Monday, November 02, 2009

Apology to violation of Human Rights

The past 3 weeks passed by pretty fast, it all started as soon as I sat foot on the country after a lengthy flight; in La Paz. The shit had just hit the fan for the regime of Evo Morales and his indigenous fascist comrades; the opposition lead by Manfred Reyes Villa had just accused the regime of human rights violations because they would not let his Vice President candidate, a political prisoner here in La Paz, speak freely with the press. Nothing changed the stubborn, hateful and racist minds of the maSSist oligarchy and their zealots; and it gave Manfred Reyes Villa and his party one week of free political propaganda and endless ammunition; the case is currently about to be ventilate in the UN at their US headquarters, and the maSSist regime has everything to loose.

Now, just a week ago, a new front has opened; the revelations that the government manipulate and implanted evidence on the still open case of the assassinated presumed terrorist Eduardo Rozsa and two of his friends. The regimes trying to hide their deeds by lying means they have to say 5 more lies to cover the first one and so one; the true is soon to be completely reveled, and is not going to look good for a criminal like Evo Morales, whom recognized gave the order to kill Rozsa and the others.

All this plus the publications of key maSSist zealots warning of possible elections fraud against Evo Morales by their appointee President of the Electoral Court, how laughable, and the fact that Alejo Veliz, and old Morales ally, accused Morales from participating as a lower chamber candidate for MAS archenemy Goni Sanchez de Lozada and the MNR party back in 1985 is going to bring interesting artillery to the last month of the election process.

As it appears, there is a large window of opportunity for the freedom fighters in Bolivia to restore democracy and the Republic, we will keep fighting for it to happen; Viva Bolivia Libre of maSSist racism and totalitarism.

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