Thursday, March 12, 2009

In the psyche of a tyrant

The despicable acts of barbaric dimensions performed by the maSSsit acolytes against former Vice President Victor Hugo Cardenas wife, children and other minors at their residence on Lake Titicaca have touched many Bolivian harts in the country and the repercussions are starting to come from abroad.

For us Bolivians living in the Country since before the Morales rising to power trough the use of violence in the streets, after seeing or experience the continued violence by the regime’s squadristi and the violation of human rights with illegal kidnappings of political dissidents at night, which also terrorizing their families and the community, at Pando, Tarija and Santa Cruz. The taking over of Cardenas house, beating his elderly wife and flagellating his son, a teenager, by the hordes of maSSist who’s only reason is that Victor Hugo doesn’t think like them, has become the real shock wave of what is coming towards us if Morales is allowed to reign past December.

But the shock wave didn’t really come from the regime’s henchmen acts, it come from Evo Morales and Alvaro Garcia Lineras themselves; given very little importance to the issue and actually condoning the acts of their paid mob trying to blame this despicable act on the victim itself. Now, one thing is kicking the shit out of a nobody or taking prisoner the political leader of the smaller Department in the country with the smaller amount of followers; an other thing is non having any problem on violently attacking a well know, respected and peaceful leader like Victor Hugo Cardenas, the deeds of the maSSist regime as tyrannical as the ones performed by the Nazi party on Hitler’s Germany.

The world is finally starting to understand what type of tyrant they have being feeding with glamour, benevolence and understanding, and in Bolivia beneath the rubble being left by the despotic regime of Evo Morales a tyrant slayer has born today under the name of Victor Hugo Cardenas, all Bolivians believers of democracy, respect of human rights and who love their country should start doing something to contribute to his success. I will definitely be doing a lot for that to happen.


Anonymous said...

Yes, put VH Cardenas in jail for corruption along with Gonzalo Sanchez De Lozada.

Evo will prevail and you too will end up in jail for false accusations and defamation of the only good government Bolivia ever had.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I didn't know that savage thugs like the anon 3:01 could write.
Way to go, Boli! Keep on exposing to the world what a murderous racist tyrant we have.

Anonymous said...

Hay is for whores, I mean horses. Are you talking about Banzer? or Natusch, perhaps Goni? Those were the tyrants who killed peasants, students and priest Stalin style.

Bolivia libre said...

Ano 7:56 PM, Evo Morales and his maSSist patsy have already assassinated more than 60 Bolivians, have send abroad 2 political refugees and are the only government elected by the people with political prisoners.

A short sample of whose being killed by Evo’s regime:

Santiago Orocondo – immigrant peasant trying to get a place to leave in Oruro
Rember Guzman & Celestino Ricaldes – Peasants
Juan Carlos Quenallata – policemen
Cristian Urresti – Student
Herman Ruiz Torrez – Lawyer
Osmar Flores – Student

You can now go and lick your wounds, Evo and Chavez will keep you feeding as long as you don’t mind staying in the doghouse.

Anonymous said...

"you too will end up in jail for false accusations and defamation of the only good government Bolivia ever had"

A true democratic loving indiidua...NOT

Anonymous said...

Grow up ass libre, sold out whore to corrupted nazis. Leave bolivia, go home to croatia