Friday, January 23, 2009

Vote NO!

I have concluded my detailed evaluation of the proposed new Bolivian Constitution the citizens of this country plus the ones paid by the maSSist regime are going to vote this incoming Sunday; I have also compared the document with our current Constitution and I decided I will vote NO for the new changes.

So the world know, and then its advice for the disgraces that are going to fall upon this beautiful country in case the regime of Evo Morales is able to change the Constitution, I vote NO for the following reasons:

NO, because I don’t want a Constitution that favors the citizens of this country in base of race, or color of the skin.

NO, because it encourages the use and expansion of communitarian justice over common law; which allows the increase breaking of the human rights, specially women, in the country.

NO, because we are going to vote for a constitution born from the violation of the current constitution; which provides a precedent for also breaking the new constitution in case it is approved.

NO, because if the constitution is changed it will give Evo Morales regime even more power to persecute those that think different than them and I am already tired of not being able to write with my own name and last name.

NO, because approving the new constitution will say that I also approve the laying, corruption and violence of the maSSist regime.

NO, because the new constitution will intent forcing Bolivians to have to work for the government in the future, thus making all off as slaves of the maSSist regime.

NO, because the approval of the new constitution will not be accepted by half of the country and the division of Bolivia, most probably violently, is ensured.

Thus, I will go vote NO because I am a Bolivian that wants to live free from oppression.


Anonymous said...

Keep lying and your soul will be taken to hell where you belong. You are like Judas, sold out for silver to the romans who kill Jesus.
I hope you roast in hell with Hitler and Stalin and most likely Cheney and Rumsfelt.
Liar creep.

Kolla said...

Si usted dice que la mitad del pais no acepto la constitucion, no crees que seria mejor que NOSTROS LOS KOLLAS, nos separemos y formemos nuestra nacion?
Pues en eso si estoy de acuerdo y asi gente como tu se queden en la Nacion Camba "liberal" (o neoconservadora), y sigan practicando el neoliberalismo que hasta la USA de Obama quiere sacudirse de esa tara que destruyo a ese pais.
Ese es el resultado que la nueva adiministracion usana tendria mas en mente; asi evitariamos que gente como usted vuelva a apoderarse de Bolivia, ya que han gobernado por mas de 180 an~os y lo unico que hicieron es crear un pais atrazado, RACISTA y mediocre.Democracia es la MAYORIA POPULAR, el pueblo, al menos nosotros los Kollas decidimos por esa constitucion y por lo tanto se respeta, y se reconoce la existencia de etnias y multiculturalismo.

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