed out, they are the rotten apple.

The things are getting so bad, that now hard core maSSist, like the ones taking over the health department in Cochabamba, don’t have any problem appearing live on TV indicating that they are assigning positions to the regime’s acolytes even if they are not ready to assume the functions of their work because as he blatantly put it, “It is the time of MAS”. So what if these are doctor, they will learn while in function whatever they don’t know now; and if they learn, who cares, is the CIA’s fault.

The case of Santos Ramirez and YPFB is so pathetic and so much has being written about, but the important thing is that the democracy fighters are finally learning, from the maSSist henchmen, and have started legal actions against Evo Morales. Soon he will have as much charges, if not more, than his archrival Goni Sanchez de Lozada. The reaction of the regime has really fast and it is obvious they are really disturbed by the situation; they very well know that at the end, this will mean their exile from Bolivia; and maybe Venezuela won’t be such a haven when that happens. They will, off course, always have Cuba.

Well, some of my readers would say, it couldn’t be that bad, something good the regime must be doing. Well yes, I have just being informed that their Defense Minister, their Presidency Minister and their Legal Defense Minister have a combined budget execution of 88%; this is no small feat taking in account those 3 ministers take 60% of the regimes resources. The only problem is, why those the regime spend so much money in defense, we are not at war with any other nation; as a matter of fact, we are only in war against Denge. Which, by the way, the entire budged for health in the country is an “amazing” 4%.

Yes, the maSSist have being very good at keeping the military happy, busy taking political prisoners from their homes at the middle of the night braking our human rights at desire. In the mean time hundreds of Bolivians get sick with Denge in an epidemic never seen before, not even during military ruling, and many are already death while the maSSist rulers are planning the best way they will deliver medical equipment donated by the Europeans; the problem is, the band they planned to use is sick in the hospital with Denge and Malaria.

What can we say; it is just, the time of MAS.


Koya Loco said...

Dengue: it is the CIA's fault ;) just like anything bad that is happening to the Bolivian government

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard Rush? Don't gratuitously knock off el Rushbo if you haven't heard him. If you have heard him, what is it you don't take seriously from him?

Bolivia libre said...

Rush is a racist moron that represent about 15% of white racist morons that exist in the USA, which is enough to give him a good life taking advantage of the freedom of speech in that Country.

I take absolutely nothing seriously from that piece of crap, but I am happy he is allowed to excrete his paranoia and prejudice because it keeps him with no political possibilities whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

You didn't answer if you ever heard Rush or not.

I like Rush and I don't think he's racist. That doesn't make me a racist. What paranoia and prejudice do you refer to?

Bolivia Libre said...

Ano 12:39 PM, I guess you believed Obama really greeted himself while reading his teleprompter; that is one more tine example of why I don’t take anything Russ says serious; the moron informed about Obama’s joke like he was so George Bush brainless to do so.

Anonymous said...

Does Rush speculating about Obama's teleprompter (he hilariously calls it TOTUS) make him a racist?

I'm waiting for your example supporting your assertion that he's a "racist moron that[who] represent[s] about 15% of white racist morons that exist in the USA."